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quick trouser fixes

Lovely corduroy trousers, spicing up my winter wardrobe (from Ms. Karen’s bundle)!

“Some people can putter quite naturally, but others simply cannot,” explained butler Smythe to Cinderella man Smith in The Platinum Blonde (1931), with Jean Harlow, Loretta Young, and Robert Williams (unfamiliar to me, he’s acting up a storm just now).

Costume design: Edward Stevenson, who later designed for Lucille Ball when she was doing telly.

Direction by Frank Capra, so you know it’s gonna be good.

I’m puttering. Er… sewing on buttons and trouser hooks and wondering whether I should get into shortening them tonight, or wait.

Meanwhile, here’s a clip ~

Umm . . . one button still to go . . .   .        .  the movie’s finished, so what to listen to?  Missing a bit of Paul Hollywood for cooking inspiration. Ah, here’s his cheat’s puff pastry chicken & leek pie. Yummy!

Sorry, it’s not on YouTube, but Waitrose’s site here. Hope you enjoy that other judge!

the other judge

click the pic to go over & watch!


shirt hacks & wish lists

yoke pleat & matching sleeve top

cuff are offThe shirt renovation continues.   Slo-o-o-wly.

Took a page or two from Diane Ericson’s YouTube video, and removed cuffs, then pinned in pleats on the yoke, just atop the sleeves.

Am still thinking about them, and trying on from time to time to see if anything else comes to thought. Meanwhile . . .

D’you ever make a list of very important stuff, file it, and forget about it for months?

I do.

Clearing out files last weekend, I found another.

Saw a book that looked fascinating, researched it a bit, and discovered my library had a copy. Whee!

Just Pockets by Patricia Moye, [🇬🇧 Amazon UK & 🇺🇸 Amazon US] published by Taunton (a good U.S. crafts publishing house).

After looking through it, I decided to put a clean, used copy on my Wish List.

Then I got a wee bit sidetracked . . . into Colette’s blog. She’s got more reference books.

Categories include Beginners, General Reference, Fabric & Textiles, Fitting, Home Pattern-making, Details & Embellishments, Menswear, Lingerie, Other Specialty Techniques

There’s another list just for beginners.

Just had to share ~ hope everyone enjoys!

M7053 ~ bat-wing it is!

folds circles in red a click takes you to the pattern

folds circled in red
a click takes you to the pattern

A quick note to report Linda was correct in her comment,

“it looks like two different bodices – one straight and one bat-wing with sleeves incorporated in the bodice piece. Then you add a straight long sleeve onto the one. And a puffy sleeve end onto the bat-wing bodice.”

Turns out I wasn’t paying enough attention to those ickle fold lines on their drawing.

And now I have the pattern.   🙂

quick (pattern) question?

McCall's 7053 click to go to pattern

McCall’s 7053
click to go to pattern

McCall's 7053 click to go to pattern

McCall’s 7053
click to go to pattern

Has anybody made up any of the McCall’s Archive Collection patterns? Specifically, the blouse (M7053)??

What I cannot for the life of me figure out is how those two ~ two  ~ different sleeve silhouettes can come from what look to be same-shape pattern pieces.

M7053, from McCall's Archive Collection

M7053, from
McCall’s Archive Collection
click to go to pattern page

Any guesses?  My thanks to Laura at Lilacs & Lace for mentioning McCall’s latest 1930’s dresses on her blog – they’re stunners.

new year vintage fancies

Discovering the Cheapside Hoard in London

Monday was the first working day of 2015, and I sooo couldn’t.   Did a bit of a cheeky cheat and started  looking at Lizzie’s recommended “Anatomy of a Suit” from the Museum of London.

That got me energized, and I was off & running… a-hem, researching.  😉

From a 3-minute definition of why a bespoke suite costs $$$$$, to a centuries’ old jewellery haul being re-discovered by today’s jewel experts, to iconic fashion and make-up explained by experts, to vintage Biba… all this, and more is available.

Dare you not to find something you fancy!