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weekly photo challenge: lines-patterns

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He-he!  What an interesting and thought-provoking group.  All are basic elements of sewing, and most crafts, as well as painting, photography, sculpture, and other arts.

While looking up each word, I discovered they’re all used as verb or noun, and sometimes one or the other isn’t what’s generally thought of.

Dug deep into the shoebox and pulled out some photos from 2008 & 2009.  Hope you enjoy!

Shape, v.t. pret. shaped; pp. shaped or shapen.  1. To form or create.
Shape, n. [OE. shap, schap, AS. sceap in gesceap creation, creature, fr. the root of scieppan, scyppan, sceppan, to shape, to do, to effect;]  1. Character or construction of a thing as determining its external appearance…

Line, v. t. 1. To cover the inner surface of; as, to line a cloak with silk or fur; to line a box with paper or tin.
Line, n. [OE. …prob. from L. linea a linen thread, string, line, fr. linum flax, thread, linen, cable; but the English word was influenced by F. ligne line, from the same L. word linea.] 1. linen thread or string; a slender, strong cord; also, a cord of any thickness; a rope; … a clothesline; a towline.

Tex”ture, v. t.  To form a texture of or with; to interweave.
Tex”ture, n. [L. textura, fr. texere, textum, to weave: cf. F. texture.] 1. The act or art of weaving. 2. That which woven; a woven fabric; a web.

Pat”tern, v. t. 1. To make or design (anything) by, from, or after, something that serves as a pattern; to copy; to model; to imitate.
Pat”tern, n. [OE. patron, F. patron, a patron, also, a pattern.]  1. Anything proposed for imitation; an archetype; an exemplar; that which is to be, or is worthy to be, copied or imitated; as, a pattern of a machine.

Link to WordPress Challenge here.

a wee bit more sewing bee!

from the BBC-2 web site
from the BBC-2 web site

Note-This shoulda been a monday or tuesday post, but was too busy to put it up – apologies for not feeling like writing this week, & saving them all up for today – my bad On a brighter note, you’ve the whole weekend to catch up.   he-he!

There’s just something about the camaraderie all 8 contestants displayed that’s knocked a big hole in many people’s hearts around the globe.  If you’re one of those with withdrawal pangs, here’s a wee bit more detail. And lots more piccies!

❤❤  Faithful Readers know I’m a fan of Debi over at My Happy Sewing Place.  Her partner, David, has written a beautiful guest post of his observations of the show, having accompanied Debi to Lauren’s Grand Opening last weekend, when many of the contestants also came to help out. As a man who doesn’t sew, he had time to observe and reflect on what was happening. It’s inspiring reading!  ❤❤

the sewers, in alpha order

  • Ann is on Ravelry, and has ventured into quilting
  • Jane’s gorgeous handbags are available online
  • Lauren’s shop sells online & has just opened in Birmingham, U.K.
  • Mark & his wife spend their evenings making historic costumes for themselves
  • Michelle is a young mum & makes unique fashions for herself & her baby
  • Sandra continues to sew for herself & her 3 daughters… and has started her own label
  • Stuart writes a quilting column for a monthly magazine, and holds quilting workshops around the U.K., including at Lauren’s store
  • Tilly is publishing her own patterns, has a very popular blog, and also does workshops at Lauren’s store

judges & presenter

  • May Martin has taught at Denman College (Women’s Institute Academy) since 1995
  • Savile Row’s Patrick Grant is a director of a bespoke menswear firm and has absorbed their high level of workmanship
  • Claudia Winkleman is well-known for hosting BBC programmes, including Strictly Come Dancing & The Arts Show with Claudia Winkleman

BBC-2 aired the programmes, and this is their site. Note that I’ve tried several times to view clips on their site and have only gotten to see 1 or 2.  Not certain if it’s because I’m not in England, or if the site was overloaded with requests to view.

on ravelry

a 2008 collection of sale yarns - all gone now...
a 2008 collection of sale yarns – all gone now…

Yep, CurlsnSkirls is now on Ravelry.  You must become a member to see much, but the resources are very deep and it’s relatively easy to navigate through… except I can’t locate their info to get the right logo onto this site… but that’ll appear one of these days!

This summer’s version of last winter’s hat has been started, which sort of posed the query to self again, echoing my old yarn shop’s perennial suggestion that I get meself onto Ravelry.

The yarn used for this version’s made from recycled paper.  It’s like a skinny raffia that’s been ironed flat. The link takes you to Ravelry’s pattern page, which shows the yarn made into the hat. My hat might not come out quite the same, as I want a wider brim.

Working a crochet hook with this ain’t easy, but I’m determined ~ at this point ~ to get through it.  Don’t think I’ll get more though.  $19 USD is too much to pay for the effort of working it. Give me a nice, soft yarn anytime, specially if it’s got some rayon!

Jolly big shout out to Josée over at Cul de Sac, who’s doing a huge craft fair tomorrow.  She has gorgeous things in her etsy shop, too – hint, hint!

not enough hours…

McCall's 4116, center & bottom right versions
McCall’s 4116, center & bottom right versions

I missed the memo that said this week was going to have 8 hr days instead of 24.   AGH !  There’s been so much to do, primarily sewing machine-related.  Sheer heaven to finally be able to back stitch, do decorative stitches, vary stitch lengths – yeah!

Plus there’s been a 30% off sale on all those extra machine bits… am trying not to lust after more than the 4 extra pressure feet just purchased.   😉

AND… CurlsnSkirls is now on Ravelry.  Trolled back thru my photos & discovered more knit & crochet projects than I thought.  Am adding them as time permits.  If you’re also on Ravelry, do stop by.

AND I have a sewing commission… sort of!  A friend wore a hat I admired, and said she wished she had more in different colours.  We decided it most resembled McCall’s 4116,view E.  For the moment, and as it’s gone chilly again, hats trump the summer dress.   Now, about those 7 other feet I’d like to have…

did spend 10 minutes sticking plastic flowers into this old decoration, ready to hang
did spend 10 minutes sticking plastic flowers into this old decoration, ready to hang

crocheted winter hat

can you see the slight pinwheel design in the top?
can you see the slight pinwheel design in the top?

For once I found a crochet pattern easy enough to attempt.  Am pleased meself took time to rip out until the subtle design appeared correctly. Sorry I didn’t make note of the pattern or designer’s name.  Might be local as I didn’t find anything when I searched for the name back in November (when I was planning this slightly delayed post).

Made it bigger, as yarn was in the stash, and knew I wanted to be able to pull it down over my ears when it’s really cold.  Content of yarn is 50% cotton, 50% rayon, so it’s very soft and has a slight sheen.

area on sides with elastic insertion, a double crochet pattern section
area on sides with elastic insertion, a double crochet pattern section

Threaded some narrow elastic through the sections to check and see if my idea was totally crackers, then sewed some ribbon onto the elastic & started threading it through.  (above)

Not quite completed, but wanted to get something out to indicate I did do stuff even if I wasn’t posting… Also kept up reading everyone else’s blogs, just didn’t have time to reply. Apologies to all!