vivid & new from across the pond

Guess what came in the mail Friday, with the cyber ink barely dried on my order?

Miracle of snail mail miracles – the White Tree fabric I’d ordered only 5 days before!

Haven’t gotten that kind of service anywhere else. Everything was properly wrapped in plastic and identified, making it super easy if I’d decided to order more. And a nice discount card on my next order included, too.

(Only fly in the ointment has been a thank you & request for information on another fabric hasn’t been answered. Maybe I should  double-check the email address…)

Those two pieces, a metre each, didn’t even get their cut edges zigzagged before I’d popped ’em into hand laundry and hung ’em up to dry.

(Impatient me ~ whilst they were still damp I was pressing them, just to check they were still as soft as they’d been before washing. They were.)

almost forgot the photo!

Thanks to Amanda for making her blouses and putting me onto the fabrics. 💕💕


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6 thoughts on “vivid & new from across the pond”

      1. uff da! I could share part of this 90+ with you – how much of it would you like?? 🙂 Makes me appreciate that little breeze we’ve got right now. It was even hotter in Washington – 103!!


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