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Almost a Monday …

… but not quite a Macro.


decisions & permissions . . .

This is a simple (U.S.) single crochet stitch . . .

I think I’ve finally decided to give up making anything with this heavily slubbed yarn that’s been aging in my crochet project bag.

It’s impossible to count stitches when I get interrupted, so the sides are anything but straight. 🙈 I’ve decided to finally give myself permission to salvage what yarn I can, and donate it to a crafting resale shop.

Anybody else have problems cancelling a project? Do tell – would love to know I’m not alone!


No, not the old card game that taught me so many British and American authors and their famous book titles…

Just three rather large tomes that really stood out in my reading over the last six months, and in no particular order.

Into the Light by Jon Meacham. This is an exceeeedingly detailed account of Abraham Lincoln’s life, which includes a lot of things I never learnt in school. For example, people were planning his assignation before his first inauguration, and he lived the remainder of his life under that threat. It also gave me a lot of insight into the past history of what’s now called the Republican Party, named the Democratic Party then, but their platform was pretty much what the Republican Party espouses today. And yes, what was then called the Republican Party, Lincoln’s party, became the Democratic Party of today. 🤪

Dinners With Ruth by Nina Totenberg. Ms. Totenberg is known for her NPR (National Public Radio) reporting, specializing in the U.S. Supreme Court. I enjoyed hearing her read the text, as she’s a skilled presenter, and I also learnt a lot of history. Plus, Totenberg understands how to craft facts and personal anecdotes into fascinating prose. The DC area, where I lived from the late 60s to mid-80s, was a very hit-&-miss time for me when it came to news reading. While I may have had time to read a headline, the (typical) multiple jobs of my musician-teacher-performer’s life didn’t leave much time for getting beyond them. This book helped.

Blowout by Rachel Maddow. Lastly, but definitely not least, is the 2019 book from MSNBC’s superlative news commentator, Rachel Maddow. I started reading, then double-checked Libby, the library app, just to see if it was available as an audiobook. It was, with Ms. Maddow herself reading in her signature style, dry wit very much intact. I finished it with a much deeper understanding of, and disrespect for, America’s gas & oil companies, as they were and currently are, both here and around the world.

In order not to leave you on such a negative note ~ after all, it’s the weekend ~ here’s a little something I found at a local grocer’s. Hope it brightens everyone’s outlook!

A lovely little primula


Calling on any composters for advice for a friend:

fresh from her garden

Ms C likes to compost and has been doing so until the last few months. A critter has decided it’s gonna play a little game. You play it this way –

You hide it, and let’s see how fast I can locate it & dig it all up.

So far the critter is 8 for zero.

Any expert composters out there could advise on whether one of the newer composters, that reduce compost to an odorless powder might switch the odds in her favour?

In other words, Heeeeeeeeeeelp?!

Memorial Day 2022

I used this same photo in 2015, when we had an early Memorial Day weekend, and the fabric was still a tablecloth. Have a click here to see that post, and read a bit more about this U.S. holiday’s history.

This year the tablecloth fabric’s become a blouse. Well, sort of.

At the moment it’s just 2 pieces sewn together with an elastic-gathered top & slits at the sides. But I’m thinking of adding some straps, because I found some extra fabric the last time I went through my scrap drawer.

Ain’t it amazing what can come to mind whilst rootling around in a bunch of scraps!

What have you discovered lately?!

catching up to silly saturday

Hello! It’s been a bit since my last post, but lots of things are developing around here, and that’s taken away most blogging time (and all IG time). Mostly interesting stuff, but can’t discuss yet.

What I can offer today is a suggestion to try a tasty citrus fruit next time you see some at your grocers.

Called Blood Oranges over here, because of their colour. I discovered, after reading the Wiki article about them, that the one I ate, and did not like at all, just wasn’t ripe.

Seems they’re sort of tangerine-like, and not like regular oranges at all!

They sort of remind me of persimmons, which can look lovely, bright and shiney orange. You’d think they were ripe & ready to eat, but YUCK if you try. You have to wait until they start getting black and gelatinous and quite rotten-looking. Then they are sooooooo good!

In my very limited experience, blood oranges won’t appear that yucky, but might seem slightly shrunken, like a citrus that’s drying out. The outer skin might start showing red streaks.

If what you buy doesn’t look ripe, leave them to ripen! Mine have been aging in the bottom of my fridge in a drawer. Which reminds me . . .

Time to get another out and enjoy . . . . . . . Do tell if you’ve tried them!

Post Script!

PS/Thought I’d just add that today’s blood orange tasted quite orangey. Guess it’s like a chocolate box – you never quite know what you’ll get!

Happy Easter . . .

My traditional Spring/Easter bunny candle, never lit & forever young!

… or Passover, Ramadan, Spring, or whatever you may be celebrating!

It’s been busy ’round here, but not blog-busy. The computer is somewhat stable, and I solved one tablet problem with a new power cord, but I still can’t get into IG.

I finally located their “help/service/whatever-they-call-it” desk. The statement above the box where you type in your problem’s details says they will not answer your submission.

Somehow, that didn’t give me much encouragement. Nevertheless, I typed in the exact wording of the error message that keeps coming up when I try to log in. 🤞🤞

(Side note to Helga & Nic, if you read blogs – I’ll still be sewing up my skirt on Monday, but wish I could be reading everyone’s comments.)

Meanwhile . . . . . . .

Have been re-evaluating these 2 tops. The striped shirt was purchased from a Virginia charity shop because I loved the colours and cotton quality (designer is French – Façonnable). If memory serves, I found the cami in Chicago at TJ Maxx.

Yes, I know the cami’s stretchy centre-front lace bags in the photo, but after a wash & dry it’s fine. (I hauled it outta the laundry when I got the idea to try them together.) Do they look okay? I can’t decide. What do you think??

I’m nervous about cutting off more of the shirt’s sleeve length, so I can wear it in warmer weather. Currently it hangs in the closet in “winter” which is too cold & damp for it without something underneath.

The cotton of the shirt is superb – hence my reluctance to cut into it too much. The shoulders are wide (it’s a size L) so I’d altered them with some bulky pleats. (Didn’t wanna cut that cotton!) Then spent a recent afternoon carefully ripping out the pleats. Lol! Now it looks like dropped shoulder with sleeves.

Stand measures a fraction over 1″ (please excuse bad lighting).

I really want to remove the collar because it’s too hot for summer. Would it be really weird if I left the 1″ collar stand?

In the photo on the left, I folded the top collar underneath. What do you think??

Will keep thinking about changes to make this a more wearable shirt, but your suggestions would be much appreciated, Dear Readers!

Meanwhile, hope everyone’s computers/laptops/tablets/phones never become too old to update easily, and the Easter Bunny, or whatever, bring you delectable treats!

🐣 🐇 🐣 🐇 🐣 🐇

macro monday

Clearing out some back-log…

Finally got used to this super slubby yarn, but totally forgot to count stitches. You can guess the result. 🙈

Considering all the slubs, and that this cotton doesn’t behave the same as wool (cotton doesn’t block as well as wool might), frogging really isn’t an option. Guess I’ll go with the flow. Maybe start a new fashion?