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silent sunday



Lovelies, a bit more about voting last week. I didn’t sew, knit or crochet whilst voting, so you might not be enthused about reading on. You’re forgiven. 😘 See you again soon!)

Polls in this Southern state have just closed, and the traditional network commentators’ vigils have begun.

This year there seems to be a new subject added to their conversations: How easy has it been for people to vote. Voter suppression has become a common thread.

Being a new resident in this state just before the last election (presidential), I decided to bring all my necessary identifications to register and vote early. No problems, and a minimum wait time.

Then I moved.

Six months afterward, I got a post card asking me to confirm my new address, which I immediately completed, copied, and sent back.

Fast forward four months. Another card arrives, addressed to my former residence and forwarded by the post office.

Again, I immediately completed this second card, copied it, wrote a letter with the history of my move, and mailed the letter, the copy and the second card.

Hearing all the national efforts to suppress voters, it seemed wise to bring all my id’s, my copies of that letter and the two cards, and vote early again.

Just in case I had problems.

Last week I got inside the polling location, gave my name and address, and was told I was off the Voter Roll, classed as Inactive.

Uh ,. . . . . .

I started digging in my purse for my paperwork, explaining what had occurred.

In a rather tired, been-there, heard-that-before kind of voice, the woman said, “Never mind. Just sign this.” And she printed out a form, asked me to verify the information was correct (my name and address), and sign it. I did and I got a ballot.

After two hours, I voted.

catching up

Having downloaded the apps for WordPress and Firefox, am beginning to feel a bit more like normal. I must say that seeing the horrid ads before getting Firefox back has made me think more seriously about going to a dot com site instead of remaining on the WordPress freebie.

What do you think, Lovely Readers? How do you feel about ads??

As you can see from the above photos, getting out last winter’s makes has brought up several issues I hadn’t settled last year. Like how long is too long or too short a sleeve? And how much is too much knit curling?

(It also reminded me not to sew a stretchy knit with a straight stitch. Zigzag, del. Remember to zig zag those seams that need to stretch.) 😝

Have been making appropriate ‘adjustments’ to these two pieces from late last winter. And finally discovered where I carefully filed the cut out yoga pants to match the top photo’s green knit top. Duh!

It shouldn’t take much time to sew up on the serger. But I seem to be doing more procrastinating these last few days before Tuesday. Perhaps I’m not alone?

The weather seems to be in a one or two day shift between 70’s and 50’s,which means windows are opened the safety-locked three inches whilst the air con is also set at 72. (So when the place starts heating up too much the air con will start and I’ll remember to close the windows. . . . . . . Maybe?)

Please may I revisit Margo and her glorious 1970’s wardrobe once again? Lovely Tialys had written that she couldn’t imagine Margo in a onesie. Well, you know what had to happen right after that. . . I watched the remaining Good Neighbors/The Good Life year 3. And so. . . .

“Of course I’m cleaning, Jerry. But I don’t have to look like I’m enjoying it.”

😂. ❤️. ❤️. ❤️. 😂

did you??

Have been rather silent since my computer hard drive drove its’ last. Am “making do” on a tablet, so writing is not as usual… my apologies.

If you live in these United States, VOTE ! ! !

Now the obligatory piccie of a blankey in progress:

seems there’s more done than I thought…and still a lot more yarn. . . maybe I guestamated on the high side 😳

And an obligatory pic of my Hallowe’en manicure. . . 🎃

… showing off the very functional bookmark from Wales, as gifted by a lovely sewing friend who shall remain nameless but she knows who she is! 😘

More crochet planned for the weekend, and a bit of sewing. Hopefully!

Meanwhile, Keep Calm, & Vote! ❤️❤️❤️