2 new lagenlook patterns from marcy tilton


Ms. Marcy T’s latest Vogue patterns are now available:

blouse V9153


Vogue 9153
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photo from Vogue

and a skirt V9161


Vogue 9161
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photo from Vogue

Ms. Marcy’s current blog post is all about the blouse, featuring …

  • a mock pocket
  • asymmetrical font/back bottom finishes
  • exposed darts
  • set-in sleeves because they give “a subtly better fit”
  • two collar styles

Vogue 9153
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photo from Vogue

Also in the post are tips for sewing and finishing collar points.

Do you hate buttonholes as much as I do? We’re not alone!

Ms. Marcy wrote, “Even though I’ve been sewing well over 50 years, I still have qualms and fits over making buttonholes!”

Here’s her latest YouTube video on buttonholes. (No idea why this couldn’t be inserted the usual way…)



Left & below is one of several shirts bought from a charity shop, and not put on a hanger until this time of year.

Very appropriate colours in this men’s shirt, don’t you think?

It jumped out at me, and I had to have it – recycling for $2 couldn’t be beat. 😉

Below are some of the matchey details. (Click to go to all the details & captions.)

My apologies for any confusion the other day at the bottom of that post. Hope below will clarify.

The Great British Bake Off – The original series from Great Britain. Click link for more details.

  • It started in 2010 in Britain with Season 1 containing 6 episodes
  • It’s continued every year in Britain, with increased numbers of contestants and episodes
  • Currently, Britain is seeing Season 6 containing 10 episodes

The Great British Baking Show – the re-titled, Americanized reruns of The Great British Bake Off

  • Reruns began in America in January 2015 with repeats of Britain’s Season 5 (10 episodes) renamed in the U.S. as “Series 1”
  • Currently, America is seeing reruns of Britain’s Season 4 (10 episodes) renamed in the U.S. “Series 2”
  • Note: All episodes in “Series 1” and “Series 2” are shown in proper order.

in other words…  The world waits whilst Britain sees each new season.  That’s fair ~ they created it!  😍

other shows America sees later

Antiques Roadshow  began in Britain in 1979.  18 years later, PBS bought the idea and created an American version. To further confuse Americans, PBS also bought the rights to replay some of the old British Antiques Roadshows, and renamed them Antiques Roadshow UK.

Agatha Christie’s Poirot We always waited at least a year to see Poirot, and then not necessarily in the order they were originally shown in Britain, and with edited bits. (Americans get edited versions of maaany overseas programmes.)

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian TV show with great 1928 fashions. Aussies have just seen the 3rd series.  America is waiting.  siiigh . . .

Midsomer Murders US fans: MAJOR spoiler alert in the first paragraph if you click the link. Ohhhh, don’t get me started! The reruns in America are so old & mixed up that one week John Nettles (and only he – you Brits know what I mean & please don’t reveal!) has Sergeant Jones, and the next week Sergeant Troy.

Downton Abbey somehow got a very brief delay between British and American viewings. In Britain, they’re about to begin viewing the newest season. America will probably see it in January.

Other outstanding programs have also been purchased and shown in America on independent network MHz, including Montalbano (Italy), Wallander (Sweden), and Maigret (France).

I wrote a piece about Montalbano over on my other blog with behind-the-scenes videos available from MHz.


Also submitted for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

poncho repeté

poncho repeté

Remember this fabric from a couple of weeks past?

Here’s a quick update on that package sent to Australia ~

A piccie of my friend’s mum wearing said poncho!

one warm Sydneysider!

one warm Sydneysider!

Phew! Looks like my fit guesses weren’t too far off.

Am told she wanted to pose doing a thumbs up, but my friend reminded her I’d rather see the fit.

Am delighted with this version, but would have loved either!

sewing, sorting, & baking

sewing, sorting, & baking

Well, I could blame it on witness 2 fashion

She did a great post about pyjamas!

But truth be told, have been thinking about them since Ali’s jumpsuit challenge in May somehow combined in my head with my 2 pair of sleep shorts (here & here) that I’ve worn constantly (indoors only!) this summer.

After making that third pair (top), it seemed natural to give a whole outfit a try. If I could just get back to finishing this blouse’s sleeves… Definitely don’t want to keep that neck binding, either. Too stiff by half! Meanwhile, mending summer & getting out transitional continues. . . 😴

Decorating for Autumn? Hallowe’en? Look at all the lovely patterns over on Pattern Patter.

