quick trouser fixes
Lovely corduroy trousers, spicing up my winter wardrobe (from Ms. Karen’s bundle)!

“Some people can putter quite naturally, but others simply cannot,” explained butler Smythe to Cinderella man Smith in The Platinum Blonde (1931), with Jean Harlow, Loretta Young, and Robert Williams (unfamiliar to me, he’s acting up a storm just now).

Costume design: Edward Stevenson, who later designed for Lucille Ball when she was doing telly.

Direction by Frank Capra, so you know it’s gonna be good.

I’m puttering. Er… sewing on buttons and trouser hooks and wondering whether I should get into shortening them tonight, or wait.

Meanwhile, here’s a clip ~

Umm . . . one button still to go . . .   .        .  the movie’s finished, so what to listen to?  Missing a bit of Paul Hollywood for cooking inspiration. Ah, here’s his cheat’s puff pastry chicken & leek pie. Yummy!

Sorry, it’s not on YouTube, but Waitrose’s site here. Hope you enjoy that other judge!

the other judge
click the pic to go over & watch!

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    1. Nope, don’t have it here. Took me a while to decide what kind of store it was – groceries, right? That’s where I’ve been today, at our local, called Harris Teeter, picking up a few things.


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