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from the sale bin…

from the sale bin !
from the sale bin !
only $1 USD and in perfect condition
sorry about the bad layout – piece really is symmetrical!

Absolutely couldn’t resist this… now all washed & in the thinking/planning pile.

Open to suggestions, or guesses as to my own thinking!

Hint: tags tell lots   😉

pocket makes news!

2-pocketed summer skirt
2-pocketed summer skirt
Kate’s deadline came before #2 pocket was attached, but it’s really there!

Guess who’s in Folkwear Pattern’s Photo Gallery, having used their eyelash pocket pattern on the summer skirt?  Go see what goodies others have concocted, and be inspired!    😉

Owner Kate is a delight. and she really means what she posts on her contact page:  “Keep in touch  – We depend on you for new ideas, suggestions for improvement, and all-around inspiration…”

Huge thank you to Kate for her post & pattern!

summer skirt pocket

completed summer skirt redesign!
completed summer skirt redesign!

Decided to use the eyelash pocket from Folkwear #249, 1930s Day Dress, with button accent.  Thought the fabric would be too stiff for the little eyelash ruffle, but it’s just right.  The directions for the pattern were very clear and the 3 pieces went together very quickly.  The added weight of the braided ric rack at the hem adds just enough weight to make the fuller skirt feel more comfy in a breeze, and the lowered hem is now much more comfortable.

Bleached the fabric for the pockets for 2 hours, which toned down the colour enough so it doesn’t look too bad against the older skirt fabric.  That had been a major concern in this redesign.

Voila — finished!