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1930s fabric eye candy

surprise red cotton geometric remnant
surprise red cotton geometric remnant

Lizzie at The Vintage Traveler has some wonderful posts about author Elizabeth Hawes here, here, and here. After seeing the squib on her blog a month ago, and reading the NY Times article, I was hooked.  Last night I gave in and got the Kindle version of Fashion is Spinach.  Is it eveh fa-sci-na-ting!  More to come as I read further…

Surprise! Surprise! ~ found a remnant at the local indie fabric store for another Vogue 1236.  It’s a really soft cotton, and should feel soothing as we go through the dog days of summer’s heat & humidity. I think the print is sorta 1930’s retro.  What do you think?

Have been watching Poirot DVDs lately, and lusting sighing over the 1930’s fabrics.  Here’s some eye candy for inspiration…

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I think it all stated while I was watching a recent (relatively) Poiret, “Cat Among the Pigeons.”  It begins with a close-up floor shot of a woman walking in a pair of what I call Spanish heels.

I absolutely a-d-o-r-e the shape.  And have several pair.  🙂

Later there was a scene with the new secretary.  Instant Pause while I went went gaga over the blouse fabric.  Can you be-ieve that print??? And it’s greeen, too.

Now fast forward to the discovery of that box of sewing goodies. It contained another rayon fabric that immediately reminded me of the Poiret blouse.

While not too much like the blouse fabric (read more normal), it is a greeny teal shade.  Just might get made into a similar blouse, once I locate a pattern.  Summer is a-comin’ in, so would want short sleeves, lowered, but still with a bow, neck. Now where have I seen just that pattern…

escaping summer

Black button bracelet
Absolutely nothing to do with this post but I forgot to mention it in earlier post about button bracelets

Just love-love-love fashions from the ’30’s, and once I discovered Nabby’s blog, This Old Life, via We Sew Retro, I was in 7th Heaven.   At the beginning of the summer I started taking time to read older posts on both, and eventually got to one from Nabby about Miss Lemon’s sweater. That started everything.  Continue reading escaping summer