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indie pattern & another stashed project

this fabulucious buttery rayon has been aging for... easily a decade, until I could trace the pieces so I'd have the pattern, whoch I tossed - waaaahhhh!!!
this fabulucious buttery rayon has been aging for… easily a decade, until I could trace the pieces so I’d have the pattern, which I foolishly tossed – waaaahhhh!!!

indie pattern challenge

The linen-cotton fabric ordered from amazon arrived Friday night and got laundered Saturday.  Yes, amazon does have fabric & the provider listed is fabric.com ~ it’s the exact same fabric! But goodness ~ it had more lint than a heavy cotton bath towel. Am thinking to laundry & dry once more before cutting out my Middy Blouse.  Why’d I order from amazon? I needed to get some notions that were a little less dear than on fabric.com, and a couple of things fabric.com didn’t have.

another project from the vault…

The story behind the yellow rayon above began aaages ago.  The fabric is another stashed California fabric.  The colour, which doesn’t reproduce quite correctly, is a wonderful sunflower yellow, not too bright, with a hint of that brown sunflower centre with the yummy seeds. Have 2 other unlined pull-ons from the pattern, but cannot locate the pattern online. Mind you, also can’t remember the pattern company or year, either!  I just remember thinking that if I left the pieces all cut out I could toss the pattern & copy from the pieces for another pattern, then sew it up. Ten-plus years later, it’s finally getting done.

forgot to mention yesterday…

black & gold lanalux by Lana Yarns
black & gold lanalux by Lana Yarns

Dragged another project out over the weekend, but this one’s knitting. Found this yarn 2 or 3 years ago, and thought it would make a soft, glittery evening shawl. Got it started and almost done, then shelved it. Now hope to get it finished. 1 ball of yarn to go!  (Details over on ravelry.)

All for now, Lovelies ~ happy sewing!

on ravelry

a 2008 collection of sale yarns - all gone now...
a 2008 collection of sale yarns – all gone now…

Yep, CurlsnSkirls is now on Ravelry.  You must become a member to see much, but the resources are very deep and it’s relatively easy to navigate through… except I can’t locate their info to get the right logo onto this site… but that’ll appear one of these days!

This summer’s version of last winter’s hat has been started, which sort of posed the query to self again, echoing my old yarn shop’s perennial suggestion that I get meself onto Ravelry.

The yarn used for this version’s made from recycled paper.  It’s like a skinny raffia that’s been ironed flat. The link takes you to Ravelry’s pattern page, which shows the yarn made into the hat. My hat might not come out quite the same, as I want a wider brim.

Working a crochet hook with this ain’t easy, but I’m determined ~ at this point ~ to get through it.  Don’t think I’ll get more though.  $19 USD is too much to pay for the effort of working it. Give me a nice, soft yarn anytime, specially if it’s got some rayon!

Jolly big shout out to Josée over at Cul de Sac, who’s doing a huge craft fair tomorrow.  She has gorgeous things in her etsy shop, too – hint, hint!

crocheted winter hat

can you see the slight pinwheel design in the top?
can you see the slight pinwheel design in the top?

For once I found a crochet pattern easy enough to attempt.  Am pleased meself took time to rip out until the subtle design appeared correctly. Sorry I didn’t make note of the pattern or designer’s name.  Might be local as I didn’t find anything when I searched for the name back in November (when I was planning this slightly delayed post).

Made it bigger, as yarn was in the stash, and knew I wanted to be able to pull it down over my ears when it’s really cold.  Content of yarn is 50% cotton, 50% rayon, so it’s very soft and has a slight sheen.

area on sides with elastic insertion, a double crochet pattern section
area on sides with elastic insertion, a double crochet pattern section

Threaded some narrow elastic through the sections to check and see if my idea was totally crackers, then sewed some ribbon onto the elastic & started threading it through.  (above)

Not quite completed, but wanted to get something out to indicate I did do stuff even if I wasn’t posting… Also kept up reading everyone else’s blogs, just didn’t have time to reply. Apologies to all!