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🎄 A Holiday Tea Party Invitation–17 December! 🎄

Hello, all!

Hope everyone is well and comfortable – cool if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, or warm if you’re not.

As you can see from my digestives biscuit tin, it’s that time of year again. While this hasn’t been the happiest of years, I hope there’ve been pleasant surprises. Let’s celebrate those.

With countries and their citizens just a few clicks away, I hope you’ll join me and Su of Zimmerbirch on the 17th to raise a glass. Er, cuppa!

Catching up on other news… What have I been reading? Seems like not a thing. (Trying to get used to this latest editor is enough, as far as I’m concerned. 🤪)

However, there has been some sewing going on, even if for the home rather than m’self. After all, this has been a year of trying to be comfortable while being at home some/most/all of the time.

sofa + 3 20″ x 20″ pillows

This summer I realised I never sat on my sofa. I started considering why and decided to sit on it, after I cleared off the piles of fabric and the patterns that were usually sitting/reclining/totally covering it.

I made myself sit on it for at least an hour every afternoon for a week. And I began to realize why I was uncomfortable.

It felt like I was trying to sit down and lean on beach balls instead of soft squidgy pillows. Oh! We sewers know how to fix that!

And there was no place for a reading light.   Or a cuppa. 😱  No wonder I wasn’t comfortable!

It just so happened… coincidentally… I’d just collected a couple pieces of fabric I hadn’t quite known what to do with, but thought “You can always make pillows.”

SO, whilst me and my comfy sofa would love to welcome you all personally to my home, it’s not the year for it.

However, I hope you’ll find time to click and drop by for a quick cuppa on the 17th.

❤️  ❤️  Meanwhile, please take special care!  ❤️  ❤️


silly saturday ~ soft furnishings

The fronts

A minor achievement this week: 2 small pillows stuffed, sewn up and completed.

Ta-dah ! ! !

These are the fronts.

Love that hat, but ain’t too keen on the corset. But it’s red, so that’s okay.

A bit of searching round t’internet and I found this panel is actually part of an entire quilting series.   Hmmm .   .   .    .     .       🤔

A bit more thinking about it, as we know we do with something we really want to enjoy to its’ fullest potential  .   .   .    .     .       🤨

Taking a deep breath, ignoring my fierce promise-to-self not to buy any more fabric, I decided to acquire just a teeny bit more.

But only so’s the whole rest of the original purchase could be used and enjoyed to the full, instead of always regretting I hadn’t used x or y instead — y’know what I mean?   🙄

Next week a small squidgy package is due .   .   .    .     .

 There’s more to come, Lovelies!  🤣   😆   🤣

Textile Tuesday

(The above piccies are repeated here from a 2015 post that is referenced below.)

Linking up with Wild Daffodil’s Textile Tuesday post. She’s unearthed some fabulous fabrics, and I’ve linked her to a 2015 post of my own. (And copied the photos from that post above.)

In the 2015 post I was mumbling on about swapping out winter clothing for spring, and showed some of the sweaters and fabrics involved in my musings.  (See above.)

Below is a photo taken just now, showing how I combined the green corduroy and the upholstery fabric into two 20″ pillows.

I could have done one all-green fabric and one all-upholstery fabric, but chose to make them identical, so half-and-half they had to be. Now they match.

I generally show the green in summer and as they’re corduroy, have the nap going down so the shading matches. The upholstery pattern side I use in winter.

That reminds me… still have some of that green cord . . . 🤔


going batty

Lovely LubbyGirl (the Remissionary) sent this piece of tapestry. aren't those colours glorious?! am thinking pillow, maybe with tassles... but what colour?  only have (surprise) green to hand...
Lovely LubbyGirl (REmissionary.wordpress.com) sent this piece of tapestry. aren’t those colours glorious! am thinking pillow, maybe with tassels. but what colour?
only have green (surprise) to hand.


got the brown bats done last night
got the brown bats done last night

With weather going from normal (?) mid-60’s to 80, back to mid-60’s, then down 20 more degrees, am having the dickens of a time trying to figure out what to sew that might actually get worn.

So am giving up, and just concentrating on whatever.

From bats (pattern here) to pillows – anything goes.

Speaking of pillows, I recently offload sent some patterns to LubbyGirl, and she sent me the tapestry fabric on the left as a surprise! It is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L heavy upholstery cotton and I can’t bear to cut into it. So a nice big, fat pillow it shall be. With tassels, rather than fringe, don’t cha think?

Link to LubbyGirl at REmissionary, who does remarkable things with fabric she repurposes! [Just happen to know she’ll sell her creations… ]   😉




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please ignore the under-sofa storage!

Or soft furnishings, if you want a posh term.  I’ve been thinking about pillows lately, for myself and as gifts.

They can be in any mode from humorous to whimsical to vulgar to plebeian.  They can be anywhere, from outer space to the car boot.

They can be tied, tailored, frilled, laced or latticed, and come in all sizes, from minute to gigantic.

They can be stuffed with made-to-standard-size fabrics enclosing poly or feathers (here or here or here), or contain herbs or unwearable rags

You can sew them together, zip them, snap them, wrap them, lace them, or glue them.

Fabric can be found anywhere, from your old tee shirts/jeans to car boot sales to towels to fabric or craft stores.

Want something really unique & personal?  You can print fav photos into fabric on your own or at copy shops (provide your own fabric) or check out spoonflower.com, etc.

You can even buy them.


PS: Bernina has some great examples over here….