not quite friday’s crochet & natter

Hodge, the bookstore cat, is ba-a-ack

We’ve been having another spell of coolness and I’ve been luxuriating in it and not getting much done besides crochet.

But my scarf got finished last night whilst watching some of the Oscars, mostly with the sound off so I could just look at the gowns.

Here’s a quick batch of piccies … click any one to read everything (looong captions), as hovering won’t work. Sorry!

And lastly, my former bookstore owner & friend, Keith Peterson, sent me a copy of Hodge’s latest book last week, which I instantly devoured.

In case you’ve not heard about Chicago’s most famous bookstore cat, you can read more about his vibrant secret life here and here.

8 thoughts on “not quite friday’s crochet & natter”

  1. We’ve had enough of our ‘cool spell’ over here – that scarf would be well used, believe me, as I’m wrapped in a scarf typing this! I’ve not heard of Hodge so will investigate further:)

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    1. Hodge is mightily angry with me for not thinking to check amazon before publishing this post. Will be updating with all such info soon.
      Quite soon.
      (yes, Hodge, now get off the phone so I can DO it…..) (grrrrrrrreowww …..)

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  2. Haha! I like this cat. I read this last night, and followed the link to cat’s vibrant life…read the comments and responded to that one instead of commenting here. Sheesh. Good morning!

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    1. Definitely feisty, and has travelled to London more than once, although not always off his own bat… and thereby hangs the Tail.
      😇 (cheshire cat smile)


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