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shirt hacks & wish lists

yoke pleat & matching sleeve top

cuff are offThe shirt renovation continues.   Slo-o-o-wly.

Took a page or two from Diane Ericson’s YouTube video, and removed cuffs, then pinned in pleats on the yoke, just atop the sleeves.

Am still thinking about them, and trying on from time to time to see if anything else comes to thought. Meanwhile . . .

D’you ever make a list of very important stuff, file it, and forget about it for months?

I do.

Clearing out files last weekend, I found another.

Saw a book that looked fascinating, researched it a bit, and discovered my library had a copy. Whee!

Just Pockets by Patricia Moye, [🇬🇧 Amazon UK & 🇺🇸 Amazon US] published by Taunton (a good U.S. crafts publishing house).

After looking through it, I decided to put a clean, used copy on my Wish List.

Then I got a wee bit sidetracked . . . into Colette’s blog. She’s got more reference books.

Categories include Beginners, General Reference, Fabric & Textiles, Fitting, Home Pattern-making, Details & Embellishments, Menswear, Lingerie, Other Specialty Techniques

There’s another list just for beginners.

Just had to share ~ hope everyone enjoys!



Left & below is one of several shirts bought from a charity shop, and not put on a hanger until this time of year.

Very appropriate colours in this men’s shirt, don’t you think?

It jumped out at me, and I had to have it – recycling for $2 couldn’t be beat. 😉

Below are some of the matchey details. (Click to go to all the details & captions.)

My apologies for any confusion the other day at the bottom of that post. Hope below will clarify.

The Great British Bake Off – The original series from Great Britain. Click link for more details.

  • It started in 2010 in Britain with Season 1 containing 6 episodes
  • It’s continued every year in Britain, with increased numbers of contestants and episodes
  • Currently, Britain is seeing Season 6 containing 10 episodes

The Great British Baking Show – the re-titled, Americanized reruns of The Great British Bake Off

  • Reruns began in America in January 2015 with repeats of Britain’s Season 5 (10 episodes) renamed in the U.S. as “Series 1”
  • Currently, America is seeing reruns of Britain’s Season 4 (10 episodes) renamed in the U.S. “Series 2”
  • Note: All episodes in “Series 1” and “Series 2” are shown in proper order.

in other words…  The world waits whilst Britain sees each new season.  That’s fair ~ they created it!  😍

other shows America sees later

Antiques Roadshow  began in Britain in 1979.  18 years later, PBS bought the idea and created an American version. To further confuse Americans, PBS also bought the rights to replay some of the old British Antiques Roadshows, and renamed them Antiques Roadshow UK.

Agatha Christie’s Poirot We always waited at least a year to see Poirot, and then not necessarily in the order they were originally shown in Britain, and with edited bits. (Americans get edited versions of maaany overseas programmes.)

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian TV show with great 1928 fashions. Aussies have just seen the 3rd series.  America is waiting.  siiigh . . .

Midsomer Murders US fans: MAJOR spoiler alert in the first paragraph if you click the link. Ohhhh, don’t get me started! The reruns in America are so old & mixed up that one week John Nettles (and only he – you Brits know what I mean & please don’t reveal!) has Sergeant Jones, and the next week Sergeant Troy.

Downton Abbey somehow got a very brief delay between British and American viewings. In Britain, they’re about to begin viewing the newest season. America will probably see it in January.

Other outstanding programs have also been purchased and shown in America on independent network MHz, including Montalbano (Italy), Wallander (Sweden), and Maigret (France).

I wrote a piece about Montalbano over on my other blog with behind-the-scenes videos available from MHz.


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new year vintage fancies

Discovering the Cheapside Hoard in London

Monday was the first working day of 2015, and I sooo couldn’t.   Did a bit of a cheeky cheat and started  looking at Lizzie’s recommended “Anatomy of a Suit” from the Museum of London.

That got me energized, and I was off & running… a-hem, researching.  😉

From a 3-minute definition of why a bespoke suite costs $$$$$, to a centuries’ old jewellery haul being re-discovered by today’s jewel experts, to iconic fashion and make-up explained by experts, to vintage Biba… all this, and more is available.

Dare you not to find something you fancy!

recipe for a delicious treat

War Cake Recipe

Have you vowed no more trips to the market for special ingredients, but are looking for  something different for a New Year’s Eve treat?

Here’s a recipe used in many countries for many years, sometimes called War Cake, sometimes  Depression Cake.

The ingredients are relatively simple, and you can vary all of them if you don’t like or have a particular ingredient.

There are similar recipes all over the web, and even Wikipedia has a listing. The chocolate variations are sounding good to me just now . . .

Happy baking & Happy New Year!