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duster update & query

Am just about finished with this duster, but need your assistance in choosing some button. First, an update ~ click a pic to get all the details

Used the selvage for the front instead of facings, to keep the duster very light weight. Then I decided to do the neckline as light weight as possible too, so just did a modified self-bias facing hand sewn on the inside.

But I forgot that the top edges of the self-faced fronts slanted below the neck facing. AGH!!! What to do???

Buttons to the rescue! One on either side wouldn’t necessarily add weight and would hide the now darned edges. But which buttons???

Lovely Readers, puh-lease send your opinion! I’m leaning towards the larger buttons, but do still love them all . . .

click any to see the large views


sunday sevens #39

curried pork & wild rice
curried pork & wild rice

Golly, another week is gone! Hols are starting to creep closer… And my Sunday Sevens are mounting up. Would never have thought I’d still be doing them. If you’d like to join, wander over to Natalie’s explanation, and have a go!

This past week has been a bit hectic over on this side the pond, but nicely so. If you’re hungry, have a snack before viewing as there are several food photos. Just a suggestion . . . 😉

Monday I was off to get hair done, but forgot the camera. Everyone in the salon crochets, so I took a recent magazine along for them to look at.

My lovely stylist and I discussed knitting. She was intrigued by arm knitting, which I’d never heard of, so she located a video on her phone for us to watch & discuss. We decided it looked too much like having both arms tied by heavy, hot, thick yarn.

Next thing I spy is Ali, aka Thimberlina, arm knitted a prezzie Saturday in 30 minutes, and it looked great! Click the link to see her Sunday Sevens, which have all the deets – thank you, Lovely! 😘 Hope she includes some deets, as I can’t figure out what sort of yarn she was using!

Tuesday I made a lovely curried pork recipe mum used to make. I used uncooked wild rice, lots of candied ginger, cubed apple and raisins, and chicken stock. After browning the chop on both sides I dumped everything into a glass dish and popped it into the oven at about 350℉ with a sheet of foil laid over top so rice wouldn’t dry out.

happy hallowe'en!
happy hallowe’en!

The rest of the week sort of whizzed by whilst I tried to ignore the heavy politics. Early voting began Thursday and lines were around the block all over the state. Is that unusual? Sorry, haven’t a clue.

Here’s another favourite Hallowe’en card, framed and on bath counter (hence the mirror).

Did sit down over several days and do some decorative stitch discovering. I took several doubled pieces of a cotton/linen blend and started numerically and have gone through almost all of the stitches.

It’s proving several things – that I do have a proper chart (thanks to Rainbow Junkie), and this exercise is helpful because sometimes the chart only shows 1 of the pattern. That 1 can be a bit enigmatic if there’s just the one. If I can begin concentrating on purchasing solid colour fabrics for basics, these samples will come in quite handy.

Taking it easier on Saturday, had take away delivered from the local pizza place – manicotti and salad. Yum!

And Sunday have popped another batch of double chocolate bran muffins in the oven. When I made the last batch I measured out for 2, and left the leavening out of the second batch. Then I put the second batch (dry ingredients only) into a bag and popped it into the freezer until needed. A quick mix of the wet ingredients, plus baking powder, and into the oven. Now I’m supplied for another few weeks. 😀

It’s finally turned a bit cooler here, with temps in the 60-70℉ range instead of 70-90℉. However, leaves aren’t changing yet, so I’ve switched my computer desktop photo and this blog background to photos from last November. Guess it’ll be closer to Thanksgiving before we see colour around here. Please keep taking those luscious piccies of the glorious colours elsewhere, Lovelies!

The buttons? Oh, Am spending time staring at them, deciding which one to add to the very top of my Folkwear Middy jacket, in cotton & linen, which is now in season. Pattern is here, and super easy to construct.

May your week bring delightful surprises and happy sewing!

Updated: sf’s britex in negotiations to stay

Huge Thank You to Tanya Maile, who was at Britex last week and commented below.

Seems there are negotiations going on. This article, dated 5 days ago, gives more specifics.

Perhaps we really don’t know what’s actually happening, and will just need to watch the news… and the Britex web site. . . .

My apologies for not searching multiple google pages for more recent articles.

click to go directly to their site
click to go directly to their site (logo courtesy of Britex’ site)

Again, a huge Thank You to Lizzie of The Vintage Traveler for alerting us to the situation.

Here’s an additional article I located. Between the 2 there are great photos of the store.

I’ve been to Britex a few times, whilst living in the Bay Area, and was always overwhelmed. But I never failed to lust after what I couldn’t afford (Liberty cottons and English wools) and found exactly what I needed.

If you’ve got an independent fabric store in your area of the U.S., puh-lease let them know how much you appreciate their existence.

Sales have started online at Britex.

weekly photo challenge: nighttime

Nothing says nighttime better than bling!

Night (?), n. [OE. night, niht… L. nox…] 1. That part of the natural day… when there is no light of the sun, but only moonlight, starlight, or artificial light.


Original WordPress post is here.

More piccies over here and here.

weekly photo challenge: endurance

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gotta admit this flummoxed me.

Then linen floated into my head, then wool, and I thought about clothing, designs, the why of sewing.

How quickly did it become more than something just to stay warm?  How was weaving cloth discovered, and by whom?

Thinking about endurance and sewing can take one all sorts of place, from bone needles and mummies to toxic chemicals, clean water, and how high is too high for a platform shoe.

