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Sunday a’ready?!

Looking at previous posts it’s really been busy weeks around here, but not quite the busy that equates to lots of blog posts, if you know what I mean.

I’ve managed to get 4 pattern PDFs sent off & returned on A0-sized paper, and the one with the most pieces is now cut out. I’m so fortunate to be able to do it this way, but I really admire all the sewists around the world who don’t have a choice.

Rather than write about sewing plans, here’s a wee update on what’s actually happening – which is crocheting. It’s crocheting, because it requires little prep & takes up minimal space. I can grab it for 10 minutes & put it down for 3 days. Plus I can listen to an audio book on Libby whilst doing it. And this stitch pattern is sooo relaxing!

Yes, this is a lighter green than in photo below. I’ve just started the second skein, & currently the piece is 24in/61cm long & growing.

Some History — I’d been looking for another crochet project and thought a soft, warm shawl would be a good thing to have. But before I could get onto Ravelry, my three sisters & I had a Zoom convo.

Talking about current projects, I mentioned looking for a shawl pattern. Sis3 mentioned a crocheter on YouTube she really likes. I got his (yeah! men crochet too!) URL and am just as enthusiastic as she. Check out his Easy Fall Scarf for Beginners.

Yes, I know a scarf is not as wide as a shawl. I have plans . . . 😉

Yes, the current green is lighter than the darker green here, but yarn is the same Plymouth Encore, 75% acrylic/25% wool & washable! My gold ski cap is the same yarn.


new project

Having pushed out my yarn budget during my last visit, this time I went to the yarn store looking for something more budget-friendly, and I think I got it right.

Three skeins for a total of 600 grams is hopefully enough for a decent-sized shawl, but if I decide I want more length, I can add to it without breaking the bank. Yeah!

Pattern? I think I’ll do some swatching, and go from there. But am definitely thinking crocheting simple stripes. If I’ve time, I’ll look at Ravelry, too. Any suggestions, Dear Readers?!

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day❣️

decisions & permissions . . .

This is a simple (U.S.) single crochet stitch . . .

I think I’ve finally decided to give up making anything with this heavily slubbed yarn that’s been aging in my crochet project bag.

It’s impossible to count stitches when I get interrupted, so the sides are anything but straight. 🙈 I’ve decided to finally give myself permission to salvage what yarn I can, and donate it to a crafting resale shop.

Anybody else have problems cancelling a project? Do tell – would love to know I’m not alone!


With almost a whole ball of yarn left over from my ski cap, I decided to make a little neck warmer – something I use quite frequently when whatever top I’m wearing doesn’t have a collar.

(Note to self: Next fleecy top needs to have a collar. Maybe another LB Pullover? There’s that long piece of navy fleece I currently use to keep my legs warm. Hmmm .. . . ..)

Meanwhile, cogitations on a wee scarf . . .

crocheting continues!

My Bernina may still be somewhere in storage, but there’s one thing that came to light straight away: My crochet hooks, bag, and a bit of yarn. Yeah!

A simple throat warmer (aka, short muffler)

There’s a lovely local craft thrift store that accepts every kind of crafty thing you can possibly imagine. And they had the perfect single ball of yarn plus crochet hooks until I found mine in storage… It might still have been summer, but humidity is veeeerry much less up here, so it was no problem at all to whip up a little neck warmer to gift to my landlady.

Hello, everyone…

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?! I’ve moved and still don’t have my computer set up. Trying to manage this blog on a small phone screen is ludicrous.

But I did want to touch base at least briefly to let you all know I am still around, still taking pictures, and most importantly – still sewing & crocheting!

What I would ❤️ to know is, am I the only person trying to write a blog via smartphone? ?

(And that usage of “smart” is sooooo not true… 😖)

Until soonish, I hope! 🤞🤞

A little ta-da moment…

Dropping in to share a quick ScrapHappy project for my neighbour, a link over to Kate’s ScrapHappy post, and share another project just restarted for the umpteenth time.

Several weeks ago I was about to start downstairs in my building, when I saw my neighbour trying to manage 2 crutches, a booted foot, and some small packages before coming up the stairs.


We decided I’m come down first. On the way down I realised she needed a shoulder bag to put small bags in, and I had the very bag with me. A solution! I showed her what I had in mind and watched her easily and very adroitly balance herself upstairs.

Being a non-sewist, she had no idea how easy it was for me to make her a bag of her own… but a bit of thinking and we reasoned that a cross-body bag would be even better.

So that’s what she’s got, and it works a real treat. Mission accomplished! (Now I want one, too…. hehee! 🤣)

Over the weekend I had the urge to crochet, but I didn’t want to continue the project that’d been sitting untouched for weeks. What to do . . .

I ripped that forlorn-looking project down to zero and started over. And am happy to report it’s going great guns. At last I think I’ve found a good way to use this lovely yarn. Another little yippee!

🧶 🧶 💛 🧶 🧶