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sunday sevens #35

all done but the hemming, which won't take long with machine
all done but the hemming, which won’t take long

Technically it’s more than a hair past midnight, so it’s really Monday, but let’s say it’s still Sunday, shall we?

Natalie, over at Threads and Bobbins, came up with the idea of Sunday Sevens.  Anyone can join in, and you don’t have to do a post every Sunday. Or Monday. 😀

Ali/Thimberlina sent a lovely pattern last winter (NewLook 6871, here), and I knew I wanted a very light weight cotton for it.

Enter Anne/Compulsive Seamstress and her suggestion that we trade some fabrics. Then add a few weeks for it to finally percolate through my brain that this could be the perfect cotton for that pattern.

It is!

I cut it several sizes larger than if I were doing the blouse, and used all the length of the fabric so it’s just above knee length. Perfect for really hot summertime lounging or sleep wear.

Left out the interfacing & lined yokes, did the gathers all the way across front & back instead of a section in the middle, and it is perfect! I’ll zip up arms & neck & hem Monday. Super huge Thank You’s to both Ali and Anne for thinking of me!

Now here’s the rest of the week, which has been packed, but not very photogenic.

Hope everyone is getting back into the groove of work after vacations! 😉

PS/ Monday – Josée’s original recipe is here & my printable version is here.

sunday sevens #34

sunday7LOGOIt’s Sunday and time for Sunday Sevens, thought up by Natalie, of Threads and Bobbins. Anyone can participate whenever, so feel free to join in.

Where has the week gone? It’s already past the middle of September!

Last weekend was Last Night at the Proms and I was so preoccupied with breakdowns I forgot to listen. AGH!!!

But the entire 3 ½ hours are available for listening, and a little for viewing, depending on what country you’re watching from.

And no, you don’t have to listen to it all in one go. Above the line in the Iplayer are little squares, indicating where each piece starts. Hover your cursor and titles appear.

Nothing like the zaniness of the second half to put me back on track. (Yes, I sing along.) Only available for 3 more weeks, so listen soon. ⌛️

I attacked the UFO/alteration pile last week, and managed to overcome a reluctance to use a twin needle as well as reduce the pile, and am feeling quite chuffed. Below, the pale green is a men’s silk shirt re-do, liberated from a charity shop. The rest are updates to existing makes.

Am also debating my next project, and what thread to use. I’d thought white originally, but looking amongst my blue  spools saw variegated. It looks tempting, and as this is another lounge around home project, only my eyes would be offended. What do you think? The fabric came from a trade with Anne/Compulsive Seamstress, and the pattern from Ali/Thimberlina.

Lastly, my UK DVD of Agatha Raisin finally arrived. Am a fan of both author  M.C. Beaton’s series(es?), Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth, so was delighted to see Agatha being made for telly. The U.S. compatible version isn’t available yet, so am very grateful my hardware/software plays PAL.

meet the adorable Hodge (and Ms. Jensen)

However, the movie raises two questions:

  • Why can’t I find frozen breakfasts like Agatha’s over here?
  • Is everyone flipping back & forth doing video calls like Agatha, her therapist, and Roy?

Hope everyone has a lovely week planned, and we all survive the regional weather shifts!

  🌈  ☀️🌈

teetering on the edge of autumn (sunday sevens #33)

decided to add this for a bit more autumnal flavour!
decided to add this for a bit more autumnal flavour!

Ho, hum,
When will Autumn come?

Not soon enough for me, but then I’m not a heat lover.
Condolences to those who are.

Here are last week’s highlights, not worth their own posts. Natalie of Threads and Bobbins came up with the idea, and anyone can join in.

What’s not included is Thursday’s unexpected deluge.   You can imagine wringing out towels without photos. ‘Twas a leak, finally discovered coming from above. Er, from an upper floor. Looking on the positive side, I’m rearranging my sewing space.

