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flash! karen’s etsy shop has patterns

this is Karen of Sew U Sew Me - she's NOT the clothes pin at the top of the page!
this is Karen of Sew U Sew Me – she’s NOT the clothes pin at the top of the page!

And they’re selling real quick, because her prices are great, she ships internationally and doesn’t charge an arm & a leg. If you’re in the market for craft, kids, or fashion patterns, from 1960s to current, click on over to Sew U Sew Me.

Happy shopping!


weekend update

Realized that buttons post might have left some unanswered questions, and we couldn’t have that, sew…

burda blouse button

completed burda blouse button back closure + embroidery
completed burda blouse button back closure + embroidery

I was faffing about a bit with buttons for the back closure for my burda blouse, then realized what a fab post a sampling of them would be, so I posted a few.  Couldn’t stop faffing, so added some embroidered french knots just because.  Result on the side here, which I’d meant to post after I’d posted the collection. Sorry I forgot!

indie pattern list update

Had a looong think about this list – like how to put it all together alphabetically, be able to update it whenever (added 1 just yesterday), how important it would be for us to know ahead of time the country of origin & if  international shipping was offered, and if offered, is it very expensive.

Decided to do a spreadsheet with those topics & am almost half through the 4 landscape-oriented  pages, Lovely Readers. It takes a bit of time delving into each site to locate the info, and upon occasion I couldn’t locate it.  Please wish me lots of luck with it, and I’ll let you know when it’s posted.  Which brings me to…


Yep, CnS is now on fb, sorta.  Haven’t had much time to explore and add to it; however, if you’d care to like me/follow me, I’d be delighted to have your company!

All for now – cheerio!

indie pattern challenge

New Zealand mates Kat & Mel, have another challenge going: supporting independent pattern designers.  How fab (& totally unplanned) is that, considering me resources page!

Details can be had by clicking their names above. Pinterest board is here.  Do hope you’ll participate!

My appreciation, purchase & use of indie patterns started in the 1990s because they were the only patterns available at my favorite fabric store at the time, The Sewing Place, and they were different from ‘regular’ patterns.  Not everyone hitting the chain fabric stores was going to be wearing them – definite plus.

The brick & mortar shop closed/morphed about several times, but is online and still stocks independent pattern designers. Yeah!

Over the years, I’ve owned & made patterns from many independents. Some patterns didn’t make it through travels & moves, some got re-bought after a move – you know how it goes, Dear Readers!

Here are some indie pattern companies i’ve known/used over the years…

Dos de Tejas    (can’t locate site; available from independent fabric stores)
Hot Patterns
Loes Hinse
Park Bench
Revisions/Diane Ericson
Silhouette Patterns

What am I planning next?  Folkwear’s 270 Metro Middy blouse, done as a lightweight jacket. You know ~ something light to throw over your shoulders in air conditioning.


added to resources page

supporting indie pattern month!

Angela Osborn Patterns
Cake Patterns
Center for Pattern Design
Christine Haynes
Deer and Doe
Dixie DIY 
DIY Couture 
Fashion in Harmony 
Grainline Studio
Hot Patterns
In-House Patterns
Jamie Christina
Lolita Patterns
Make It Perfect
Merchant & Mills
Paco Peralta 
Pattern Runway
Ralph Pink Patterns
Salma Sewing Patterns
Seamingly Smitten
Marie Denmark
Sew Chic
Sis Boom 


  • U.S. site of Schmetz (German) –  needles for more purposes than you’d imagine possible, including sergers/interlockers; extremely informative & helpful!


  • Wade through Gutermann site’s options for your language & use   fyi ~ they make a 100% poly recycled thread w/no flying fibres or thick/thin spots
  • Coats & Clark:  Rather difficult to locate details, then they concentrate on which thread weight to use for which fibre; nothing about flying fibres & thick/thin spots

learning to speak burda

Finally got blackout curtains up, in my attempt to combat the high heat & humidity pouring thru woefully inadequate single-glazed windows far too early in the season.  That’s a subject for another post… blackout fabric, that is.

