weekly photo challenge: between

unknown pattern for plain dress cool & very comfortable nice drape, too!

Be*tween“, prep. [OE. bytwene, bitweonen… prefix be – by + a form fr. AS. twā two…]  1. In the space which separates…

raiding the ufo pile
Between new dress making, I had a yen to pull out a couple of projects ageing nicely in the UnFinished Objects pile… must have been the heat.

Anybody remember this pretty rayon?  Looking at it again, the design didn’t seem off-grain, and it was all cut out, so I decided to give it a go.  It can always be a never-wear-in-public dress.

Whit, am I the only one with one of those?

There was no pattern with the fabric; shoulders and one side seam had been sewn; no darts, sleeves, or collar.  Heigh-ho.  It got a rinse out, and hung up to dry.  Next day I finished the neck and arms with bias binding, and it was done.  Alas, thought the fabric too delicate & lightweight for pockets.

Stay cool… warm, if you’re below that equator!


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Other photos over here…


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