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how sweet it was

Am sad to see this going away, and hope something even more enjoyable will come along soon.

This was posted over on my sewing blog in December of 2013.  I love photographing candles in the dark, and working with mirrors is also intriguing.

Many lovely photos from people in other parts of the world have enlightened and delighted me over the years. They will continue to be read and enjoyed.  I hope more will come along in future.



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much loved heirlooms

Aeons ago in a galaxy far away there lived a young woman about to go out into the stars to live life on her own.

The young woman’s two grannies, being far-sighted and wise women, had taught the young woman the needle arts. They knew from their life experiences the young woman would need them in her travels.

It seems they right. But we’ve already noted they were wise women.

As they were generous as well as wise, they decided to gift their young charge with some of their own skilled work. In due course the young woman received these gifts, one of which is shown in these photos.

The young woman began travelling from galaxy to galaxy, always keeping her granny treasures amongst her valued possessions.

One day she met another traveller and they decided to journey together. He soon learned to value the granny gifts, and the skills they had taught the young woman.

Which is why, when the couple decided to have their own young people, the not quite so young woman passed on the granny wisdom to her young people, too.

A story submitted to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

variations . . .

I’ve often photographed fabrics that might work well together, entire outfits, and checked out colours and accessories by photographing them. These different views often present surprising suggestions.

Late one evening I suddenly wondered if a long unworn necklace might be a good match for a certain fabric.

Lo and behold, I became fascinated by the necklace ~ rediscovering its beautiful ingredients.





WordPress Photo Challenge

silence is golden

silent halls

This was taken during a visit to the bookstore on the University of Chicago campus, just before it moved.

These doorways always remind me of a seminary, or a cloistered nunnery… or a cloistered something!

To come from a bustling campus into a gorgeously cramped space full of books for sale, and then into this back hallway, with no echoes of anything ~ sheer bliss!

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