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a stretch too far?

What do you. think, Lovely Readers? (That white is a handkerchief, so you can tell where there’s a pocket.)

Do these two coordinate? Extra points for lining pockets with the rayon skirt fabric??

(Below: Sorry I didn’t stick a hand in to show that lining. It was too busy trying to hold the tablet steady whilst the other hand searched for the shutter button.)

It feels like I’ve been faffing about half-heartedly with these two forever, but haven’t minded it.

(Below: Doesn’t that double row of stitching down the front look nice? Just consider the wee fold in the pocket below it to be a design feature.)

These might both be considered out of season, and submitted for this month’s Monthly Stitch challenge.

But actually, there’s yet another duster, cut out in December, that was planned for the challenge. But even that’s hedging, as it was cut out last year.

What to do? 🥴

two more bold caftans

What can I say…

Once I got started and was encouraged by Sheila’s comments on the first caftan, I decided to go for it.

that first caftan, 45″ wide cotton flannel, is floor length

That first one (left), being  very special colours plus yummy flannel, got a little extra time because it has a nap. Said nap almost didn’t all go downward, as I almost forgot and sewed one piece upside down. Phew!  Black is not a good colour to have to unpick.

Then I finally got my other two caftans with bold designs made up as well.

The huge brown & salmon pattern (scroll down if you click the link) is from deep stash, whilst the other, possibly my oldest piece, is a buttery soft rayon bought in California sometime ‘twixt 1985 and ’95.

Both caftans were made with the self-drafted pattern I used for the flannel caftan.

An exception: For the rayon stripe’s neck facing I decided to use rayon bias tape. Although it took more sewing time, it’s a better match for the fabric’s weight, which is very light.

For some reason I’ve never thought of removing the fringe on that rayon. It’s always been part of “the overall concept” and once sewn on it’s stayed on.

The moral of this is if you’ve got some large-patterned fabric in your stash, drag it out and make it up.

Then have fun wearing it!


view d

Finally getting back into a routine here, with sewing definitely in the mix.

In June I’d pulled from stash (after at least 3 years), cut out and finished the edges on a lovely cotton lawn ( White Tree Fabrics, U.K.).  Got it completed this past week (below left).

Used view D from this inspiredly (is that a word?) gifted pattern (thanks again to you know who), which I love to wear for sleep or lounging because it’s so comfortable.

Also just completed a gorgeously autumnal patterned cotton flannel caftan. That fabric I’d ordered whilst living in Chicago and is from fairly deep stash.

Originally, I’d thought I’d wear it a lot, but worried about the so-large pattern. Finally decided no one will see it but me, so why worry?

Am using a “pattern” from my head. Something I sewed up quickly one day in Northern California in the 90’s when I didn’t have time/money/whatever to go hunt for a pattern.

There the evenings used to get very cool in summer, unless El Niño was blowing all the cool Pacific air away. Residents called it Nature’s air conditioning. Carl Sandburg’s poem, “Fog,” expresses that summertime phenomenon perfectly.

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Coming back to current East Coast to say the 2011 photo on the right is that summer fog rolling in over the Santa Cruz Mountains and across Silicon Valley, round about 3 one afternoon.

No leaves turning pretty colours round this lower East Coast. They just die, are brown, and fall off. Sigh.

Meanwhile, hope you Lovely Readers are comfy & cosy whichever side of the equator you’re on.



food processor cover - done!Am finally getting more of my kitchen decor stitched up. Who knew, back in 2014 when I got this fabric, that it would fit into this kitchen so well!

Last year the toaster cover & pot holders, tea cosies & placemats were made. Then the 2 fabrics aged a bit in stash. You know how that goes… 😉 he-he!

Finally, I dug them out after THE DOOR got opened, determined to at least drape the fabric a bit.

This morning was The Day, and now the food processor cover is in place.

Getting this pop of red colour into the new-to-me kitchen makes me smile!

the trio

Submitted for both Wild Daffodil‘s & The Monthly Stitch challenges.

smarty pants

Can I sneak this in before The Monthly Stitch‘s September Amnesty Month ends here in the Northern Hemisphere? Gonna try!

