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Just pasted a whole slew of piccies over at my other place.

Click the pic & take a gander.

Thanks & Happy Weekend, Lovelies!


another view…

drawing courtesy of Vogue/McCall's web site
drawing courtesy of Vogue/McCall’s web site

This line drawing is easier to look at and see the pieces of the pattern.  It’s from the Vogue/McCall’s web site.  Just click the pattern photo in the previous entry or this one & scroll down the page to see it.

Sometimes photos and/or drawings just don’t show clearly what’s what, so I find I usually go to these drawings before buying a pattern.  Wonder how the pattern companies evolved these?  Might be interesting marketing history!

pocket makes news!

2-pocketed summer skirt
2-pocketed summer skirt
Kate’s deadline came before #2 pocket was attached, but it’s really there!

Guess who’s in Folkwear Pattern’s Photo Gallery, having used their eyelash pocket pattern on the summer skirt?  Go see what goodies others have concocted, and be inspired!    😉

Owner Kate is a delight. and she really means what she posts on her contact page:  “Keep in touch  – We depend on you for new ideas, suggestions for improvement, and all-around inspiration…”

Huge thank you to Kate for her post & pattern!

autumn dreaming

midnight thoughts of autumn duds
midnight thoughts of autumn duds

Ever pursue sleep only to have vivid projects pop up instead of sleepy sheep?

Working on the transitional green skirt must have put wheels in motion without my realizing.  You know there are plenty of UFOs lying around here!  But those are summer-related, and Autumn’s starting — it’s already almost the middle of September!

~ Rather than waste possible inspiration, yours truly got up & dragged out a solid green silk that’s been hibernating in The Stash for several years.
~ Then, from the bottom of The Pile On The Sewing Table came a blue & green paisley piece contemplated last Spring.
~ Just for spice, I dragged out a blue Banana Republic skirt that needs its nonexistent hem lowered.

Shhh!  Don’t mention what’s piled on the sofa…  😉

downton countdown: 130 days to go

Can’t wait for the new season to begin. Don’t know about others, but I watch costuming so closely I forget to listen to dialogue…   although it’s really a trifle earlier than my 1930’s-40’s preferences, they use lace so I watch & learn more things to do with it.   sigh….. 2013 can’t arrive soon enough for all us fans on this side of the pond!

Check out the hat in this scene… and the dialogue.