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Happy Mother’s Day

First, hello, Lovely Readers!  How’s your week gone? Hope everyone is holding up under whatever rules & regs are in place in your space.

Today is Mother’s Day in the U.S., so Happy Mother’s Day to you all, but let’s extend that to all Mothers in any country.

And let’s extend it to all those Dads who’ve had to be both Mum & Dad.

We’ve been having wonderfully cool weather, and I’m sending a giant THANK YOU to Canada for shipping it down to us.   ❤️   🇨🇦   ❤️

It’s been heavenly — mostly breezy with low humidity and 60’s for highs. As we’ve really had no winter to speak of, the prolongation of moderate temps is MOST appreciated.

[Could we talk about repetitions in June, July, August, September…]

Having recently met folks who had no idea there was such a thing as raw peanut butter, which separates quite naturally if not stirred, I looked it up, and discovered our Northern Neighbours created it! Another reason to be grateful to Canada! 🇨🇦

🐸 Crochet 🐸
Crocheting continued until Thursday, when I thought I had finished the ski hat and could go on to the pompom. Then I tried it on. Oops.

The bulky superwash wool yarn I was using was bulkier and less stretchy than I’d bargained for.

Currently the cap would fit a very short and extra-wide head. Am preparing to rip it, and maybe do a scarf instead. . . .

Friday’s #VirtualTeaParty2020
Still unable to purchase whole wheat flour for my weekly loaf, I started reading about substitutions. Taking my own advice, I did a quick check on the Library of Congress’ website, wondering about flour substitutes. Found a few things that might be doable, if I can get corn meal. Both are circa 1918. You can see them in situ here and here.

Photo by SDP ~ thank you!

If anybody’s missed my Wacky Cake or Boiled Raisin Cake recipes, they’re here and here. And here’s a variation, kindly sent down to me from SDP’s collection.

Friday’s #VirtualTeaParty2020
Please do stop by either Su’s place, on the 14th New Zealand/Southern Hemisphere reckoning, or right here on Friday, the 15th if you’re Northern Hemisphere/East Coast North America, or both.

Come as you are, or in your best bib & tucker. No need to bring anything, but you can if you want. There’s always an interesting assortment of peoples and conversations about food, recipes, coping, whatever. But we keep it civilised. It is a Tea Party. 😉


P.S./ Here’s a closer look at that page with recipes . . .

Tea party menu…

Feeling knackered, but very delighted with this month’s guests, all of whom seemed to enjoy themselves.  Will report more anon.

The gingerbread was a hit. At one point I think there were several opinions on how to slice it.

(I used an 8″ square pan, and had pre-cut that into four sort of even sections. At one point I saw long slices, but am certain I also saw some square ones…)

The usual hot buttered toast appeared, and the favoured jam, and I must make a correction to the jam content. It’s not acai — I read the label.  There’s a photo above for those who live near a Trader Joe’s and want a jar for themselves.

Earlier in the week I’d tried to make a chicken & rice dish, and decided at the last minute to add dried peas. They didn’t cook long enough and were still crunchy.  I’d put the whole thing in a pot on a back burner to simmer for a few hours, figuring it would be just right after tea.

Then someone spied it, lifted the lid and inquired about the contents and intended eventual use… For a while I think some tea cups had chicken rice soup rather than tea! After a general discussion, more Seasoning was added, and pronounced “rather good.”

(It’s been a cold day, around 50 degrees, so people thought soup was a great idea, and I wasn’t about to disagree.)

Perhaps a few more photos on another day, after I’ve had a sleep.  But before I toddle off to nod, I wonder if there’s a bite of gingerbread left . . . . . 😉

Sunday Sevens 2020 #3

Courtesy of BBC One. Please click to go to web site.

(aka, Great British Sewing Bee Season 6)

Frequently referred to simply as GBSB, most every sewer across the pond (and a few of us over here and elsewhere) have been waiting with bated breath for this year’s season to arrive. Next Wednesday, 22 April, it will.

I’m pleased to know one of this year’s participants, Ali, over at Thimberlina.  (She’s front row, second from left, sporting her usual big smile.) We’ve been sewing buddies for a few years and I’m sooo delighted for her.

Now, a question for anyone who might know the answer: How can I (in the U.S.) watch GBSB??? Puh-leeeese, I hope there’s some way.

Anybody wanna hold their phone up to their telly for an hour with  me on t’other end watching?!  (If Ali isn’t working she’ll be doing that with her family.)

The official announcement came at 12:02 Tuesday morning, and has eclipsed whatever else happened—or didn’t—last week.

(Except I’m still trying to get a roll or two of t.p.  I’m down to my last one, and trying not to use it up.) 😬

Wednesday (tomorrow) is our monthly Virtual Tea Party and I hope you’ll all drop by for a cuppa and some of my spicy Moosehead Gingerbread, from The Fannie Farmer Baking Book (by Cunningham).

I usually heap up the spices, adding whatever’s in the spice cupboard, so it should be an eye-opener. 😉

Lest I forget, reading has continued. Am finding myself really enjoying Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations. Am quite surprised to rather be reading it than Jane Austen’s Emma. Both are available for free from Project Gutenberg because they’re out of copyright.

