details of a zest for sewing hands across the sea…


is it chocolate, deep and dark, rich and round enough to go without sweetening?

In addition to a love of chocolate ~ deep and dark, rich and round enough to go without sweetening ~ I have a zest for getting kindred spirits together.  And that’s what I’m doing today.

Sewing and crafting people all over the world seem to recognize each other in the friendliest manner, sharing a super glue of fabric, thread, and creativity.

I was talking with a delightful store owner in England (they have the best fabrics) and after we’d transacted our business and were chatting, I discovered they follow a store over here, and not just somewhere in the U.S. but in my state, less than 100 miles away. How coincidental is that!

As we both puzzled over how to pronounce the name of the small town where the U.S. store was located, I said I’d give them a call and find out. After locating and reading through their web site, I did just that.

And spoke to another warm and friendly person who answered all my questions, and was surprised to hear about the follower in England. We did a bit of information exchange, with hopes that both store owners would get in touch with each other.

As my new friend said, maybe they can give each other ideas, and talk about what they offer that the other one doesn’t, and share ideas that way.

Now it’s time for me to get outta the middle, give a brief sigh of satisfaction, and enjoy both stores.

What are the stores? Can’t say just now, but will post complete information soonest. 😉 😉

about that slice of 4-layer fudge cake . . .

You might see how little was eaten. And that was only because I was trying to decide what it was that made it so…. unappealing. Too sugary? Yes, but something more… Too artificial?? Definitely, but something else niggled. . .

Then it hit me like a dope slap: It did not taste like chocolate.

NOT TASTE LIKE CHOCOLATE, I hear you ask.  How could that be-e-e-e-e-e ? ? ?

So I looked at the ingredients… he-he-hee . . . and there were 2 listings for cocoa, definitely not as any main ingredient, from what I could tell. Well, I told meself, you kept tellin’ yourself you weren’t gonna like it, and you were right. How I wish I wasn’t.


Edits: Need to re-do that ingredients piccie so you can see there’s no cocoa in that top line – sorry!

Here’s 2 others, from top to middle.


didn’t know the ingredient list would be so important, or would have opened more carefully. i think the top line reads: “Contents: Cake (sugar, enriched flour, “



then the next line picks up what’s in that enriched flour with “(wheat flour, niacin, etc.

Submitted with seconds to space for this week’s WordPress Challenge, Ailsa’s Travel Challenge, & the fab four’s 52 Week Challenge.

staying indoors, a.k.a. sunday sevens #24


Well, it’s been entirely too hot to mess about outdoors this week, so plenty of things got postponed.

But that made time for indoor activities, like sewing. (heh-heh!)

And also allows this to be submitted for Ailsa’s Travel Photo Challenge (vicarious travel, that is).

  • Went to Washington, D.C. on Monday
  • Ventured to South Africa & New Zealand, via England & California with fabrics
  • The book is from Glasgow, Scotland, so won’t be “edited for Americans.” Yeah!
  • And those peaches traveled across state lines, just for me to enjoy.

He-he-heh! Tad bit o’ stretchin’ the travel, eh?

If you’d like to find out what a “Sunday Seven” is, check out Natalie’s post over here.

Herewith is my brief review of the week, sans too much hot air. Hopefully. 😉

May your weekend and coming week be blessed by beneficent breezes!

Sunday 7's

looking up from inside the cool


As many of you know, the South and Midwest of America is “enjoying” some heat extremities.  Thank goodness for air conditioning, and insulation, and refrigeration!

Looking upwards yesterday, from my darkened cave of a sewing area, I spied my curtain insulation fabric.

Now’s the time, I thought, to get it cut, sewn, and IN PLACE. So I did.

What I’d forgotten was I’d gotten some new-to-me fabric via the Internet, and had purchased enough for only one of the two windows.

Thinking one’s better than none, I went for it.

I could feel the difference immediately!

All sorts of weaves & varying R-valued (insulation ratings) fabrics are loosely called BLACKOUT FABRIC.

