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framed treats

Above was taken last summer,

readying an outdoor pool area for its annual opening.

Below were taken just in time for Hallowe’en.

(click any pic to go to side show)

Submitted for WordPress & Ailsa’s Travel Challenges.

Additional treats here.

pattern boundaries? or am i too intense?

set of 3-fronts
set of 3-fronts

Spotted this immediately . . .

. . . after walking through the door,  . . .

. . .  so I grabbed it.





😢  Nooooo . . . .

label close-up

After several moments of incredulity, astonishment, and delight . . . I started reading. Oh.  They’re notebooks.

Lovely Sewing Readers ~

Does this push boundaries too far?
Am I getting too intense??
Is there such a thing???


American sewers can keep their eyes peeled, possibly in several chain stores. (🇺🇸 $12.95)

Sorry, but I don’t know about elsewhere… however they do list a U.K. price of 🇬🇧£9.99 so there’s hope.

Had time to do a quick search – shh, don’t tell!

Amazon US & UK list this and note cards in similar designs, as well as McCall’s/Butterick (it’s the same company these days, plus Vogue).

Cost Plus World Market
Vintage McCall’s Patterns Notebooks, Set of 3
SKU#  504152
“Set of 3 notebooks fastened with twine
Include 64 pages each”
6″W x 8.5″L

WordPress Photo Challenge
Ailsa’s Travel Theme

a dog

I should explain.

I’m a cat person.

However, in 2008 I was wandering the streets north of Chicago and saw this little cutie.

I snapped a quick pic wiith the owner’s permission.

Never thought to ask the name or breed, but can’t forget the expression.

Hope you enjoy!

submitted for Ailsa’s travel theme

a good day gleams amid chaos

For a better look at the gleaming brass AND fabric, click.

Sometimes a day can turn right-side up in a tic.

Firstly, the lovely package from Thimberlia’s give-away arrived – yeah!!! Cannot thank her enough for sending these all the way from the U.K. Extra-extra-extra special treats!!!

Secondly, enough breezes kicked in so I didn’t have to spend another night in an hotel.



Should explain my ickle flat is detached on 5 sides, in a very strange arrangement in a complex of mostly traditionally attached-&-stacked flats. Below are before & after photos. Those windows on the right aren’t mine. Soo the brown doors at the ends of hallways? those will go!


Am submitting this to both Ailsa’s & WordPress’ photo challenges.

PS/All the doors get painted this coming Thursday… fingers crossed!

half & half skirt

Half, a. [AS. healf]  …️ a half view.

First, a quick view of my new table, which i don’t know if I like yet, as the top is black and things can get “lost” on it. Of course, the saving graces include drawers, where I can stash a lot of sewing toys & trinkets, plus I can always spray paint that top another colour, right?


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land meeting water

a piece of the old  Georgetown canal at dusk
the old Georgetown canal at dusk, with a building almost in it
A different piece of the old Georgetown canal ~ you can see the jogging trail to the right
another piece of the old Georgetown canal with the jogging trail (right) dipping down almost level with the water
outside the city and away up the river, as seen in winter from the train ~ pardon my reflection!
outside the city and way up river, as seen in winter from a train ~ pardon my reflection!

Ailsa’s travel theme