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a bit of summing up

Thought there’d be a post about a blouse (Butterick 5432) to match the rayon pedal pushers (left) I love so much. Had enough fabric & decided I needed one.

But sadly no, other events overtook it before I got the sleeves finished & a piccie taken.

Will make do with some bits & pieces ~ although to be fair, there’s been mending going on, but I shan’t bore you with that.  LOL!



Another idea for that digital pink …

Do you think something similar to the Stardust Skirt from Decades of Style would work?

Tanya, over at Mrs. Hughes, has a fantastic version that got me thinking.

If you use IG (I don’t but peek every blue moon), here’s another

Don’t know that I’d cut out & appliqué the pattern, as I’m always pushed for time (and basically lazy). 😉

the wooden yard stick is above the 1 complete pattern rep
the wooden yard stick is above the 1 complete pattern rep

However, the 30″ skirt length would definitely allow for the pattern’s height.

I’d place the skirt panels along the pattern’s bottom edge, similar to their layout, which gave me the idea.

Those pieces would need to be on the straight grain, but hopefully I could position them very close together.

Do you think it would work?

Am still dithering, but leaning, definitely leaning . . .

What’s up for my weekend? Who knows!

Hope yours will be relaxing and productive.


Update: Just posted some city photos over on my other blog…


Blackberries on sale last weekend . . .

Fan tucks (darts). Use as a decorative feature on the outside or inside of the garment. Mark where tucks are to be and run them by hand or machine.”  The Simplicity Sewing Book for Beginners and Experts, 1945; page 33.   (from my personal library)

Witness to Fashion blog ~ This post (see last 4 pics) really inspired me to give neckline darts (al.k.a. fan tucks, above) a try soon, maybe with embroidery thread. . .

She also has a great post about reality vs. fashion illustrations’ illusions. See how models disguised wide hips, and learn design details to draw the eye away from problem areas. Suggestions I can certainly use.  😍

Time for a catch-up . . . click any piccie to go into slide show & comment areas


V8750 – eye candy!

the design lines should allow for colour blocking and lots of slenderizing
the design lines should allow for colour blocking and lots of slenderizing

Me Midlands Mate requested more photos, so thought I’d play a bit & see what happened.

Hope they might be of interest or use, particularly those of the wrong side of the fabric. Didn’t do any seam finishing this first time round, other than using pinking shears, as fabric is medium weight 100% cotton.

Moral to this story might be moi coulda been more careful choosing her fabric’s pattern! At the time (several years ago, a-hem!) I hadn’t read all the directions before choosing said fabric, and wanted to see if all the lines might come out in interesting patterns. NOT!

S-o-o-o, another lesson might be to read the pattern, and look at the pattern piece layout a bit more thoroughly . . .  😉

❤   ❤    ❤

RS – Right Side   and   WS – Wrong Side

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V8750 – the home stretch

the design lines should allow for colour blocking and lots of slenderizing
the design lines should allow for colour blocking and lots of slenderizing

Have gotten past the zip stage on Vogue 8750, and tried it on yesterday. It’s loose, but that means it will be comfortable for sitting. Too bad it doesn’t have an easy option for pockets.

Remember all those curved seams? They need pressing with a tailor’s ham, but fit around my bulges fairly well. However, will wait until it’s had a good wear test before writing more.

As a review, here’s the drawing from the back of the pattern. See those curved & slanted lines on the sides? They make matching the side seams interesting.

General construction is front left side, starting with the top yoke being sewn to the next piece down, then the bottom piece gets sewn to the top two. The variation in skirt width is determined by that bottom piece.

zipper in place - used regular style (from stash) and followed pattern directions
zipper in place – used regular style (from stash) and followed pattern directions

I had cut the top, straight version for length ~ straight & slightly pegged. The shortest length (A on drawings), is mid-knee on my short frame, with the inward curve not too visible. In fact, it’s more A-line, but I might change that after wearing. 😉

The pattern specifies 5/8-inch seam allowances for all seams. You might want to stick to that, as this is sort of a jigsaw puzzle to sew together.