An easy make using Butterick’s 5432, View A. Am already planning to do a knit version, as this cotton is fine, but I’d like more give for wearing whilst exercising.  Only altered the pattern a tad, with an extra seam allowance on the outside of the 2 pieces to make them extra roomy!

Happy October sewing, everyone!

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rainy end-of-may dress

Decided to tackle some rayon jersey, in the stash for almost a year.  I’ve 2 pieces, and pulled out the smaller, planning to make a sleeveless tank, but it’s super width allowed an extension into an A-line dress.  Yeah – who woulda guessed!

The pattern (Butterick 5432, 2009) was just a front and back – easy-peasy on a lazy day, right?  Except the rayon was super soft and light, and I didn’t intend to faff about refolding it.  So the back got cut with a seam instead of on-the-fold.

Then there were those super wide selvages on both sides, which got chopped off before I overlocked/serged the back seam.  Being super lazy – and not wanting to worry about missing some of the selvage in the back seam – I serged down each back piece to cut off the selvage, then sewed the 2 backs together.  It was faster than trying to cut the filmy fabric!

Something got me started down the road to re-using the selvage in place of clear elastic to reinforce the shoulder seams.  Oh, yeeees… I was too lazy to get up & get it. Lol!  Then I got carried away and used it around the neckline, too.  In for a penny, in for a pound.  The selvage didn’t stretch much in either direction, and made it around the curves nicely.  But I gave up on the arms and simply turned them under before stitching.

I stitched bits of selvage to the shoulder seams, then used the remaining selvage to go round the neck, leaving small gaps where the shoulder seams were already reinforced.  That eliminated bulky layers at the shoulder seams, and used most of the selvage.

The neckline strips were wide enough to allow a good fold over, and then got sewn with a small picot edge. After finishing there was still to much of that selvage, so I carefully trimmed it off, wishing all the while I had a pair of sharp trimming scissors.

No Hand Stitching, and completed that evening.  Was I evah chuffed!

march’s monthly stitch winner

#2 - definitely thinking summery rayon for this one, only open sleeves as they're cooler for me in heat & humidity, if that ever arrives

A HUGE thank you to everyone around the world who participated in my part of the Monthly Stitch March challenge, and the entire challenge as a whole.  It was sooo interesting to see everyone’s choices, and I don’t think there were any duplications.  How’s that for variety, fellow sewers?

In my challenge, one pattern quickly took the lead and remained in the lead ~ the winner… and what I’ll be making this month.  (Final stats below.) As friend Karen calls it, the poet blouse (McCall’s 6648).   It’s still available, if anyone else wants it.

If I hadn’t seen Karen’s copy, and immediately fallen in love with the flirty (and cool in summer) sleeves, it wouldn’t have entered my pattern collection.  Thank you, Karen!

Needless to say, she’s happy to see one of “her” patterns come out the winner, and so am I.  It’s been niggling around in the back of my mind to get it made this year, and that’s a big reason why I included it in the challenge.

Am eager to see how it goes… but first, there’s a couple other little projects already on the table.  More after the snow settles…    Happy Sewing!     🙂

as you can see, the c-l-e-a-r- winner!
as you can see, the c-l-e-a-r- winner!

weekly photo challenge: threes

THREE, a. [L. tres.]  1. Two and one.

See another article about threes here.

As you’ll see if you read previous posts, the week’s been devoted to choosing a sewing project for March, and a giveaway coinciding with next week’s 4th Annual Sew Grateful Week.

The requirement involves a three-some… which is what I’ve chosen for today’s photo challenge:  a closer look at the current front-running pattern’s details.

How’s that for cosmic coincidence!

The fabric is rayon, the buttons (vintage!) and all the patterns are from the vault.  I want to sew all 3, but can’t decide which to do first, so readers get to choose.

Link to WordPress Challenge here.

Link to del’s other stuff weekly photo challenge is here.