single colour: anchored or afloat?


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I used to sew monochromatically; i.e., a solid, single colour per dress, skirt or blouse. Eventually that got too boring.

As I became more confident with colour, and figured out what worked with me colouring, I found the on-line sewing community, where I discovered the many creations of sewers around the world. And that’s when the long, dry spell of not sewing very much ended.

It’s not as though I’m suddenly afloat amidst a sea of sewing. What I feel afloat in are my fabric & pattern stashes.  Am I alone?!

floating leaves

AFLO”AT, adv. or a. [a and float.]… Unfixed; moving without guide or control…

sorting stash

sorting stash










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smoothly blurred fabrics


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It’s difficult to come up with anything blurred in sewing. In my experience, if printed fabrics come out blurred, they’re rejected for not being printed properly. Anyone have any blurred prints in their stash?

OK, I’ll admit to being slightly obsessed with these 2 fabrics, having now made 2 tea cozies and 2 reversible placemats, but they’ve about worked their magic for now, & your patience is appreciated!

palm pillow

a stash palm frond pillow against the 2 reversible placemats – all examples of smooth fabrics

Made this pillow yesterday, stuffing & fabric found in stash, whilst awaiting goodies in the mail. In process are 2 more pillows…  just need 2 zips, & they’re done.


WordPress photo challenge

Ailsa’s travel challenge

spring yarn tote


To read in order, click the top left photo first (“thought something must be better…”).

Missouri Quilting’s excellent tutorial was my guide.

got a tea cosy?


IMG_6422 IMG_6423Saw Ali’s (aka Thimberlina) great creation, read how Sewchet made her template, and was thoroughly captivated.

Then realized I didn’t (have cozies) for a couple of small pots in the cupboard. Dug them out, measured, started stash-searching, and voila.

It looks a bit lopsided in the piccie, but does fit on either properly. Even did a bit of free-style machine quilting on the stuffing.

Have another in the works, as well as other projects in varying stages of completion. Updates anon.

Meanwhile, hope you can enjoy your weather!

fresh & springy updates


after about a metre, here’s how the latest crochet is turning out – interesting, and very unplanned colour pattern, don’cha think!


Had more than double this amount knitted, but lost interest for several years, so ripped it all away and started fresh. Am pleased with  this version, and pick it up weekly to do a bit. What could be more springy than yellow & purple!

orange renfrew tee

After another look at the fit I decided the shoulder area was all wrong, and needed to be cut smaller. Unpicked all of it, and carefully measured each piece to see where to re-cut.

Thought I had plenty of leftover fabric to recut if needed. I didn’t. Uh-oh. So there it’s sat, waiting. For what I had no idea until …

A-HA! The Curvy Sewing Collective posted how to do a narrow shoulder adjustment, which I’d decided I needed to do on the renfrew. Now I’m thinking it might be my problem with necklines in general (remember last summer’s neckline fixes?).

However, decided to take a look at ikat’s post on drafting sleeves, and am very glad I did. She explains so much & I found it fascinating. Now to decide how to fix me own difficulties.

Meanwhile, here’s another glimpse of what means Spring to me – the annual availability of these in local shops. This year’s bunches are from England – first time I’d seen that. Jolly good, old Blighty!


Part of the weekly photo challenge & Ailsa’s travel theme.

green flannel~done!

love my hanging-up  ribbon tab!

love my hanging-up ribbon tab!

The green double-napped flannel has been test worn, and the 3/8″ elastic suits nicely.

They’re miles too wide, which adds to their at-home-only comfort, but leaves me reluctant to do a piccie!

Below is a bit of a mystery fabric. It’s 100% poly, very soft & lightweight, and it’s been my security blanket this season. It was a gift from my lovely mate Samantha last Christmas, from Marks & Spencer (wow! I own an RTW from M&S!).

If I could clone it, I’d have multiples, in varying colours.

But I haven’t located a single thing to come anywhere close to this fabric. Do these piccies remind you of any ?