Thought laundry day was going to join the Come & Fix It list, but unplugging the washer as the manual advised reset things, thank goodness!

Hope everyone is having a gloriously productive week!

🌞   💕   🌞

(click a pic to get to all the captions, then Escape to get back here)

Also submitted for WordPress Photo Challenge.

labor day weekend (sunday sevens #32)

Thanks to the sheer genius of Threads and Bobbins’ Natalie, who thought up Sunday Sevens, here’s my contribution of seven photos from the week, more or less, including a funny one that came to mind yesterday. Not sayin’ why . . .

(click a pic to get to all the words)

In America, Labor Day used to be thought of as summer’s last fling. Time to put away shorts, bathing suits, and anything white, especially shoes and handbags.

Pools closed, schools opened, and thoughts turned to warmer clothes, Hallowe’en costumes,  November’s elections, and wondering if nurseries would stock that same chrysanthemum …

Reality check: Pools remain open, August’s heat continues, and merchants have already put out ‘mums, Hallowe’en cards, and candy for trick-or-treaters. Put away those shorts? I wish. The week’s predicted temps are all 90’s.

Last week’s last days of August included other end-of-the-summer rituals, including the hallway power wash, and the creepy crawlies’ subsequent protest demonstrations. Currently all’s quiet, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

On the human horizon, a dear friend’s husband unexpectedly died. Instead of a memorial service, she held a celebration of life, and yours truly took photos.

I had time to talk with a woman I’d met on a visit four or five years ago. In the interim her niece moved into the area, so I met her, too. We started talking about sewing, and another neighbour joined in. You’ll never guess what they were all saying…

No, they didn’t sew any more because when they bought a pattern and followed it carefully, it never turned out right. They all decided (separately) it was their fault, and they should give up.

Sound familiar???

From the days when Summer ended on Labor Day. 😎


framed by sunday sevens #31

friday: can you feel the heat & humidity through the window?
friday: can you feel the heat & humidity through the window?

Since last week was an assortment of activities, I’m framing it mentally with Natalie’s Sunday Sevens.

Frame. v.t. 1.  To fit or prepare and unite several parts in a regular structure or entire thing…

After mooching through my photo mind palace for this week’s WPC (over t’other blog) I decided it was time to iron a skirt & blouse that had hung un-ironed all week.

You know how your mind wanders whilst ironing. As I’d just been thinking “frame,” it got applied to the ironing.

  • The yellow blouse had been a charity shop men’s shirt I liberated circa 2013.
  • The skirt & capelet fabric was purchased in Chicago and originally made into culottes, but fabric was too stiff for the style and so it didn’t get worn.
  • Then it got made into a straight skirt, and worn much more than the culottes.
  • The capelet, of leftover fabric from the culottes, was a test.

The shirt’s too long to be worn as styled with the capelet at left (proportions are off), but isn’t quite so off with a solid RTW blouse instead (top, right) Yes, that yellow men’s shirt is still underneath.

 Thanks to J for photos above!

  • Plastic & glass bangles thrifted around chicago (2010-13)
  • Earrings from california arts fair (ca. 1990’s)
  • Sandals by Clarks
  • Hat still in use!

framed! my 1st multi-colour work

And an extra photo just because I’m chuffed to have done some crocheting in colour.

Time for Sunday Sevens again, as dreamed up by Natalie of Threads and Bobbins. Why not join in? Guidelines are extremely flexible. 😉

Submitted for the WordPress Photo Challenge.

sunday sevens #30

one more lounge top finished, with neck & arms already lowered - yeah!
one more lounge top finished, with neck & arms already lowered – yeah!

This week’s been another hot & humid one, with my “get up & go” having done so long ago.

Sunday Seven for this week is looking a bit thin, but hey, it’s August, and can do with a wee vacation. 😎

It’s been a week of chaffing at the bit, so to speak. More specifically, necks & arms not cut as comfortably as I’d have liked. So I’ve gritted me teeth, and fixed ’em.