Spent time last week sorting & labeling haberdashery and fabrics. Makes  final fabric sorting much easier. (click a pic to see the whole photo)

Thinking about baking? Know I am, partly because we’re finally getting to see “The Great British Bake Off.” But . . .

In their infinite wisdom (?), American public broadcasting services (pbs) is airing seasons chronologically. Backwards. And they re-named the programme: The Great British Bake Off is “The Great British Baking Show” over here.

Here’s a key to what’s what on our side of the pond.

  • British Series 5 was shown here as Series 1 in early 2015, and is currently being re-run.
  • British Series 4 is currently showing in U.S. as Series 2.

I discovered that both Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have written scads of cook books, and both have lots of listings on YouTube.

Wednesday is the official start of Northern Hemisphere’s cooler seasons, and it can’t begin soon enough for me! How about you?

Edited to add: If you haven’t seen Did You Make That’s post today, do! It’s all about fitting.

a bit of summing up

a bit of summing up

Thought there’d be a post about a blouse (Butterick 5432) to match the rayon pedal pushers (left) I love so much. Had enough fabric & decided I needed one.

But sadly no, other events overtook it before I got the sleeves finished & a piccie taken.

Will make do with some bits & pieces ~ although to be fair, there’s been mending going on, but I shan’t bore you with that.  LOL!



Another idea for that digital pink …

Do you think something similar to the Stardust Skirt from Decades of Style would work?

Tanya, over at Mrs. Hughes, has a fantastic version that got me thinking.

If you use IG (I don’t but peek every blue moon), here’s another

Don’t know that I’d cut out & appliqué the pattern, as I’m always pushed for time (and basically lazy). 😉

the wooden yard stick is above the 1 complete pattern rep

the wooden yard stick is above the 1 complete pattern rep

However, the 30″ skirt length would definitely allow for the pattern’s height.

I’d place the skirt panels along the pattern’s bottom edge, similar to their layout, which gave me the idea.

Those pieces would need to be on the straight grain, but hopefully I could position them very close together.

Do you think it would work?

Am still dithering, but leaning, definitely leaning . . .

What’s up for my weekend? Who knows!

Hope yours will be relaxing and productive.


Update: Just posted some city photos over on my other blog…

shades of digital


This is the first digitally printed fabric I’ve worked with, and it’s quite striking. Digital printing as in dots . . .

How to deal with it is a bit of a challenge. There are a lot of piccies today. Hope you don’t mind.

I took ’em because they help me see things differently, and sometimes provide answers to problems. Is it the same with your own sewing?

Must admit I don’t do much with matching prints, so haven’t a backlog of experience. But onward, fearless sewers, that hasn’t stopped us before ~ right?

First off, there’s the selvage at the bottom of the border print, that gives all sorts of clues to designer and manufacturer. Click the first photo to go to the close-ups & full views.

There should be some sort of hem, but because it’s a non-raveling edge I might just turn it up and hand stitch. What do y’all think? With maybe a light interfacing placed just the width of the hem for a bit more stability?

Still with me, I hope!

Saturday I laid the entire piece out on the carpet, and got quite enthused about the repeat of the pattern. Tell me what you think . . .  Click any photo to go to close-up & full views.

Moving on,  thought I’d concentrate on just a small piece of a pattern, getting in closer and closer, to see what that looked like. Looks as if dot printing was used here, don’t you think?  Click any photo (you know!). . .


Lastly, there are large patches at the top of the fabric, above the pattern, with little or no design, just colour fading (shading?) into another colour… matching that up as well as the print might be the most challenging bit, because it’s all been done so gradually. I don’t see any dots in these areas, do you?  Click … you know what to do!

Lastly, here's a piccie of the back pattern piece, imagine it folded over to the left and it takes almost the whole pattern.

Lastly, here’s a piccie of the back pattern piece, imagine it folded over to the left and it takes almost the whole pattern.

So. What’s been learnt?

  • This print looks like a lot of complicated work if I try to do matchy-matchy.
  • Should I even try?

That might be the better question, and right now I’m not wanting anything too complicated.

Phew! If you’ve stayed the course, THANK YOU!

quick question, lovely sewers!

quick question, lovely sewers!

Please take a look at these piccies and tell me if I’m daft… thank you!  💕💕

Edited on 10 Sep to add: This is a silk digital print & correspondingly slippery!


Would like to use as much of this border print as I can




See those 2 lines across the sleeves of both front & back in the second photo?

See those 2 lines across the sleeves of both front & back?

D'you think I could use those as cut lines, and piece that un-used section from th border in between the front & back pieces???

D’you think I could use those as cut lines, and piece this un-used section of the border???