s-l-o-w knitting & sewing in summer heat!

Have become fascinated with this autumn yarn as it slowly evolves into different colours.

The shorts-that-aren’t (short, that is) are cut out and might even have a seam or two sewn by the time you read this. Took a gamble with the top of the pocket bags and made them from  blue cotton, left from last year’s shorts. Necessity was the mother of this, as there wasn’t quite enough of the red fabric. Using perennial fav B5432, with length added to use up the fabric.

Somewhere between photo program and WordPress I’ve photos of another cotton fabric cut out for a new toaster cover. (So mundane, but oh so looking forward to!)  Whilst making up the bed just now realised the remainder of that fabric might make a nice little table cover… Never know when inspiration may strike!

nigella’s on our telly
We’re seeing Nigella Lawson’s latest series, At My Table, over here on our PBS stations. In last  week’s episode (No. 4) she admitted – and showed herself using – her “sewing shears” to cut chives. Well! You should have seen the scissors – maybe 6 inches – and definitely not for fabric.  A small needlepoint’s tangle of threads would be more like it.

Clearly, the lady needs a good session with Sewing Bee peeps. I can see it now, can’t you? Nigella Brings Biscuits to Bee!

latest British library crime classics
Just finished reading Mystery in White by J. Jefferson Farjeon, which was very pleasant indeed. As Martin Edwards wrote in the Introduction, “For all the chill of the Christmas-time snow… there are repeated clues to Farjeon’s amiable personality in the good humour that shines through from start to finish.”

“Welcome back to the loving family,” she exclaimed. “I haven’t quite (Farjeon’s emphasis) given up my idea of a happy Christmas, David, but Peace and Goodwill have got to get a move on!”

Christmas or no, wouldn’t more Peace and Goodwill be lovely right about now?

Am awaiting Hay’s last and some say best book, not quite in the mail it seems… Don’cha hate it when you see a notice saying “we’ve shipped your books,” and when you click to see the anticipated delivery date the books are still at the bookseller’s?!

Thanks to Sandra at Wild Daffodil for recommending this week’s 15-Minute Drama, “Ground Control.” Several surprises at the end, what?!  (This is only available for a month, so listen now if you’re interested.)

other media
Friday’s Woman’s Hour (just before the Drama) included Aussie author Kathy Lette saying things like “women are each other’s human Wonder Bras—uplifting, supportive and making each other look bigger and better.”  Must say I hadn’t made that connection . . . . .

Friday night was also the “current” (as in what’s finally made it across the Atlantic) episode of The Great British Bake Off.

After Mary & Paul, there was a new program, The Food Flirts. Ever heard of The Brass Sisters? I hadn’t.

“Meet the Brass Sisters a.k.a. THE FOOD FLIRTS! Two passionate food explorers of a certain age on a mission to tackle their culinary bucket list…one bite at a time!”

“… We believe that a cookie is like a secret kiss between the giver and the recipient, and that chocolate is a necessary indulgence.”

With a good chocoholic attitude, what’s not to like?


16 thoughts on “s-l-o-w knitting & sewing in summer heat!”

  1. I don’t think I could tackle knitting at the moment but I’ve compromised by crocheting a holey blanket with cotton yarn – still a bit warm though.

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    1. A cotton blanket sounds interesting. Have you already blogged about it & I missed it in the fog of our summer heat? BTW, lovely one, if you love the summer sun couldn’t you go outside, whilst leaving shutters shut so you can sleep at night?! 😴💤


      1. Tomorrow!
        Well I do go outside but sometimes it’s too hot out there and my dogs just keep pestering me to throw the blooming ball for them until I give up and go back in.

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  2. I’m going to see if i can access the food flirts here in the uk – they are adorable!
    The JJefferson Farjeon book is available at my library. It’s wiltingly hot here at the moment, and the humidity is stupid, so reading a book with snow might be nice.
    Is your knitting sticking to the needles? And if not how are you preventing that – mine is awful!

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    1. Hope you can see The Brass Sisters interview. Have just received the Santa Klaus book (by Hay)–also with snow. Hope your book cools you down! Alas, my air con (everything has AC over here) is working so hands aren’t sweaty & yarn isn’t sticking. Maybe a cool tap water rinse would help yours to stay cooler? Hope a good storm comes quickly to cool everybody. 💦 ☔️ 🌈


      1. I watched the interview – they are delightful and if I can see the show i will.
        We don’t get enough weather like this to justify AC so I will try anything. I love thunderstorms so I would be very happy for one now 😃

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        1. So glad you could see those sisters and enjoyed them. Good luck locating the shows themselves!
          Hope the cool water helps. Might add an ice cube or two, as well. A cool glass of something to drink is also refreshing.

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  3. Thanks so much for the shout out Del. I love that you enjoy British TV and Radio. ‘Ground Control’ is good isn’t it! Yes – those twists at the end – it made me think they might make another series – I hope so.

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      1. Yes, I’d had the same thought after that last “Ground Control” episode, “And what happens next?!”

        (Title reminds me of the old “Ground Force” which we got over here when BBC-America first came on cable. That’s when I got to “know” Charlie D & Alan Titchmark. Then discovered his novels.)

        Thanks for that link, which I immediately followed. Hmm. Don’t like to spend so much time on-line these days just listening (we being so bombarded by hackers) but the programmes do look interesting. Tried out a bit of The Ottleys and that does sound good; then listened to a tiny bit of the E. Taylor, which also sounded interesting.

        Thank you for that link!


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