Even Joann’s has some, if they’re not temporarily out. And it is washable. 😉

Also submitted for this week’s Photo Challenge.


we’re havin’ a heat wave…

For everyone in the rest of the world... if you're in the U./S., you don't wanna know!

for everyone in the ℃ world… if you’re in the U.S., you already know it’s too hot! (cut & pasted from

… and it’s nothing like that Bing Crosby song. (Didn’t he sing that in one of his films? Wonder why I keep hearing it in his voice?? Maybe it’s hotter than I’d realized . . .  😮)

Kind & gentle words to other states on this side the pond, where they’re even hotter.

Before I forget ~ Just watched the final Great British Sewing Bee episode, and it’s an edge-of-your-seat one. Won’t say who wins, you need to watch. (edited: Hopefully, it stays available over here…. ssshh!)

Please bear with me… it’s about lights. Again.

Some Dear Readers might recall the trouble I had with very yellow artificial light in all my apartment fixtures, which I replaced in key areas with sunlight bulbs (at my own expense, leaving less for fabric~whaaah).

Last week the sewing area got a new fixture, and Tuesday so did the cutting room. You’ll never guess. They both use differing styles of lights, but they all share the same characteristic. Wait for it . . . . .

they produce yellow light. AGH ! ! !

Yep. Now there are 3 different kinds of bulbs in this rental, all with very different specifications.

Why am I freaking out, you ask?  😮    Let me show you.  😢

(click any pic for enlargement, then Escape back to this post)

Nevertheless, I persisted and got shorts and a Colette top cut out of this 1m of fabric from U.K.’s White Tree Fabrics.

The quality is almost Liberty, and I’ve 1 more piece to make up. Might cut the same things. We’ll see…

What’s going on with that black jacket? I think it’s called procrastination.    😱   he-hee . . .

will these opposites work? (a.k.a., sunday sevens #23)

june looks more like july

june looks more like july

Maybe I’m early this week, but it’s already Sunday in at least half the world. 😉

july?? must be southern hemisphere

july?? must be southern hemisphere

If you’d like to participate in Sunday Sevens, no matter when your Sunday arrives, check out Nat’s post.

We pretty much make up our own rules, but her guidelines are over here.

Looking at these calendar illustrations reminded me of this week’s Photo Challenge, so they’re hereby submitted.

Below are 2 more opposites: My Shweshwe South African fabric (gifted by the lovely Anne over at The Compulsive Seamstress) coupled with a linen/cotton fabric called Papaya Passion, from Fabworks Online, in Dewsbury, U.K.

If you email them a message it might get answered by George, who was tremendous, answering all my questions about this fabric. Not to mention a couple other things.

I’ve been considering some options for pieces to include in an ensemble, in honor of the Shweshwe.  Anne brought it up to the U.K. after her vacation, then sent it on to me in the U.S. This piece is better traveled than I am.

So far  I’m thinking a very loose kimono-sleeved unlined almost duster & contrasting dress to wear together. So I’m planning a few of those in other fabrics, just to get in the mood.

What do you think about the combination? Too much, or not enough?? I’m hoping they’ll be in harmony with each other, and entering them in Ailsa’s travel challenge, too.

Also spent 2 lovely hours watching the last two episodes of Great British Sewing Bee. Only one more for this year .  .  . makes me sad.

can you make out that threading diagram? need a magnifying glass to decipher all 3 paths

can you make out that threading diagram? need a magnifying glass to decipher all 3 paths

Took not nearly as long as anticipated getting my old serger/overlocker (same thing, different names) re-threaded Yes. The dreaded re-threading.

You can see from the booklet how detailed the innards are.

I was almost finished overlocking every piece in that black kimono-sleeve jacket when it happened. A thread snapped. At that point all I could do was Step Away From The Machine.


On another day the crisis got resolved,the last piece overlocked, but it started wonking out. This time I caught it real quick, discovered a notch that had come un-threaded, tweaked it back into place, and all was fine. Phew!

Now it’s on to the next crisis: having had to piece the 2 front sections, I get to piece them together, making them look like deliberate design “details.” Thank goodness this is a three-day weekend

Hope you’re enjoying yours!

tool kit - those long tweezers get lots o'use. whoever thinks sewing isn't a form of engineering, refer 'em to me!

tool kit – those long tweezers get lots o’use. whoever thinks sewing isn’t a form of engineering, refer ’em to me!