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weekly photo challenge: yellow

YELLOW, n. A bright color, reflecting the most light of any, after white.

With the longest night of the year coming tomorrow, we need all the sunshiny yellows we can get!

Meanwhile, I feel a major clear out coming on, and am mentally starting the piles: Keep, Recycle-Reuse, maybe Sell . . .

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Some yellow flowers over here, and a bit of golden sunshine over here.

it all came out in the wash*

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Got my frabjus fabric laundered on Saturday, all on its lonesome, and hung over the shower to dry. Samantha, who gifted it to me, said it softens afterward, and she was right.

Taking another hint from her, I overlocked the raw edges beforehand, and that worked a treat. Everything held together nicely with a normal 3mm stitch.

Samantha also send 2 photos of the tag that came with the fabric. A tag?!

Saturday night I decided to see if there was anything about the company on-line. Here’s what I found ~

First, from Grace’s Guide, the “leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain.” Do click over and you’ll also see 2 adverts, one (1931) touting the Herculean strength of Hoyle’s sheets and pillowcases.

Joshua Hoyle and Sons

  • “of Bridgewater Mill, Bridgewater Street / Hart Street, Blackburn, Lancs.”
  • “Built by Thomas Hart (1861-2) cotton spinner. The last mill to be built for the sole purpose of spinning. In 1877 taken over by D. and W. Taylor, becoming John Taylor (Blackburn) Ltd (1893-1939) branch of Joshua Hoyle and Sons (Burnley) Ltd who was the last proprietor when the mill closed in 1959. Demolished in 1962-3. Had 35,208 ring spindles.”
  • “The former warehouse of Joshua Hoyle and Sons stood derelict for many years until it was converted and extended and opened as the Malmaison Hotel in 1998”

And ~

  • Photos of the former warehouse transformed into the Malmaison Hotel here.
  • Wikipedia mentions the family business here.

All in all, this ickly bit of fabric that’s crossed the Atlantic decades after being woven is already quite interesting, and it hasn’t been sewn or worn yet.


*Pulled your leg a bit? It’s Monday, and we all wish it wasn’t!

❤ ❤ ❤

(keep trying to make these red, but they just won’t go… pretend, pretty please)

weekly photo challenge: descent

A strange object arrived in Friday’s mail.

Friday also being Hallowe’en, said object was opened carefully. . .

What could be concealed?

Mummy’s leg bones swiftly came to mind.

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what is elegance?

Madame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, former directrice of Paris design house Nina Ricci

From the start, this little volume has made a big impression.  First was the alphabetically listed Table of Contents, from Accessories through Zoology.

In the Foreword, after she asks the above question, she answers it by giving the specific definition:  “elegance” is from the Latin eligere, “which means ‘to select’.”  The lady thinks like I do – gotta appreciate that!

I also realized this isn’t a book to read straight through, like a novel. For me, it’s more of a reference book, to be dipped into as needed, required, or when a refreshing sip is appropriate.

Here’s a snippet ~

Jewellery, p. 88

  • “Jewellery is the only element of an ensemble whose sole purpose is elegance…”
  • “… an elegant woman… should never indulge her fancy to the point of resembling a Christmas tree”

Whilst her sense of elegance might not fit everyone’s, I’m finding it a great little volume to have on my shelf!

weekly photo challenge: nighttime

Nothing says nighttime better than bling!

Night (?), n. [OE. night, niht… L. nox…] 1. That part of the natural day… when there is no light of the sun, but only moonlight, starlight, or artificial light.


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