Very scenic, ain’t it? Not!

A special thanks to everyone who posts lovely photos of their walks. I don’t have scenic spaces here and really appreciate your photos. For anyone like myself, here’s an article with additional suggestions (in the “Deep Read” selection) of ways to get our Nature fix each day.

Those who would like to participate in Natalie’s Sunday Sevens should take a peek at her blog, Threads and Bobbins, for details. It’s very simple, and you don’t even have to post on Sunday. Which in my case is a good thing. 😆

Lots of retaining walls to hold back the hills around here. This is the other side of the walkway and the parked cars.

Hope everyone is staying (somewhat) sane and safely inside.

Water’s hot, bread’s buttered – come on over!

Just about ready . . .

A hearty welcome to you all! To you coming from  the U.K. and Europe…

and all you lovelies from Down Under who started tea our yesterday.

Thank you for coming, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀

Have waited a day to celebrate  because I’ve a recipe to share. Besides my usual brown loaf, toasted or plain, we have . . .

Oops!  Just realised I forgot to get out the jams: raspberry and a mix of blueberry, acai and I don’t remember what else. Just a tick  —

As I was saying, have some toasted or not Irish Buttermilk Soda Bread, and a recipe. Made a pdf so you should be able to download. If not, let me know in a Comment below.

Irish Soda Bread

I’ve toasted and buttered  pieces of the soda bread so you can see how it does, and have a nibble.

Half the rest of the loaf awaits cutting, and the toaster is all warmed up.

It makes quite a solid bread, and freezes nicely. As you can see, I didn’t use golden raisins as they’re a bit diffy to find here. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed in their taste.

Now, have you introduced yourselves? Everybody happily drinking and eating?

Hope to have plenty of time to meet and have a chat with you all, and again, thank you for coming!

As Su wrote, “Since Covid 19 is such a huge issue impacting all of us, I’ll get my update out of the way and let you all decide whether you want to discuss or ignore the virus in your own comments and posts.”

I’m choosing not to go on about it myself, and just enjoy talking with everyone. But please feel free to do as you choose.

🍀  Happy St. Patrick’s Day !  🍀




You’re invited!

Getting it together for tomorrow’s celebration

You’re all invited to our Virtual Tea Party tomorrow❣️

No need to dress. Come as you happen to be, and we’ll indulge with a cuppa and a nibble appropriate to St. Patrick’s Day.

Joining in with Su down under in New Zealand for our monthly  worldwide gathering.

Do click over to enjoy her lovely photography and very appropriate invitation.

You can also find us at #virtualteaparty2020

Until tomorrow!

let’s have ☕️

You’re invited for tea❣️

Su has invited us over for tea. Here’s her invitation ~

I was so pleased to get positive feedback on my last tea party, that I’m going to continue to post once a month — mid-week, mid-month probably — at least for the rest of 2020.

If you’d like to contribute a post of your own — that would be great.
Maybe a shot of your cuppa and/or whatever you’re having with it, A recipe. A few words about what you’re doing/reading/making. What’s making you happy or pissing you off?  I’ll update each of my posts with a ping-back to everyone’s in the same way as I do with The Changing Seasons.

#virtualteaparty2020 for anyone on Instagram who wants to post images (or video?)

I’d love to be part of a global rolling tea party. Hopefully a few of you would too.

Hope this cookie cutter works on bread…

Stop by here first if you’d like to go over as a group, want to visit my fabric stash, or just to natter a bit.

If you’re early, maybe you ‘d help with  sandwiches.  I’m not sure about that cookie cutter. 😉

If you feel a pressing need, bring cake or whatever you’d like.

I’m planning on traditional bread and butter sandwiches, hot buttered toast, and maybe a few raspberry jam sandwiches, using my bread machine’s whole meal bread.

For afters I’m also bringing  a fresh Raisin Spice cake . (Recipe is here.)

Hope you can come and join the fun!

Last month’s Raisin Spice Cake ~ click pic to go to recipe

A virtual tea party

Joining in with Su from Zimmerbitch to report on my yesterday’s tea party por moi.

Nothing baked in my cupboard currently, but my favourite, store bought goodie is to hand, so . . .

Lu’s Petit Ecolier of the 70% dark chocolate variety reminded me that many North Americans don’t know the joy of dunking your biscuit/cookie into your hot beverage.

In last night’s cup is Trader Joe’s decaf Irish Breakfast and a bit of hot milk. No sweetening necessary, thank you.

If I’m energetic this dunking process will appear on IG. After all, with dunking, timing is all important. Else you lose whatever portion of your biscuit/cookie you’re dunking. 😉

May I hasten to add that McVitie’s Original Digestives are my second choice, and also always to hand. Those I particularly enjoy with a cuppa hot chocolate.

Afternoon tea isn’t much known in the U.S., but there was a time, when I was first working in our nation’s centre, that I spent time with a company that had regular afternoon tea breaks, complete with trolley.

A brew and a story for next time we gather . . .

Meanwhile, toodles, Lovely Tea Party Peeps, and many, many thanks to Su for picking up the tea ball to get us started.

(The Comments section on my blog is being randomly deleted, so please make comments here.)