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Happy Mother’s Day!

Our mum loved this time of year because all the lilacs in her town would be in bloom. As they are around me, too. Wishing all mums, wherever they may be, a delightful day!


Flannel Archeology

I’ve been thinking Spring & Summer clothes lately. (Oh the luxury of having four seasons, instead of only hot and hotter.) And since my wardrobe, such as it is, is mostly in storage, it means I’ve lots to think about. 😁

Starting at the bottom, there’s shoes… which I needed last summer, but in the midst of moving, decided not to worry about. Now, especially since everything is either very worn or somewhere in storage, desperation is setting in and Decisions Must Be Made.

I’m leaning on several different colors of trainers/sneakers, whatever the current term is. Anybody have a US-based suggestion? The last time I remember reading about what’s fashionable for footwear — don’t remember where — was whatever shoes you like.

Before I decided to sit down and start writing this, I did a bit of research to determine when this navy flannel came into my hands. Would you believe January 2019 was the first mention in a post? (Which probably means the fabric arrived in late 2018.) In my digging, I found a para at the end of this post mentioning them. (There’s also a good chocolate cake recipe.)

I do recall getting the trousers into wearable form at some point, but was never really satisfied with the look of wide-legged flannel trousers. At least, not on me!

So I did more seam ripping several months ago, dusted off a yard stick to straighten out the crotch curve, and am converting the trousers into a skirt. Just need to sew, cut off the extra fabric, re-do the elastic waistband, and even out the hem. I’d love to use some wide, crazy-design bias tape, but all mine is in storage. Etsy, here I come!

Spring’s first Sunday

With the time change over here, and the official start of Northern Hemisphere’s Spring season last Monday, I was delighted to find these in the local grocery. (Trader Joe’s used to have them every Spring, but not having any TJ nearby for yonks I’ve missed them.)

In other news, those four new pattern PDFs have gotten A0 printed and today I finished cutting them out. Phew!

On the crochet front, am steaming ahead with my shawl and decided to keep it to one color, rather than do stripes. And my gracious local yarn shop exchanged the yarns without a problem. Lovely ladies!

Sticking with Plymouth Encore Color 451

Happy New Year & MLK, Jr Day

It’s been a couple months, hasn’t it . . .

Leaving the hot South has been delightful, as has returning to a northern state not lived in since 5th grade.

Please excuse this brief appearance, as I start learning what’s transpired behind the scenes here at WP, and figuring out how to catch up with bloggers I’ve enjoyed for years.

If you’re tuning in to see if there’s anything going on over here – yep, there sure is! Just can’t be more specific right now.

And on that note, gonna wish you the bestest New Year this planet has seen in a loooong time.

This morning