painting happy places (aka, a fabric store)

Nothing better for obsessed sewaholics than a fabric store.

Here’s a visit to one from a while ago.

Let’s check out the buttons first . . . . .

Pardon me whilst I drool over

the rest of these gorgeous closures . . .

Not forgetting the 3 rooms of fabrics & patterns. . .

Vogue Fabrics Evanston (Illinois)
Vogue Fabrics
Evanston (Illinois)

And here’s a mural painted decades ago on what used to be New York Fabrics’ Mountain View (California) store.

The building has no windows, so all this is faux. Great mural, no?

Submitted for WordPress Photo Challenge & Ailsa’s Travel Challenge.

12 thoughts on “painting happy places (aka, a fabric store)”

    1. The store with the fabric & buttons was in the Midwest, whilst the building (that used to house a fabric store) with the mural, including the dog, was in California. Sorry I hadn’t paid any attention to the dog!

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    1. Probably not. 😀 But as it was 5 years ago, I’ve no idea what… but know it wasn’t any of those gorgeous buttons. That’ why I took the photos, just in case I wanted/needed something later on … 😉

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    1. He-he! Those were just the fancy buttons, Ali. . . Too bad their web site is rubbish (I didn’t bother to list it). It doesn’t hint at all they’ve got. Their shipping used to be fine, too. . . sad.

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