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my chaotic pdf pattern storage

organised chaos? 😱

organised chaos?

(To the lovely uninitiated, a pdf sewing pattern is one you pay for, download, print out, and then tape/glue/somehow stick together to form an entire sheet(s) of pattern pieces, which you then cut out before attaching to your fabric, cutting out, and sewing. Clear as mud? Hmm…  Think of NOT waiting 2-3 weeks for a paper pattern from around the world to arrive in your mailbox.)

Yes, we sewers are a bit different, and not just in wardrobe choices. We also buy patterns and translate instructions… but that’s another story for another day. 😉

Sewing pal Jen (aka Let the Sewing Begin) and I were talking the other day. We’re in the same country and time zone. Whee!

I asked her how she was storing her pdf patterns, and promised to send her photos of what I was doing.

See all those odd-shaped pieces of paper hanging where my haberdashery storage shoe boxes should be stacked? In that photo on the left, above…? And the photos below are more, but not visible above ’cause they’re hanging to the left of the above photo. That’s what we were talking about: How do we store those pesky pdf pieces of paper?

Jen said she folds hers up, and puts them and the directions into a plastic bag.

Having already spent our talking time resolving other, more earth-shattering world problems we decided to table further discussion, and I promised to send her photos.

Ah.   The moment of truth.

So that night I took an honest look .  .  .

Then I had a 4-close-up-of-improvementthought… If I’m using clothes pegs, sent by dear friend Ali, for some of the patterns… why not just clothes peg them all onto a skirt hanger or two instead of the metal shelving? Then they wouldn’t take up so much space.

So I tried that (on the left), but quickly realized it was impossible to ~

  • keep pieces from intermingling
  • keep the taller pegs from getting stuck in the metal shelving
  • get a pattern off the hanger without everything falling off

Oh. And then one fell off on its own.  Scratch that idea. Deep sigh.

hmmm... all clippies are NOT created equal . . .

uh … all clippies are NOT created equal . . .

Then I saw those big clips I’d stared using. You know, the ones from office supply shops that take up space in a desk drawer. (over on the right)

But with only 3 of them I couldn’t really do an adequate test. Not with eight pdf’s, and probably at least 2 more  somewhere, which we won’t go into right now.

At which point I gave up for the evening, having taken these photos and deciding maybe it was time to call in Those More Expert.

Lovely Readers, how do you store your pdf’s?


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theresa really gets into it


it’s that time again … 👻

just when i thought it was safe

how on earth? you start with a piece of foam from a hobby store . . .

how on earth? you start with a piece of foam from a hobby store . . .

to venture into town

what did i run into


a consignment store

for women’s clothing

with gorgeous hallowe’en decorations

i had to share…

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teetering on the edge of autumn (sunday sevens #33)

decided to add this for a bit more autumnal flavour!

decided to add this for a bit more autumnal flavour!

Ho, hum,
When will Autumn come?

Not soon enough for me, but then I’m not a heat lover.
Condolences to those who are.

Here are last week’s highlights, not worth their own posts. Natalie of Threads and Bobbins came up with the idea, and anyone can join in.

What’s not included is Thursday’s unexpected deluge.   You can imagine wringing out towels without photos. ‘Twas a leak, finally discovered coming from above. Er, from an upper floor. Looking on the positive side, I’m rearranging my sewing space.

Thought laundry day was going to join the Come & Fix It list, but unplugging the washer as the manual advised reset things, thank goodness!

Hope everyone is having a gloriously productive week!

🌞   💕   🌞

(click a pic to get to all the captions, then Escape to get back here)

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mirror, mirror on the wall…

another fav: silk:rayon trouser & cotton top


… how I cheated and fooled you all.

No, this isn’t Snow White and I’m not the Wicked Queen.
It was dumb luck that this photo had some points in it’s favor.

I’ve been reflecting on what styles would be most flattering and comfortable for Autumn/Winter cooler weather and my current working-from-home life style, so I  decided to do an analysis. The before is the colour photo on the left.

The analyzed after (right) includes a bit of dodgy playing with trouser width.

analysis & "corrected" trouser width

analysis & wider trouser, with heads marked off on the sides

  • Pinned naturally poofy hair up, and put curls on top of poof
  • Wore darker shade on bottom without a stark contrast
  • Had a 2/3 ratio between light top and darker bottom
  • Longer, fuller trouser has vertical (natural) fold lines to visually lengthen legs
  • Wore high heels with slight platform
  • Pooled pants legs over instep
  • Twisted upper body to show thinner side view
  • Twist adds pleasing vertical folds that help balance the bolder contrasts of the top’s colours
  • Arranged arms outward to add width to upper torso, and bring into better balance with lower torso
  • Further emphasized face area by having camera & both hands at face level

Can you tell how much better I would have looked with a solid, fuller pair of trousers? Lots more of those vertical slimming lines, and they would have been longer.

If it had been a skin-tight pair of leggings I’d have looked like a popsicle. Definitely not the look I’m going for.

Now if I can just stop being tempted by all the wrong silhouettes . . .


Other posts about fitting:

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framed by sunday sevens #31

friday: can you feel the heat & humidity through the window?

friday: can you feel the heat & humidity through the window?

Since last week was an assortment of activities, I’m framing it mentally with Natalie’s Sunday Sevens.

Frame. v.t. 1.  To fit or prepare and unite several parts in a regular structure or entire thing…

After mooching through my photo mind palace for this week’s WPC (over t’other blog) I decided it was time to iron a skirt & blouse that had hung un-ironed all week.

You know how your mind wanders whilst ironing. As I’d just been thinking “frame,” it got applied to the ironing.

  • The yellow blouse had been a charity shop men’s shirt I liberated circa 2013.
  • The skirt & capelet fabric was purchased in Chicago and originally made into culottes, but fabric was too stiff for the style and so it didn’t get worn.
  • Then it got made into a straight skirt, and worn much more than the culottes.
  • The capelet, of leftover fabric from the culottes, was a test.

The shirt’s too long to be worn as styled with the capelet at left (proportions are off), but isn’t quite so off with a solid RTW blouse instead (top, right) Yes, that yellow men’s shirt is still underneath.

 Thanks to J for photos above!

  • Plastic & glass bangles thrifted around chicago (2010-13)
  • Earrings from california arts fair (ca. 1990’s)
  • Sandals by Clarks
  • Hat still in use!

framed! my 1st multi-colour work

And an extra photo just because I’m chuffed to have done some crocheting in colour.

Time for Sunday Sevens again, as dreamed up by Natalie of Threads and Bobbins. Why not join in? Guidelines are extremely flexible. 😉

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