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saturday serger surprise

my serger - back home again & ready to go to work
my serger – back home again & ready to go to work

My old BabyLock is still chugging along, and came out of storage needing nothing but a good cleaning. So it’s just reinstated to it’s place alongside the sewing machine, and I can’t wait to get started using it.

YEAH ! ! !

process, process, process… and impatience!

May I report, Dear Readers, that I do not like hot, humid weather? And possibly, as a consequence, don’t have many me-mades for said season??  There’s also the eternal problem of either Not Finding The Right Pattern, or Not Finding The Right Fabric. Am I the only one who struggles with these??? Puh-lease tell me I’m not!

At the moment, am sitting with me feet up by open windows, eating cake* & occasionally typing a word or two, virtuously awaiting laundry to complete its’ wash & dry cycles, totally ignoring the piles of fabric all over the bedroom closet floor.

Because, you understand, moi has decided, once laundry is done, to do a major sort out of The Stash and make 2 piles, Hot and Cold weather fabrics. Upon reflection, I’d thought about doing it before moving, but gave it up when massive indecision over what to pack, one item at a time, hindered the whole removals process. You know I didn’t want to make the mistake of ditching fabric, then later wishing I hadn’t.  ;-(    Now the move’s done, and hope the sort will be easier.


Can’t believe how quickly that 1 pile from last night’s rummage became 2 – it didn’t take 10 minutes! But something tells me that if I do what in my heart I know needs to be done – measure & note length, width & type of each fabric, and take it’s photo – there will be a lot more than 10 measly minutes gone. Maybe I’ll just begin with the summer fabrics, and leave the winter for later…

Read a quote somewhere recently from Ann R, winner of this season’s Great British Sewing Bee. She said that the preparation time of a project can seem to take forever, but is an essential part of the entire process. Hmm. Know she’s right, but it can seem very tedious indeed…

* Josée’s double chocolate muffins, with bran, so I can pretend I’m just eating a daily bran muffin – hehe!

pins & needles, & seam binding – horreurs!


Yesterday it was rainy and the ironing board still not together.  Went to the fabric store instead, for basics like binding & piping, needles & pins. Mind you, that’s just after writing me talented friend Josée that I don’t much like binding.  (Maybe using some will warm the affections, huh?) The store’s fabric was uninspiring, which is not a bad thing, considering The Stash Here.

Got caught in a bit of rain coming home, and saw that caftan when I came in the door .  Not very wrinkley, so ready enough for lounging, and I was in the mood. The hem drags drapes a bit on the floor. Guess I’ll eventually lop some off. Probably. Possibly. We’ll see. It’s always nice to have a bit extra to cover toes.

from sewdaily.com
from sewdaily.com

Bought a magazine instead of fabric: stitch, creating with fabric & threads. As it was labeled, “get organised this summer with 8 fun projects” and had 34 more “sizzling summer projects” I thought it might give me some ideas. It also included a double-sided sheet of patterns for some of the projects, and the web site has more. Now if only it would give me the impetus to do them.

At $14.99 USD I thought it expensive, but it seemed worth it for all the project ideas & templates. If any of you Dear Readers see a copy or already know the magazine, I’d love to know your opinion.

Hopefully, will have a nice surprise on Saturday.  Mmm… you’ll never guess!

busy weekend

Worked up a flannel caftan, too.  Just the basic: Sew the side seams (don’t forget to leave arm holes, like I did!), finish the 4 sides of the 2 pieces of fabric (cut to whatever length you want), decide which neckline to fool with (boat neck – sew straight across & leave a hole big enough for your head – don’t forget!). Easy peasy.  Photo after I’ve put the ironing board back together & given it a pressing!

speaking of Spring hats & cleaning

Finished the first bit of the hat for my friend who’s out of town. Then decided to start me summer hat as it’ll be needed eventually.

Making a bit of headway in organising a new sewing space, and am taking part in the Spring Clean Your Sewing Room that Hannah Smith is hosting over on her blog, made with hugs and kisses.

spring-clean-your-sewing-space-big-buttonAm now taking photos of all patterns, as Great Friend Karen’s doing, and will make notes in somethingerother to help keep track of what’s what. Would you believe all my patterns are in 2 small file boxes?! Am trying to use more of them, not just collect & gaze wistfully.

The fabric stash, which is currently in 3 humongous plastic tubs, may continue in them, at least whilst in this teeny place. Am slowly collecting all the bits & bobs scattered hither & yon and putting them near/on/under the new table upon which my sewing machine & serger will sit.

As you can see, the sewing machine’s already there. Uhm ~ just realized the big red lamp can now be put sewing tablethere instead of a corner of the keyboard… and have brought out the few sewing books I moved. There’s sew much online (sorry, couldn’t resist) that many things seemed redundant as I was packing up to move. Sew changes have been made since last night…