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sunday sevens #41 (whoops! forgot one)

autumnal decorations from chicago days

mutter, mutter, toil, and grumble,

why can’t monday

be like sunday?

Must be the time change.

But it’s finally cooled off a bit, and I’ve actually worn long pants and either my Morris or another jacket several times. Yippee!

The grocer had sticky tape/scotch tape on a 2-for-one sale so guess who stocked up? And I’ve gotten one batch of patterns out to start taping pieces more sturdily so they can be folded.

Here’s the rest of the week, the bits I managed to get photos from. Sorry about running a bit short but as Natalie’s “rules” are really easy guidelines, am not too worried.

Hope you enjoy, and are having a lovely week yourselves!

Edited to add:  How could I have forgotten those magazines I picked up for a once-a-year look, just to see what’s going on inside… good thing I decided to clean off that  table!



framed by sunday sevens #31

friday: can you feel the heat & humidity through the window?
friday: can you feel the heat & humidity through the window?

Since last week was an assortment of activities, I’m framing it mentally with Natalie’s Sunday Sevens.

Frame. v.t. 1.  To fit or prepare and unite several parts in a regular structure or entire thing…

After mooching through my photo mind palace for this week’s WPC (over t’other blog) I decided it was time to iron a skirt & blouse that had hung un-ironed all week.

You know how your mind wanders whilst ironing. As I’d just been thinking “frame,” it got applied to the ironing.

  • The yellow blouse had been a charity shop men’s shirt I liberated circa 2013.
  • The skirt & capelet fabric was purchased in Chicago and originally made into culottes, but fabric was too stiff for the style and so it didn’t get worn.
  • Then it got made into a straight skirt, and worn much more than the culottes.
  • The capelet, of leftover fabric from the culottes, was a test.

The shirt’s too long to be worn as styled with the capelet at left (proportions are off), but isn’t quite so off with a solid RTW blouse instead (top, right) Yes, that yellow men’s shirt is still underneath.

 Thanks to J for photos above!

  • Plastic & glass bangles thrifted around chicago (2010-13)
  • Earrings from california arts fair (ca. 1990’s)
  • Sandals by Clarks
  • Hat still in use!

framed! my 1st multi-colour work

And an extra photo just because I’m chuffed to have done some crocheting in colour.

Time for Sunday Sevens again, as dreamed up by Natalie of Threads and Bobbins. Why not join in? Guidelines are extremely flexible. 😉

Submitted for the WordPress Photo Challenge.

new books


weekend voyage of re-discovery

gifts from Samantha
gifted red hearts from Samantha
black beads from stash
new bracelet!

Columbus Day is celebrated in a number of different ways in several countries, according to Wikipedia.  Even within the United States, there are states and/or cities that have chosen to celebrate other traditions.

Designated a legal holiday in the U.S., many libraries and other county/state facilities remain open. But many governments, do observe the date in some manner.

Traditionally observed on October 12, it has changed to the second Monday in October. There’s been controversy surrounding it; however, the Wiki article explains quite a bit.

This weekend I had a meeting involving plenty of re-discovery. Once home, the urge didn’t leave. Enter beads gifted by Samantha, and remembering where all my jewellery bits & bobs were stashed.

Whatever you’re doing today, wherever you are, I hope it’s happy & productive, and that the spirit of discovery remains alive in everyone’s heart.

undecided about asymmetrical black bead groupings
what do you think???

what is elegance?

Madame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, former directrice of Paris design house Nina Ricci

From the start, this little volume has made a big impression.  First was the alphabetically listed Table of Contents, from Accessories through Zoology.

In the Foreword, after she asks the above question, she answers it by giving the specific definition:  “elegance” is from the Latin eligere, “which means ‘to select’.”  The lady thinks like I do – gotta appreciate that!

I also realized this isn’t a book to read straight through, like a novel. For me, it’s more of a reference book, to be dipped into as needed, required, or when a refreshing sip is appropriate.

Here’s a snippet ~

Jewellery, p. 88

  • “Jewellery is the only element of an ensemble whose sole purpose is elegance…”
  • “… an elegant woman… should never indulge her fancy to the point of resembling a Christmas tree”

Whilst her sense of elegance might not fit everyone’s, I’m finding it a great little volume to have on my shelf!

decorating my hallowe’en hat!

It’s a summer straw that friends Karen & Tracy insisted was me and I had to have… but the colour’s perfect for Hallowe’en, isn’t it?  Just pretend it’s fleece or flannel!  Deciding to use this today instead of the green fleece, I literally grabbed scarves and jewellery and began draping.

(Tracy’s shop in Raleigh, NC, is having a going-out-of-business sale tomorrow and Saturday.  Do stop by if you’re in the area.  She has a lot of furniture, and all kinds of very well priced items.  Click on her Facebook page.)

The brim of this hat is wide enough and strong enough to support even the heavy multi-strand necklace I draped on it.  However, before wearing any of these combinations around town I’d want to make some discrete stitches anchoring both the jewellery and the scarf in place.

happy Hallowe'en!
happy Hallowe’en!