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Skirl, n. A shrill cry or sound. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.], Noah Webster’s 1913 Dictionary of the American Language

Often associated with bagpipes, as in “the skirl of the pipes.”

My Scottish mum and grandmum taught me a lot of useful skills, such as how scraps can be used to make something out of nothing.

Skirls is partly a tribute to these ladies, as well as an oblique nod to a musical affinity, plus the fact I’d just re-read a D.E. Stevenson book set in Scotland.

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…  authored by a lover of fibre arts & fashion, Art Nouveau, dark chocolate, D.E. Stevenson, rayon fabric, Commissario Montalbano, and who is very grateful for botox, surgery, and hair dye.

Decided to clean up that front page, so put awards & badges over here. Hope no one minds. 😉







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    1. Thank you for this, Cathy. I haven’t noticed any reduction in my own emails–if you mean the ones we can choose to get notifying us when someone’s commented on one of our own posts. Do let me know if it continues.


  1. Comments seem to be missing from the most recent post – I think you’ve been having some problems.
    I was going to say to make something you will enjoy wearing from that wool. If that’s an a line skirt go for it!

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