Finally time for Burda!  Over lunch – one needs sustenance when tackling A Major Project.  It was that time anyway. A reread of the vitals confirmed my pattern pieces would be in green, so a salad would coordinate nicely. Might keep me on track instead of wandering into the kitchen to look for a snack instead of sticking to it. (It worked.)

Would you believe it took me several days to figure out what to outline with?  I don’t have soft-leaded pencils, except for smeary charcoal, and didn’t want to use highlighters because they bleed straight through the paper.  I know because I tested.   And just in case I actually succeed and want to use more of the patterns, I didn’t want to muck up the other side, with all those other pieces I might want someday!

Then I remembered I’d had coloured pencils, which I might not have tossed before moving, and went in search… sure enough. Even had green.

Did you do those follow-the-dot drawings when you were little?  I did, and loved ‘em.  Burda’s the same thing, but for grown-ups.  Once I stopped trying to do itty-bitty sections at a time, leaning on a book, and cleared my sewing table for a firm surface, things went quickly.  Must say Mel’s post & video was great prep… and I’m dying to get to a hardware store so I can buy some huge nuts just like she uses for pattern weights.

I am still very much a beginner, so I took the time and did  some extra steps not included in Mel’s super-duper lickety-split video. Example: Decided to outline all the sizes, as I always have to do some adjusting, and it’s easier to see the pieces.

Thus endeth today’s report.

weekly photo challenge: the sign says


or deciphering delightful design mag, burda

In late April a bunch of lovely New Zealanders got together and declared a May Burda Sewalong, and they posted several helpful articles so we, too, can learn to speak ‘burdamagpatterns.’

I’d just bought my first Burda magazine, after hunting for several years, so the timing seemed perfect.  Ah! Then life crept in with a dose of reality.

But! I’ve been given a reprieve – they’ve kindly extended everyone’s deadline until end of next week – and I am extremely grateful!

So, if you’d also like to take part, or just wanna file away for future use – here are more details…

Kat of Modern Vintage Cupcakes
Mel of The Curious Kiwi
Pinterest page
tracing a burda
reading the “instructions”

attempting the blouse, #106, p. 28
attempting the blouse, #106, p. 28
Apr 2013 issue
Apr 2013 issue

the wordpress page

major apologies – how could I forget her – agh!


Delightful, creative Tilly, from The Great British Sewing Bee, has several patterns ready for downloading on her site.   She does lots of how-to’s, so beginning sewers can feel right at home. Plus, she encourages and shows photos of how sewers have added their own design twists to her patterns. Sew if you don’t like her neckline, change it.  Don’t like a sleeve? Change it! That’s the beauty of creating: You Are Allowed To Change Anything To Suit Yourself!

You’ve got written permission now, so hop on over, Possums!

reference additions

Eek! Realized I’d forgotten to add designers from another source.  Discovered some of them do not sell to the public from their own site; they only sell their patterns from retailers.  So I’m not including them in my list.

However… will include the small number of online retailers who feature indie designers.

As always, hope you enjoy!

Brensan Studios 
Christine Jonson Patterns
Cutting Line Designs/Louise Cutting
Dana Marie Design Co. 
Elements/Linda Kubik
Go Patterns 
La Fred Patterns by Fred Bloebaum
Lingerie Secrets/Jan Bones
Loes Hinse Designs 
Material Things by Cecelia Podolak
Park Bench Patterns
Petite Plus Patterns
Sewing Workshop Pattern Collection
Textile Studio Patterns

TILLY AND THE BUTTONS (Tilly’s from The Great British Sewing Bee)

Pattern Review – registered users group somewhat similar to Ravelry
The Sewing Place – large number of independent designers including many who don’t have their own web site, or don’t sell directly to the public (see patterns by designer option)

new references page

Seemed appropriate to add a page of references, and have started with a list of independent designers around the globe, plus pattern companies.  Decided to stick with clothing patterns, as there are a bazillion other designers working in the fibre arts – knitting, crochet, embroidery, weaving, and more.  But my chief interest is in sewing, sew I’m being selfish & sticking with that area.  🙂

Hope you enjoy, and if you have answers for either of me 2 requests below, do send along – thanks, Dear Readers!

  • If you’ve got suggestions for another list of references, please let me know!
  • And puh-lease let me know of clothing designers I can add to the list!