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Red . . .



No, not the old card game that taught me so many British and American authors and their famous book titles…

Just three rather large tomes that really stood out in my reading over the last six months, and in no particular order.

Into the Light by Jon Meacham. This is an exceeeedingly detailed account of Abraham Lincoln’s life, which includes a lot of things I never learnt in school. For example, people were planning his assignation before his first inauguration, and he lived the remainder of his life under that threat. It also gave me a lot of insight into the past history of what’s now called the Republican Party, named the Democratic Party then, but their platform was pretty much what the Republican Party espouses today. And yes, what was then called the Republican Party, Lincoln’s party, became the Democratic Party of today. 🤪

Dinners With Ruth by Nina Totenberg. Ms. Totenberg is known for her NPR (National Public Radio) reporting, specializing in the U.S. Supreme Court. I enjoyed hearing her read the text, as she’s a skilled presenter, and I also learnt a lot of history. Plus, Totenberg understands how to craft facts and personal anecdotes into fascinating prose. The DC area, where I lived from the late 60s to mid-80s, was a very hit-&-miss time for me when it came to news reading. While I may have had time to read a headline, the (typical) multiple jobs of my musician-teacher-performer’s life didn’t leave much time for getting beyond them. This book helped.

Blowout by Rachel Maddow. Lastly, but definitely not least, is the 2019 book from MSNBC’s superlative news commentator, Rachel Maddow. I started reading, then double-checked Libby, the library app, just to see if it was available as an audiobook. It was, with Ms. Maddow herself reading in her signature style, dry wit very much intact. I finished it with a much deeper understanding of, and disrespect for, America’s gas & oil companies, as they were and currently are, both here and around the world.

In order not to leave you on such a negative note ~ after all, it’s the weekend ~ here’s a little something I found at a local grocer’s. Hope it brightens everyone’s outlook!

A lovely little primula


With almost a whole ball of yarn left over from my ski cap, I decided to make a little neck warmer – something I use quite frequently when whatever top I’m wearing doesn’t have a collar.

(Note to self: Next fleecy top needs to have a collar. Maybe another LB Pullover? There’s that long piece of navy fleece I currently use to keep my legs warm. Hmmm .. . . ..)

Meanwhile, cogitations on a wee scarf . . .

crocheting continues!

My Bernina may still be somewhere in storage, but there’s one thing that came to light straight away: My crochet hooks, bag, and a bit of yarn. Yeah!

A simple throat warmer (aka, short muffler)

There’s a lovely local craft thrift store that accepts every kind of crafty thing you can possibly imagine. And they had the perfect single ball of yarn plus crochet hooks until I found mine in storage… It might still have been summer, but humidity is veeeerry much less up here, so it was no problem at all to whip up a little neck warmer to gift to my landlady.

Happy New Year & MLK, Jr Day

It’s been a couple months, hasn’t it . . .

Leaving the hot South has been delightful, as has returning to a northern state not lived in since 5th grade.

Please excuse this brief appearance, as I start learning what’s transpired behind the scenes here at WP, and figuring out how to catch up with bloggers I’ve enjoyed for years.

If you’re tuning in to see if there’s anything going on over here – yep, there sure is! Just can’t be more specific right now.

And on that note, gonna wish you the bestest New Year this planet has seen in a loooong time.

This morning

Hello, everyone…

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?! I’ve moved and still don’t have my computer set up. Trying to manage this blog on a small phone screen is ludicrous.

But I did want to touch base at least briefly to let you all know I am still around, still taking pictures, and most importantly – still sewing & crocheting!

What I would ❤️ to know is, am I the only person trying to write a blog via smartphone? ?

(And that usage of “smart” is sooooo not true… 😖)

Until soonish, I hope! 🤞🤞


Calling on any composters for advice for a friend:

fresh from her garden

Ms C likes to compost and has been doing so until the last few months. A critter has decided it’s gonna play a little game. You play it this way –

You hide it, and let’s see how fast I can locate it & dig it all up.

So far the critter is 8 for zero.

Any expert composters out there could advise on whether one of the newer composters, that reduce compost to an odorless powder might switch the odds in her favour?

In other words, Heeeeeeeeeeelp?!

del's sewing stuff

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