oh, joy! a new dress!

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The fabric was aging nicely in a stash pile, but a couple of recent acquisitions made me wonder if they’d all make an outfit, and they do!

But just before cutting out the planned Vogue (#1236, with center front pleats), I decided to try a different-but-similar pattern…  Two pockets got successfully added, darts arranged, and the self-lined bodice got skipped in favor of softer, cooler rayon binding.  Didn’t need to adjust length.

Also eliminated the deep V-neck.  No faffing about wondering how to keep the neckline modest-but-not-too… a pin, a button, a popper… agh, leave it off!  Also didn’t add any crafty decorations.  With that print?!

Given all the changes, now half wish I’d stuck with the other pattern.  But the dress is done, has been worn, and will do.  What more can a girl ask?!

current & future pockets
Whilst remembering to add those pockets I decided to enlarge a copy of my favourite pattern’s instructions (Vogue 1236) and also made a copy of the pocket pattern. They’re now pinned to my pattern board for handy use throughout the summer.  And Autumn.  Probably Winter, too…



4 thoughts on “oh, joy! a new dress!

  1. Laurie

    Great fabric!! And to think it languished in your stash for a while… I like what you ended up with… and pockets are a MUST!


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