two more bold caftans

What can I say…

Once I got started and was encouraged by Sheila’s comments on the first caftan, I decided to go for it.

that first caftan, 45″ wide cotton flannel, is floor length

That first one (left), being  very special colours plus yummy flannel, got a little extra time because it has a nap. Said nap almost didn’t all go downward, as I almost forgot and sewed one piece upside down. Phew!  Black is not a good colour to have to unpick.

Then I finally got my other two caftans with bold designs made up as well.

The huge brown & salmon pattern (scroll down if you click the link) is from deep stash, whilst the other, possibly my oldest piece, is a buttery soft rayon bought in California sometime ‘twixt 1985 and ’95.

Both caftans were made with the self-drafted pattern I used for the flannel caftan.

An exception: For the rayon stripe’s neck facing I decided to use rayon bias tape. Although it took more sewing time, it’s a better match for the fabric’s weight, which is very light.

For some reason I’ve never thought of removing the fringe on that rayon. It’s always been part of “the overall concept” and once sewn on it’s stayed on.

The moral of this is if you’ve got some large-patterned fabric in your stash, drag it out and make it up.

Then have fun wearing it!

7 thoughts on “two more bold caftans”

  1. My love of caftans is deep and abiding. Even when they weren’t en vogue I wore them for the sheer comfort factor and ease of make. Dellis I can’t even articulate how much I love them but especially the one with fringe.

    I’m so close to be able to use scissors again you’ve inspired me to go straight in on a winter caftan, full length for flollopping around the house (yes that it is a bonefide word in my house).

    As for my long absence you may be happy or more likely horrified to know I think of you every time I have a bath as your fantabulous pink cotton crochet doobries have varied uses ….. All in the bathroom however. Always close to hand as the single best face cloth ever.

    Keep up the excellent work my dear friend xxxx


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