Each seam is then pressed upward and top stitched directly after the seam is sewn. (Yes, Thimberlina, this time I really did press after each seam! 😀)

I decided not to trim off any seams, but will decide whether that was a good or not-so good decision after a couple of wears and washes.

If you’re going to overlock your fabric edges, I’d suggest you consider all the top stitching first, and perhaps not cut much of your 5/8-inch seam allowance off.

Er, wouldn’t want to think about handling a slithery fabric for this pattern. Not my idea of fun . . .   😳

The whole process is repeated for the opposite front side. Finally, each completed side is sewn to the front’s center panel. That’s the only piece that doesn’t get top stitched, although I suppose you could.

The back is sewn using the same process, except there’s no back center panel. The directions are for inserting a regular zip rather than invisible. I had one in my stash, so used it. There’s a slash at center bottom, and I’ll probably add my usual stretch lacy insert for modesty & a bit of fun.

This is a pattern to measure, cut out, & sew seam widths very carefully. There’s no waist band, which was an attraction for short-waisted moi. Another was the colour-blocking potential.

Questions??? Please feel free to ask, and I’ll try to answer.

Tereza! Are you home & unpacked yet?? You’ve made the fuller version, so please feel free to jump in.

half & half skirt

Half, a. [AS. healf]  …️ a half view.

First, a quick view of my new table, which i don’t know if I like yet, as the top is black and things can get “lost” on it. Of course, the saving graces include drawers, where I can stash a lot of sewing toys & trinkets, plus I can always spray paint that top another colour, right?


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sewing again!

VOGUE 8750

Making the green skirt,

middle right.

Answering a 2012 post, Kerri wrote: “. . .  I’ll be interested to see how it fits when you’re finished.”

With my apologies, I’m finally getting back to you, Kerri!

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intricacies of re-use

IN”TRICATE, a. [L. intricatus, from intrico, to fold; in and tricor.] Entangled, involved; perplexed; complicated; obscure. (1824)

Remember this, from 2 years ago? The stretch cotton has a lot of body & I love those pockets, but the culottes didn’t get worn last summer, the Summer of Dresses. The fabric hadn’t faded. They were too good to bin. What to do?

Taking a good look, I remembered how unflattering I’d felt they looked, but they hadn’t been uncomfortable to wear. I decided to do some chopping and try the fabric as a skirt instead.

Haven’t had time to wear the skirt. Yet. One reuse project done. 🙂


2 "new" skirts
2 “new” skirts

Meanwhile, 2 RTW (ready to wear) dresses also hadn’t been worn in several years; their slinky knit-type fabrics seem indestructible. What to do?

The bodices were the uncomfortable bits, in summer humidity. Those got slashed and binned.  Presto! A couple more skirts.

No, I wasn’t about to try ripping out those factory stitches to make side seam  pockets from the tops. Ripping the culotte/skirt hem took long enough.

Will this summer be a summer of dresses and skirts?

(Note to self’s Never-Ending List: make tops to go with skirts?)

WordPress photo challenge

updates: orange & green!

orange renfrew update
As you see above, I started re-making this orange knit using Sewaholic’s Renfrew pattern. After basting in one sleeve, I tried it on. The neckline was too wide by about 2” & the sleeve was about 1” too low. 2 sleeves = 2 inches, no?

When I pinched the neckline in 2”, the sleeve was fine. But then I forgot to check the rest of the top – oh, no! Will baste up the other side, and check that when there’s time.  🙂

Meanwhile, have continued searching online for FBA’s used with the Renfrew. there are quite a few out there, so I’ve lots to choose from.

green flannel pj bottoms update
The legs are finally sewn right way round, with waist band & hems to be done. Want to adjust the waist for uber comfort. Maybe a drawstring… ah, just got an idea!

Haven’t baked since last week’s crackers, which I’m loving. Am craving chocolate, but only Ginger nuts are in the tin just now. Speaking of them, can you believe McVities’ Digestives are $5 USD now!!?? Collecting recipes… share yours if you’d like! And stay tuned!



(also part of the wordpress photo challenge)