rare august weather

stocking up the pantry

stocking up the pantry again

Shhh! A rare weather occurrence:

We’re not havin’ a heat wave!

After 6 weeks of triple digit weather nearly every single day, it’s low humidity and sunshine for a few days.

Time to get those bare cupboards stocked up before the next blast starts. So, the sewing pile waits… 😲

Yes, July was the hottest month for the entire world, ever since recorded temps started being recorded.

That is not a record this writer wants to see broken any time soon.

On a more humorous note, for those brave souls dying to see that risqué card from friend Ali, amazon UK has it here.

Now, some photos from a pleasant walk to the grocery yesterday.

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sunday sevens #30

one more lounge top finished, with neck & arms already lowered - yeah!

one more lounge top finished, with neck & arms already lowered – yeah!

This week’s been another hot & humid one, with my “get up & go” having done so long ago.

Sunday Seven for this week is looking a bit thin, but hey, it’s August, and can do with a wee vacation. 😎

It’s been a week of chaffing at the bit, so to speak. More specifically, necks & arms not cut as comfortably as I’d have liked. So I’ve gritted me teeth, and fixed ’em.

My denim dress badly needed an arm alteration after I’d jacked up the shoulders at the beginning of the season in an attempt to raise the low neckline. (It didn’t work.)

When last heard from, a rayon blouse I’d made last summer had a questionable binding. Given the fabric’s a rayon and the binding’s cotton, it just wasn’t a match made in heaven. Felt more like the opposite, so it got ditched. I tackled those armholes as well. All should be hand-stitched whilst watching Inspector Lewis: The Final Season in a bit.

Of course, will have my new needle kit close to hand (thank you, Ali!), and am surprised how much just having it somewhere around the sewing table helps mentally with the thought of having to hand sew something. Formerly, that stuff was in a box in another room, which as we all know greatly inhibits thoughts of doing any.

(What? Get up offa my chair, walk into the other room, dig out the box, and find the needles? 😱 You gotta be kidding!)

Now, here are some piccies. Please click one so you don’t miss all the lengthy explanations that are either cut off or hidden.

May everyone have a comfortable week full of everything you  💕  to do! 😘

fleece fabrics: why is there so much?


discovered in the mid 2000’s: 2 laminated layers of high-end quality (they didn’t know what they had) & as good now as then! (click to go to original post)

And why is it such poor quality??

Is it constantly canoodling in back rooms of shops?

Why entire walls of the stuff?

Is it the sport logos that fascinate?

Or the camouflage colours?

I just don’t get it.


Now that someone’s asked me, I don’t know what to say. 😱

But I remember how many times I’ve gone into fabric stores & wondered the same thing.

Can anyone help?

hot week’s sunday seven 29


Was stuck in front of a computer screen this week instead of sewing, and by Friday night I was ready for  FUN.

And what’s more fun than getting stuck into some sewing. For once I have plenty of weather- appropriate projects, too.

As ever, thanks to Natalie for creating Sunday Sevens. (Hope you’re surviving the heat down there, luv!)

So click a pic to get all the deets, then Escape back to here.


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sunday sevens #28-ish

so sweet!

isn’t she adorable?! pick th’ litter & pedigrees up the elbow (liberty/yorkshire)!

All it took were 3 days in a row of 50’s percentage humidity and temps in the low 80’s, and I was off, thinking about Autumn & Winter wardrobe options.

Unfortunately, Summer Returned.

[Insert expletive of choice]

The rest of the week looked a bit like these photos, and apologies if there aren’t seven.

Natalie, who came up with the concept of Sunday Sevens, is re-e-e-al generous with the “rules.” 😘

Moving on, I’ll emphasise the wonderful package FULL of goodies from bestie Ali over in Yorkshire, a much happier note to end on than the weather! 😉

Edited to include Ali’s blog & Fabworks Online. Fabworks was super helpful, but their shipping charges to U.S. are exorbitant (just my thought; so much less $$ for fabric 😢). Fingers crossed that changes.