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Skirl, n. A shrill cry or sound. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.], Noah Webster’s 1913 Dictionary of the American Language

My Scottish mum and grandmum taught me a lot of useful skills, such as how scraps can be used to make something out of nothing.

Skirls is partly a tribute to these ladies, as well as an oblique nod to a musical affinity, plus the fact I’d just re-read a D.E. Stevenson book set in Scotland.

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…  authored by a lover of fibre arts & fashion, Art Nouveau, dark chocolate, D.E. Stevenson, rayon fabrics, Commissario Montalbano, and other assorted bits… who is very grateful for botox, surgery, hair dye & photoshop!

Decided to clean up that front page, so put awards & badges over here. Hope no one minds!






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