chicago cat’s vibrant secret life

owner & ownee
(but which is which?)
by beatriz e. ledesma
used with kind permission of mr. peterson

Cat lovers, now’s your chance to find out what goes on behind a cat’s whiskers ~

Keith Peterson, owner of Chicago’s award-winning Selected Works Used Books and Sheet Music has notified us that the book, The Secret Life of Hodge, the Bookstore Cat, was released Wednesday on Amazon. He wrote,

“Many of you may have heard that Hodge, the resident cat here at Selected Works, has had a book in the works. My friend Suzanne Erfurth had been writing blog posts, channeling Hodge’s account of his secret life, which were published off and on during the last couple years on Facebook.

“Eventually, there was a lot of material, which she re-worked into book form. Another friend, Beatriz Ledesma, offered to do watercolor illustrations – which turned out to be just wonderful.

“I myself didn’t do anything besides supplying the cat, yet now I find that I have become a fictional character, along with my wife, and the bookstore as well. Funny how that happens…”

The famous ~ some would say infamous ~ bookstore cat, Hodge, already the darling of Chi-town book lovers, collaborated with writer Suzanne Erfurth and artist  Beatriz Ledesma as they worked to capture His Good Self’s quintessential acerbic wit. “He’s inspiring,” was their joint comment.

Peterson will host an official Book Release and Sale of the book at February’s Second Friday Night in the book store on N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Full details of the event will be available on the Selected Works’ FaceBook page.

Hodge will be there, too, unless he gets “another call from that guy in DC who used to be the mayor’s boss.”

Cat Power

cat power
by beatriz e. ledesma
used with kind permission of mr. peterson

Additional Press Links:

Lovely Readers, my copy’s in the mail & I don’t even have a cat. Yours? 😉

Below is my own photo from Hodge’s beginning years at the keyboard…

Hodge, in his teen years, messing with his computer

hodge, in his teen years, messing with his computer

Submitted for WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, with bows to the authors, artist & subject!



9 thoughts on “chicago cat’s vibrant secret life

  1. jendavismiller

    Oh haha, Hodge sounds like my kind of cat. He would surely give my two girls a run for their kibble. You’ve been busy during your luxuriating! And I’d love to hear the SLOW conversation between you and Ali. Give her a shout for me?

  2. navybluethreads

    We have a very old cat : Mr Jinks (he came ready named as High Jinks so we didn’t want to confuse him too much). He spends the majority of his days sleeping these days, bless!

  3. Thimberlina

    Meow! I do have a cat, the lovely Rory (who is a girl) and often wonder what she thinks and gets up to on her travels. You’ll have to let us know what you think.

    PS I think your parcel should be arriving soon!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Oh, happy day ~ will keep my eyes peeled for it – thank you! thank you! thank you! Email your cell & I’ll call you when it arrives. (Have free EU calls & am dying to use the service-you’d be my first!) Am anxious to see the yarn, and get started on my next octopus!

      Hope your Rory isn’t too upset by this big reveal of Hodge’s secret life. I’ve read a lot of Hodge’s, and seen the artwork, and it’s hysterically funny in parts, and sweet in others (particularly about mice). Also did a review on amazon – my first!


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