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more details & scale for valentine’s day

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Wanted to sneak this hankie in before we’ve another topic to consider.

In my humble opinion, its an example of some details not quite to scale: it was ages before I realized all those flowers were words.

What do you think?


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details & scale for valentine’s day

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One of the things I love to collect when I find them are handkerchiefs. They’re small, and often quite inexpensive.

Here are two that I pulled out yesterday, in keeping with next week’s Valentine’s Day.

Hope you enjoy seeing the details, and how appropriately their small size hasn’t negated colours and stitches in their to-scale details.

(Also hope you don’t mind my combining both photo challenges in 1 post.)

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last weekend. . .

Degas' little dancer wax model with fabrics
Degas’ little dancer
wax model with fabrics

Whilst my dear Aussie mate is revisiting her fav haunts in the U.S. & finding new ones, we got together in downtown DC, to eat, talk, and visit the Mall (as in “all” rather than Mall as is “Albert”).

Our goal, after brunch at my fav Belgian bistro, Le Pain Quotidien, was the National Gallery.

And what should we find, but fabric! Or should I say the original wax model of Degas’ famous statuette, Little Dancer, clad in fabrics (through 8 Feb 2015).

Off to visit El Greco, to pay homage to his genius, through the Concourse (and a light sculpture) to the East Wing, past all the gift shops, then off to see memorials appropriate to the city, and the holiday weekend.

It’s been decades since I visited the Lincoln Memorial, and that was during the day with friends  from Baltimore.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is relatively new, so I hadn’t seen it. It was very moving to see the many people visiting as dusk fell on a rainy, altogether uninviting-weather day. That illustrated more than words the world’s appreciation for these two men.

More photos from the Memorials are over here at del’s other stuff.

monday – meh!

Just in time for the hol weekend in the U.S., here’s a quick & easy ~ albeit slightly different ~ cake recipe of Depression/war vintage. I found it whilst browsing on-line, and though it too distinctive not to share.

And if that’s not enough to brighten your mehhy Monday, how about some free patterns? Check out the Peppermint Magazine’s Studio.

Choc Pan Cake
maybe i need some cake!


january thrills

knit maxi skirt
knit maxi skirt

Last Autumn Jess, of Jessthetics, and I decided to trade fabrics, and I’ve made up part of the knit she send. Just a tube skirt along the lines of my denim maxi of last winter, sans pockets. The knit stretches too much.

Don’t know why, but the pattern makes me think of golf.  I’m not a golfer, and don’t know any golfers besides Ali over at Thimberlina, so can’t explain.

But this skirt does have a certain similarity to her recent make, which must have been lurking in thought whilst I was sewing my casing, which I’m not picking out as it’s waaay too difficult to do on this knit, and I never tuck in my tops. I did rather like the effect, and almost did the same thing with the hem, but decided to do something creative with the remnant from the skirt.  (And avoid having to worry about neatening the hem and painstakingly getting the hem even. Not my idea of carefree sewing on a frigid day.)

recovered pot holders
patched pot holders

In a hopeful attempt to counteract the effects of below normal cold, snow, sleet, and rain ~ and it’s barely the middle of January ~ decided it was time to dig out that Mary Englebrit fabric and do a couple small kitchen projects.

Thus, 2 faded-but-perfectly-sound, (i.e., unburnt), pot holders were recovered with bright, cheery tea pots, and the toaster has a coordinating cover. All that’s left is a food processor, and possibly enough of the two fabrics for a short apron.

toaster cover
toaster cover

Am slowly making my way through fitting my first Sewaholic pattern, the Renfrew top, using an orange knit from stash.  About 3 or 4 years ago I accidentally purchased 2 pieces of that knit and cut a blouse out of 1, then never sewed it because the sizing was huge, and the neckline was not as I’d thought (long story for another day).

There were 3 pieces from the abandoned blouse, and the 3 pieces of the Renfrew pattern fit therein quite easily More on that project later.

Have a note about my latest variation on that raisin spice cake recipe. I tried it last week using light olive oil. Light in flavour, rather than calories. After cooling, wrapping in foil, and storing in the frig overnight it didn’t taste half bad, and cut nicely.

Meanwhile, happy sewing and stay warm/cool!

war cake
last week’s bake, after over-nighting in the frig

new year vintage fancies

Discovering the Cheapside Hoard in London

Monday was the first working day of 2015, and I sooo couldn’t.   Did a bit of a cheeky cheat and started  looking at Lizzie’s recommended “Anatomy of a Suit” from the Museum of London.

That got me energized, and I was off & running… a-hem, researching.  😉

From a 3-minute definition of why a bespoke suite costs $$$$$, to a centuries’ old jewellery haul being re-discovered by today’s jewel experts, to iconic fashion and make-up explained by experts, to vintage Biba… all this, and more is available.

Dare you not to find something you fancy!

recipe for a delicious treat

War Cake Recipe

Have you vowed no more trips to the market for special ingredients, but are looking for  something different for a New Year’s Eve treat?

Here’s a recipe used in many countries for many years, sometimes called War Cake, sometimes  Depression Cake.

The ingredients are relatively simple, and you can vary all of them if you don’t like or have a particular ingredient.

There are similar recipes all over the web, and even Wikipedia has a listing. The chocolate variations are sounding good to me just now . . .

Happy baking & Happy New Year!