My denim dress badly needed an arm alteration after I’d jacked up the shoulders at the beginning of the season in an attempt to raise the low neckline. (It didn’t work.)

When last heard from, a rayon blouse I’d made last summer had a questionable binding. Given the fabric’s a rayon and the binding’s cotton, it just wasn’t a match made in heaven. Felt more like the opposite, so it got ditched. I tackled those armholes as well. All should be hand-stitched whilst watching Inspector Lewis: The Final Season in a bit.

Of course, will have my new needle kit close to hand (thank you, Ali!), and am surprised how much just having it somewhere around the sewing table helps mentally with the thought of having to hand sew something. Formerly, that stuff was in a box in another room, which as we all know greatly inhibits thoughts of doing any.

(What? Get up offa my chair, walk into the other room, dig out the box, and find the needles? 😱 You gotta be kidding!)

Now, here are some piccies. Please click one so you don’t miss all the lengthy explanations that are either cut off or hidden.

May everyone have a comfortable week full of everything you  💕  to do! 😘

hot week’s sunday seven 29

Was stuck in front of a computer screen this week instead of sewing, and by Friday night I was ready for  FUN.

And what’s more fun than getting stuck into some sewing. For once I have plenty of weather- appropriate projects, too.

As ever, thanks to Natalie for creating Sunday Sevens. (Hope you’re surviving the heat down there, luv!)

So click a pic to get all the deets, then Escape back to here.


Also submitted for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.

sunday sevens #28-ish

so sweet!
isn’t she adorable?! pick th’ litter & pedigrees up the elbow (liberty/yorkshire)!

All it took were 3 days in a row of 50’s percentage humidity and temps in the low 80’s, and I was off, thinking about Autumn & Winter wardrobe options.

Unfortunately, Summer Returned.

[Insert expletive of choice]

The rest of the week looked a bit like these photos, and apologies if there aren’t seven.

Natalie, who came up with the concept of Sunday Sevens, is re-e-e-al generous with the “rules.” 😘

Moving on, I’ll emphasise the wonderful package FULL of goodies from bestie Ali over in Yorkshire, a much happier note to end on than the weather! 😉

Edited to include Ali’s blog & Fabworks Online. Fabworks was super helpful, but their shipping charges to U.S. are exorbitant (just my thought; so much less $$ for fabric 😢). Fingers crossed that changes.



sunday sevens #27

Can’t believe this interminable week is finally over, and I’ve somehow survived the heat & humidity, admittedly with a great air conditioning system.

Not much sewing got done, but I did a bit of crocheting with cottons.

Remember those 2 yarns I bought way back in March? Finished the flecked one this week with a small coaster, and may use up the plain the same way. Also made a coaster from some new cotton yarn in white. Interesting how differently the natural is versus the white. Guess that’s the process – bleaching, maybe? (Surely they don’t dye it white?)

Sunday Sevens is the brainchild of Natalie, and anyone can join in. For the details, click over to her blog page.

Anyway… here are some photos to while away your Sunday afternoon. Click any pic to go into slide show mode, for bigger views, option to comment on a photo, & complete captions, then Escape to return here. Or hover over & see smaller versions & parts of captions. Take your choice!

Hope you’re had a relaxing weekend, Lovelies!


sunday seven #25 & 26

A collection of photos from the past couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy them & will click a pic to see the captions!

If you’d like to share what you’ve been up to that might not rate a full blog post, just click over to Natalie’s Sunday Sevens page.

Edited 27 July: You can also hover over each photo to view the caption, but if you’re not seeing all the words, just click a pic to go to the full screen view, then push Escape to return to this view. The glorious red zinnia dahlia (it’s a dahlia, dah-ling ~ what can I say?) in the BBC Women’s Hour photo is from Bestie Samantha’s garden several years ago & set as my screen photo each summer.