M7053 ~ bat-wing it is!

folds circles in red a click takes you to the pattern
folds circled in red
a click takes you to the pattern

A quick note to report Linda was correct in her comment,

“it looks like two different bodices – one straight and one bat-wing with sleeves incorporated in the bodice piece. Then you add a straight long sleeve onto the one. And a puffy sleeve end onto the bat-wing bodice.”

Turns out I wasn’t paying enough attention to those ickle fold lines on their drawing.

And now I have the pattern.   🙂

4 thoughts on “M7053 ~ bat-wing it is!”

    1. So true, unfortunately. Without your thorough explanation I’d have passed it by. Just as did when it was intro’ed last season.

      In other words, an incomplete description almost cost them a sale.

      So hats off to you, Linda, for your explanation!


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