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tiny musings

Spent some time musing over this week’s challenges (muse & tiny), getting my head around the original meaning of muse, which comes from the Latin musso, as my dictionary says:

to mutter or murmur… what we call humming… as persons do when idle, or alone and steadily occupied.]  To ponder… to study in silence. . .to wonder.

Then spent time cleaning up & backing up some things, and realized I had just worked on some floral pics from last month that just fit both bills. So here they are.

Hope you enjoy!

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off-season & off-centre

Both of today’s challenges (Ailsa & WP) reminded me of  a trip I took one January with a new-to-me camera.

I went to a zoo and plant conservatory in a northern suburb of Chicago. Below are some pf the many photos from that morning.

Click any pic to go to either slide show, and view explanatory captions.


tangled textures = broken filing system

Bro”ken, a. [From Break, v. t.]1… divided into fragments… 2. Disconnected… 3. … disunited…

Not having much space, I had resorted to keeping fabrics in large plastic tubs, sorted by seasons. That didn’t do too well. Fabrics kept getting mixed, and I never knew how much of something I had. Which meant measuring it every time I wanted to know how much I had.

I tried stapling or pinning little tags on each piece, but they’d shift around, and I could never find those tags once the fabric had shuffled about for a bit.

Then I got smaller drawers, but still had the same problems. Everything seemed to always be in such a tangle.

And that made it impossible to any those unimagined colour combinations. Talk about creativity needing to be unleashed – geesh!

Then some plastic bags went on sale. And you could write on the bags. I started thinking about straightening up my fabric stash. Again. (Thank you, Lubbygirl, for inspiration!)

For the last several weeks I’ve been slowly washing, measuring, bagging, and gradually getting fabrics sorted. Am finally feeling order emerging from the fragmented, disconnected & broken collection of colour and texture.

It’s inspiring!

For Ailsa’s travel theme

For WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

subtle reincarnations

subtle luv ~ ickle hang loop!
subtle luvin ~ skinny elastic waist & oh-so-easy, no-sew “hem”!

“a photo that feels understated, suggestive, subtle in its use of colour”     Ailsa’s travel theme

Maybe I’m straying a bit from Ailsa’s original challenge, which was all about colour. This is more about texture and detail, other  details that can make or break an item of clothing.

Last year’s subtle green flowered dress has held up well. And for me, the paler green is subtle!

As to texture – the rayon hasn’t pilled or stiffened, and is still buttery soft. Time to use that extra fabric for the shorts I’d thought about making last summer.

But, wait. There’s enough fabric for trousers. Why not? If they don’t get worn, I can always chop them off.

So I made the long version, and have been wearing them ever since.

Just as the subtle drape and texture of the fabric & style makes the dress so easy to wear, they continue with the trousers.

And there’s still a bit of the fabric left… a cami?

about the pattern
They’re a front and a back from a pair of old flannel pjs from L.L. Bean, bought years ago whilst living n a very windy, cold city. Last winter I realized I wasn’t wearing them because they were so worn. Bit how to reincarnate??

After much debate with self (why is it so hard to cut into RTW???), I carefully cut out a front piece & a back piece. And used them as the pattern for the darker green flannel pj bottoms sewn earlier this year. (Being worn as I edit.) And used again for these comfy summer pj bottoms. How’s that for reincarnation!