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Sunday a’ready?!

Looking at previous posts it’s really been busy weeks around here, but not quite the busy that equates to lots of blog posts, if you know what I mean.

I’ve managed to get 4 pattern PDFs sent off & returned on A0-sized paper, and the one with the most pieces is now cut out. I’m so fortunate to be able to do it this way, but I really admire all the sewists around the world who don’t have a choice.

Rather than write about sewing plans, here’s a wee update on what’s actually happening – which is crocheting. It’s crocheting, because it requires little prep & takes up minimal space. I can grab it for 10 minutes & put it down for 3 days. Plus I can listen to an audio book on Libby whilst doing it. And this stitch pattern is sooo relaxing!

Yes, this is a lighter green than in photo below. I’ve just started the second skein, & currently the piece is 24in/61cm long & growing.

Some History — I’d been looking for another crochet project and thought a soft, warm shawl would be a good thing to have. But before I could get onto Ravelry, my three sisters & I had a Zoom convo.

Talking about current projects, I mentioned looking for a shawl pattern. Sis3 mentioned a crocheter on YouTube she really likes. I got his (yeah! men crochet too!) URL and am just as enthusiastic as she. Check out his Easy Fall Scarf for Beginners.

Yes, I know a scarf is not as wide as a shawl. I have plans . . . ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes, the current green is lighter than the darker green here, but yarn is the same Plymouth Encore, 75% acrylic/25% wool & washable! My gold ski cap is the same yarn.


silent Sunday ~ NOT!

After a friend found my real sewing machine in the bottom box in the farthest corner of storage, I’m contemplating sewing clothes again! Maybe even those two tops I cut out in September, when I discovered the used machine I’d hoped would like knits didn’t.

That was so discouraging I gave up thinking about sewing, which was almost easy because there have been other irons in the fire which I’ll reveal later. Besides, as every sewist knows, once the stars & the right machine are in place – we’re back in business!

Time to gather up the PDF patterns purchased before the move, see if PDFPlotting had changed, and send down an order for printing. As you can see, they’re just back yesterday . . .

Four lovely NEW patterns to cut out ! ! !

Let the games SEWING begin!

new project

Having pushed out my yarn budget during my last visit, this time I went to the yarn store looking for something more budget-friendly, and I think I got it right.

Three skeins for a total of 600 grams is hopefully enough for a decent-sized shawl, but if I decide I want more length, I can add to it without breaking the bank. Yeah!

Pattern? I think I’ll do some swatching, and go from there. But am definitely thinking crocheting simple stripes. If I’ve time, I’ll look at Ravelry, too. Any suggestions, Dear Readers?!

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Dayโฃ๏ธ

decisions & permissions . . .

This is a simple (U.S.) single crochet stitch . . .

I think I’ve finally decided to give up making anything with this heavily slubbed yarn that’s been aging in my crochet project bag.

It’s impossible to count stitches when I get interrupted, so the sides are anything but straight. ๐Ÿ™ˆ I’ve decided to finally give myself permission to salvage what yarn I can, and donate it to a crafting resale shop.

Anybody else have problems cancelling a project? Do tell – would love to know I’m not alone!


With almost a whole ball of yarn left over from my ski cap, I decided to make a little neck warmer – something I use quite frequently when whatever top I’m wearing doesn’t have a collar.

(Note to self: Next fleecy top needs to have a collar. Maybe another LB Pullover? There’s that long piece of navy fleece I currently use to keep my legs warm. Hmmm .. . . ..)

Meanwhile, cogitations on a wee scarf . . .

crocheting continues!

My Bernina may still be somewhere in storage, but there’s one thing that came to light straight away: My crochet hooks, bag, and a bit of yarn. Yeah!

A simple throat warmer (aka, short muffler)

There’s a lovely local craft thrift store that accepts every kind of crafty thing you can possibly imagine. And they had the perfect single ball of yarn plus crochet hooks until I found mine in storage… It might still have been summer, but humidity is veeeerry much less up here, so it was no problem at all to whip up a little neck warmer to gift to my landlady.