ENDU”RANCE, n. [See Endure.  v.i. … [F. endurer; pref. en– (L. in) + durer to last…]] Continuance; a state of lasting or duration; lastingness.


Original WordPress post is here.


fixed frays

Thought you might like to see frayed stuff mended, so here are a few piccies.  Hope they inspire someone else to work on their pile!

And did another neckline job, just to get this definitely-only-a-house-dress onto both shoulders. Just too difficult to scrub the tub with one sleeve hanging!  Yes, this is shapeless, but it’s soooo comfy I just love the soft fabric.  Makes cleaning up more of a treat… well, sort of!

mending + buttons

Being reminded of a certain dress neckline that’s too large and has troubled me since making it, I decided to try out some of the suggestions I’d bravely given, in an attempt to take my own advice.

I tried on the over-the-head problem dress and finger-measured about how much to take in that gaping neckline.  Guessed it would be about 2 inches, all the way round.

Hoping for once I was guess-timating rightly, I pinned in 4 equi-distanced finger tucks, two in front and two in back.  Note that I got out my special safety-pin pin cushion.

I didn’t want to get stuck by pins when pulling the dress on or off.  Even worse would have been loosing a pin. Where would it go? Would I find it only after stepping on it?  Sitting on it?  The opportunities seemed endless, and painful.  So I took the itsy extra step to use safety pins. Glad I did.  (No problems, they were fine.)

All the sewing gods & goddesses were smiling, and the quick fix seemed fine.  There were four little pleats, front and rear sets pleated toward the centre.

I was feeling pretty cocky about now, because everything had worked out so well thus far.  Well . . . . .

You’d think after sewing down so many pleats in all my summer dresses that these would be easy.  I certainly thought it would be the easiest part of the project.  No. The second pleat, in the front, went wonky.  And I had too much angst to unpick it and do it right.  Neeext idea?

BUTTONS!  I love them.  I love playing with them, looking through them, trying different colours… that sounded like a fun extra/next step.

Perfect!  Not only did I find two shiny ones, but I think they mirror the record disk that’s centered (more or less) between them.

Ta-da!  One job completed, tested by wearing, and definitely approved of!

weekly photo challenge: threes

THREE, a. [L. tres.]  1. Two and one.

See another article about threes here.

As you’ll see if you read previous posts, the week’s been devoted to choosing a sewing project for March, and a giveaway coinciding with next week’s 4th Annual Sew Grateful Week.

The requirement involves a three-some… which is what I’ve chosen for today’s photo challenge:  a closer look at the current front-running pattern’s details.

How’s that for cosmic coincidence!

The fabric is rayon, the buttons (vintage!) and all the patterns are from the vault.  I want to sew all 3, but can’t decide which to do first, so readers get to choose.

Link to WordPress Challenge here.

Link to del’s other stuff weekly photo challenge is here.


Sometimes I just wanna sit & rip something out.  You ever have that feeling?  Preferably nothing you’ve made, understandably!

You might remember an old sweatshirt I trimmed up with some lace & buttons, so I’d wear it more often.  Am happy to report I did. But now it’s waaay past its sell-by date, and time to recycle into other items.

There are holes at the stress points of both pockets, the cuffs have been gone for some time, and I’m trying for a more classic style.

Today felt like the day to rip off the additions, and save a great metal separating zipper.

Hope you’re each having your own success, Lovely Readers!

weekly photo challenge: one

a lovely little holiday gift
a lovely little holiday gift

One, n. […Gr. the ace on dice…] 1. A single unit; as, one is the base of all numbers. 2. A symbol representing a unit, as 1, or i.  3. A single person or thing…

My sewing friend in the U.K. created these from vintage fabric and buttons, all British made decades ago.  When I wanted to purchase one, she sent it as a gift.

From the luxurious fabric to the profusion of glass buttons, it’s a precious example of her creativity, artistry and thoughtfulness.  I value it immensely.

It also reminds me of Britain’s respect for beauty, history, and industry.  Who were the individuals that designed and made these buttons?  Who saved them?  And the rickrack trim?  What mind created the fabric design, then wove it?  Who was attracted to this damask-like fabric and purchased it?  What hands laid the fabric away from fading sunlight?

In reality, this represents the work and thought of hundreds of individuals over the decades.  All in one little ornament.

Holiday Wishes

Link to WordPress Challenge here.

a ‘duh’ moments week

autumn skirt, from CA super stash, at least 12 years old
autumn skirt, from CA super stash, at least 12 years old

Have had a few of those this week, starting Monday whilst ironing the unruly facings of a RTW Stewart plaid flannel top.  Don’t particularly care about it being pretty, just want to be able to button it.

Then it hit: I own a needle & thread.  And a sewing machine.  And my home-made facings are always sewn down.  Duh!

My mini cape is now was in season; but, because it’s lined, it slipped off, and my closure was more decorative than functional.  Fixed.  Of course, now the weather’s warm.  😉

Then a tough decision:  Lengthen trousers probably in their last season, or leave them?  I was good.  Also got a green scarf’s hem mended.

That fall rayon skirt is completely picked apart, rewashed, ironed, and ready to become a mobius-style scarf.  But another project is threatening to intervene with a problem.  Heeeeelp!  Need opinions/suggestions badly!

Meanwhile, the rayon’s siren call doth beckon…