rainy Mondays

Don’t know what your Monday or week look like, but mine started with loud leaf blowers. However . . .

. . . as it’s Thanksgiving on Thursday, and I decided to start a stay-cation last Friday, it wasn’t a bother.

Especially after opening the kitchen window curtain & blind to see this peeking around the corner of the building.

I managed to get a teensy bit of mending done on the weekend, which I loved getting off the corner of my sewing table, mostly because it was a whole 1″ side seam of a nicely ironed heavy linen shirt, on its’ hanger, and kept being pushed off the table. However, am in a quandary as to what to do next…

Today the weather’s rainy but warm. Tomorrow and Wednesday it’s going to be clear and very cold. Thursday’s back to warm.

Last week we had similar changes, and I pulled out my dark green fleece LB Pullover from last January (here). It was quite suitable.

3 of 4, washed (brown’s drying). The top navy (& brown) are for pants, gold & green (below gold) are for tops.

Maybe I should cut out another. I’ve got gold fleece from last winter in stash. I do keep wondering about the darker brown fleece I seem to remember thinking would be good for lounging pants of some sort.

But those won’t be very flattering, as the fleece is thick. Perhaps a long skirt would be more practical (aka, flattering). I know I probably/possibly wouldn’t wear unflattering pants. And they might be uncomfortable because there’s not much stretch in the fleece.

Maybe I’d best dig out the fleece and see if my memories are accurate. Any thoughts, Wonderful Readers & Dear Sewists?!

Meanwhile, chicken on the stove is about ready, and I think the LB pattern is somewhere in the mess that’s my cutting table. . . see top photo. 🙄

PS/ I downloaded a (Libby app) copy of The Dressmakers of Auschwitz by Lucy Adlington last night and was up until 2 reading it. The library app says I’m 9% into the book . . . It’s fact, not fiction and very interesting.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL week, Lovelies!

6 thoughts on “rainy Mondays”

  1. It’s turned a bit nippy here in S.W. England so I’ve wrestled the thicker duvet into the cover and stored the skinny summer one away. I’ll probably be too hot tonight now,
    I hesitate to read anything with ‘of Auschwitz’ in the title as I know I’ll get depressed. I recently read one with ‘of Aleppo’ on the cover and I haven’t quite got over that yet.

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    1. Brava for wrestling with that duvet yesterday! (Hope you weren’t hot last night!)
      Agreed that the title is off-putting. I read more last night, this time from the final chapter, which appears to discuss a lot of the details involved in the author’s research over decades and continents.
      I think my view from over this side the pond is very bare bones, compared with what you’ve grown up with. The book’s providing a greater understanding of the how’s and why’s of events, which were left out of my public school experience.


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