sunday sevens #2


Dear Readers, hope you don’t mind if I do 7 piccies the easy way for me, which (hopefully!) is just as easy for you.

(If it’s not, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll switch back to grappling with wordpress.)

Natalie, over at Threads and Bobbins, came up with the idea of Sunday Sevens.

Anyone can join in, and you don’t have to do a post every Sunday. How easy can that be!

Edited to include direct links that are below: Thimberlina,  Sew Happie, and The Yorkshire Spoolettes

Sunday 7's




food processor cover - done!Am finally getting more of my kitchen decor stitched up. Who knew, back in 2014 when I got this fabric, that it would fit into this kitchen so well!

Last year the toaster cover & pot holders, tea cosies & placemats were made. Then the 2 fabrics aged a bit in stash. You know how that goes… 😉 he-he!

Finally, I dug them out after THE DOOR got opened, determined to at least drape the fabric a bit.

This morning was The Day, and now the food processor cover is in place.

Getting this pop of red colour into the new-to-me kitchen makes me smile!

the trio

Submitted for both Wild Daffodil‘s & The Monthly Stitch challenges.

groundhog tuesday

before re-organising

blue: offending drawers
red: bathroom, see below
yellow: rubbish lighting everywhere & can’t edit yellow colour out of piccies

Supposedly on 2 February, a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil “predicts” whether Spring will come early or late. This year PP favoured early. Hope he’s right.

My prediction is more sewing, because I got back into my storage closet.   (embarrassed & red-faced)

Seems my original arrangement didn’t take into account that some of the drawers slide forward all by themselves. (See blue arrows on left at bottom)

If you close the door and any of the drawers decide now’s the time to slide, that door won’t open ‘cause there’s an open drawer full of fabric right behind it, with more drawers sitting next to it so you can’t push your way in.

Harrumph. 😠

The new year started. I had other urgent things for Maintenance.

  • My Jungle January fabric aged Behind The Door.
  • It snowed.
  • 6 days later Maintenance finished shoveling.

Monday my antique-loving friends Ms Karen & Mr Gary came by. I figured with their knowledge of old tools, they might have just the right solution.

They did. Karen got things started, and Gary finished up. Result: OPEN DOOR ! ! ! Thank you!💕 Thank you!  😍

Then they took a look at my cutting table’s extra leaf, which I can never get inserted. It took three of us tugging, and a bar of soap to grease the swelled wood, but it’s in now!

Last night I measured & penciled in changes for my draft Morris. Whilst doing that, thought of a better way to Frankenpattern the Jungle January fleece.

A great start for February!

sunday sevens


holly in snowSunday Sevens was thought up by Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins. Anyone can join in, and you don’t have to do one every week. You don’t even haaave to post on Sunday, although it’s nice. (Sorry I’m late – finishing laundry.)

The highlight of my week was Saturday’s chat with Ali of Thimberlina, who was up in northern England for a family do. We read each other’s blogs so had plenty to talk over. Ta, Lovely One!

Have been meaning to include a wintery photo from last weekend’s snow (still around in small, dirty piles amongst the hedges), so there’s a holly tree viewed from my patio.rock buns

I feel it’s truly Winter weather when I can pull a pan of rock buns out’the oven, but am learning this oven’s a bit hotter than I’m used. (rueful grimace) However, ginger’s still ginger, and I loaded this batch, so they’re still grand eating.

Did a batch of minor mending including adding clear elastic to the shoulder seams of this too wide blouse, gifted from Ms. Karen. I love the corduroy collar, and the sleeves, for once, are just the right length. The body is heavy Indian cotton in great colours for me wardrobe.

shoulder adjustment 1`

Speaking of which… In this bigger place I have a walk-in closet for clothes. It’s probably bigger than the loo in my last place, and 5 times bigger than the closet! Sorted through a few bags that needed it, and did a clean-up. It’s great to be able to see everything arranged by colour!

the cutting tableOn the cutting table is the ready-for-initial-fitting Morris, and a bit of the Grainline Hemlock. It’s a free pattern that I’m toying with, but would change the neckline (smaller). Have a few concerns about the overall baggy fit, so am not rushing… Ali had a great suggestion: Instead of sticky tape, use stick glue.

a rectangular closetred sunset + puffy white cloudsSunday’s sunset was so vivid I had to include it, although not the greatest photo (the zoom on this little camera isn’t good).

Watched the rest of  Greggs “More Than Meats the Pie,” and will leave off with episode 1. Mondays should start with a smile, a cuppa, & a bun from Gregg’s!   😀Cheers, Lovelies!  ☕️


chicago cat’s vibrant secret life


owner & ownee
(but which is which?)
by beatriz e. ledesma
used with kind permission of mr. peterson

Cat lovers, now’s your chance to find out what goes on behind a cat’s whiskers ~

Keith Peterson, owner of Chicago’s award-winning Selected Works Used Books and Sheet Music has notified us that the book, The Secret Life of Hodge, the Bookstore Cat, was released Wednesday on Amazon. He wrote,

“Many of you may have heard that Hodge, the resident cat here at Selected Works, has had a book in the works. My friend Suzanne Erfurth had been writing blog posts, channeling Hodge’s account of his secret life, which were published off and on during the last couple years on Facebook.

“Eventually, there was a lot of material, which she re-worked into book form. Another friend, Beatriz Ledesma, offered to do watercolor illustrations – which turned out to be just wonderful.

“I myself didn’t do anything besides supplying the cat, yet now I find that I have become a fictional character, along with my wife, and the bookstore as well. Funny how that happens…”

The famous ~ some would say infamous ~ bookstore cat, Hodge, already the darling of Chi-town book lovers, collaborated with writer Suzanne Erfurth and artist  Beatriz Ledesma as they worked to capture His Good Self’s quintessential acerbic wit. “He’s inspiring,” was their joint comment.

Peterson will host an official Book Release and Sale of the book at February’s Second Friday Night in the book store on N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Full details of the event will be available on the Selected Works’ FaceBook page.

Hodge will be there, too, unless he gets “another call from that guy in DC who used to be the mayor’s boss.”

Cat Power

cat power
by beatriz e. ledesma
used with kind permission of mr. peterson

Additional Press Links:

Lovely Readers, my copy’s in the mail & I don’t even have a cat. Yours? 😉

Below is my own photo from Hodge’s beginning years at the keyboard…

Hodge, in his teen years, messing with his computer

hodge, in his teen years, messing with his computer

Submitted for WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, with bows to the authors, artist & subject!