buttons, and other sewing things . . .

Above are just a few of my favourite buttons, in some colours of the season.


bernina activa 230 patchwork edition

On another subject… I’ve been trying to locate an accurate stitch card for my Bernina Activa 230, Patchwork Edition.

Have searched online, the Bernina site, and my pdf copy of the manual. No joy.

Do any of you Lovely Readers have one?

I’ve not done many of the decorative stitches because I can’t locate a correct chart to know what’s what. Meeeeh!

On another topic, that nasty hurricane (himmicane?) named Matthew is trying to pay us a visit, but fingers crossed, won’t decide to do much once it arrives. Thank goodness my location isn’t further south or east.

Please feel free to join me in saying a quiet word to (insert your preference) in support all those folk who are south and east.

Buttons were the topic for 52 week photo challenge from Nanacathydotcom,  Rainbow Junkie Corner,  The Aran Artisan & Wild Daffodil



14 thoughts on “buttons, and other sewing things . . .

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you for your good thoughts. Supposed to have sunshine today, and drying out conditions, which are much needed. This is a very up-and-down section of the Coastal Region, and many, many areas are now under water. Unexpectedly, inland areas of N. Carolina received more water (8-14″) than the beach areas.
      There was a convoluted upper air pattern than allowed the deluge to pass over beaches and dump rain much farther inland. Lots of rivers & creeks, a few dams – all overflowing.
      Strong winds continue to uproot trees, etc, so although rain has stopped, power may still go out.
      Better sew whilst I can!

  1. tialys

    Those buttons look like a good match for the fabric you showed us the other day. Will they be going on your coat or are they too small? – difficult to tell from here.

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Ah, smarties – didn’t know the name, but agree with you about looking good enough to eat! Thanks for the wishes! Power’s remained on. Fingers crossed it stays on. 😉

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Excellent question, Robyn, but I don’t know!
      As I find a new list, I start trying out the stitches it suggests, but they never match.
      Is there something I should know to do, but obviously haven’t figured out?

      Your girls on the coast? Here?? They may/should be evacuated. Haven’t they been in touch?
      As I’m further inland, they could come here – with sleeping bags, as I’ve not got beds. Suggest you call them & if necessary, call me!

      1. robynsewsthisandthat

        Thanks, Del. They are good thus far. Just lots of rain and some wind. They are beginning to become good at this. And they are a little bit inland from the coast. Thank you for the offer, thou.


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