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odds & odders

These are mostly photos I’ve had sitting around for a bit, waiting for time to post. Decided the time was now.

Below ~ I’ve become a great fan of Mr. & Mrs. Murder, a 1-season series from Oz. Very entertaining. Reminds me of Nick & Nora Charles from the 1930’s. Costumes are contemporary, so am not watching for those. When they showed this scene, I had to grab my camera.

But should qualify this by saying, lest you discover how really weird I can be, that I’m acting under the influence of a midnight fire alarm that went into extra innings… for over an hour. And this is after Saturday night’s 2 a.m. episode. So if the “tone” sounds a bit wonky, maybe you’ll understand. I’m wondering if it’s safe to undress yet. And try to sleep.

AGH ! ! ! ! !

Baked a batch of my double chocolate cookies last week, and they do ease the pain a bit.  😊 click for recipe
Baked a batch of my double chocolate cookies last week, and they do ease the pain a bit. 😊 he-he!

tangled textures = broken filing system

Bro”ken, a. [From Break, v. t.]1… divided into fragments… 2. Disconnected… 3. … disunited…

Not having much space, I had resorted to keeping fabrics in large plastic tubs, sorted by seasons. That didn’t do too well. Fabrics kept getting mixed, and I never knew how much of something I had. Which meant measuring it every time I wanted to know how much I had.

I tried stapling or pinning little tags on each piece, but they’d shift around, and I could never find those tags once the fabric had shuffled about for a bit.

Then I got smaller drawers, but still had the same problems. Everything seemed to always be in such a tangle.

And that made it impossible to any those unimagined colour combinations. Talk about creativity needing to be unleashed – geesh!

Then some plastic bags went on sale. And you could write on the bags. I started thinking about straightening up my fabric stash. Again. (Thank you, Lubbygirl, for inspiration!)

For the last several weeks I’ve been slowly washing, measuring, bagging, and gradually getting fabrics sorted. Am finally feeling order emerging from the fragmented, disconnected & broken collection of colour and texture.

It’s inspiring!

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the library tote

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Ever since I saw this fabric on Lovely Reader Samantha’s blog I’d thought what a great tote bag it would make to take to the library.  Then she surprised me by send over a metre of it – wow!

Using this video from the wonderful Missouri Quilt Company, another great find by Samantha, I took time to decide what features I wanted in the tote ~ pockets! ~ and finally put scissors to cloth.

I love it!


make-up brushes

(Excuse me reorganising a day later – was too tired last night & what I was shown then wasn’t what showed up today – AGH!!!

My humble apologies, Dear Readers!)


monday ~ continued

Got a bit farther with organizing my loose patterns & thought I’d show you the final version… click any of the photos to go into slideshow format

industrial monday

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How jangled can one get, starting out the week with an hour’s concrete cutting and jack-hammering directly beneath one’s abode?  No, ’tisn’t a joke.  Some sort of unannounced maintenance…

On me way out to a quiet library, have a new tablecloth from last week to share with you, and more sewing room organizing!  Am so pleased to finally have gotten all hand-drawn & downloaded pattern pieces in 1 place, and sorted, too. Am so pleased.

Chose a small bound display booklet (from marketing supplies of an art store), but also unearthed a few plastic protector sheets for a regular binder.  I put larger patterns in them, but think I’ll get everything into the one little binder.  Better idea, don’t you think?

There are already page numbers on the sheets, so just need to type up a little Table of Contents, and it will be so easy to locate all those bits & pieces again.

Later ~ 🙂

needles & threads

the messy pile of different needles, from Universal to denim to stretch, jersey, top stitching, and a few doubles just for fun
the messy pile of different needles, from universal to denim to stretch, jersey, top stitching, and a few doubles just for fun

Chatting yesterday with Karen reminded me of 3 spools of Sulky rayon thread we’d each gotten on one of our last joint shopping ventures, so this morning I hunted them up.

Karen also told me she’d admired some embroidery on an outfit someone was wearing just lately, and got some useful advice, which she passed along to me, and I’m passing on to you.

If your machine does embroidery stitches, and you’ve tried them but they didn’t look quite right, it might be because you used regular sewing thread.  That’s where Sulky comes in. (I’m sure there are other brands, we just happened to already have these, and the woman also recommended Sulky rayon.)

They’re got all kinds of specialty threads, which require special needles in your machine and might require a different thread (other than sewing) for the bobbin.

You know moi… I also looked up Sulky on-line… and found a wonderful bunch of downloadable colour charts for their threads.  Most convenient!

sorted into an olde box - much neater!
sorted into an olde box – much neater!

So next time you’re hankering to do a little embroidered addition to your already fabulous creation, take a peek at what’s available and what’s needed to get the effect you want!

Meanwhile, thoughts of doing any machine embellishment on my Metro Middy Blouse are shelved in favour of perhaps some hand work… if there’s time.  😉

Thanks again, Ms K, for a lovely chat yesterday & all the useful info!

weekly photo challenge: background & more organising

top of shelving unit - note white shelves in background on left & right
top of shelving unit – note white shelves in background on left & right

Am sooo pleased!!! Scored a great bargain from a yard sale. It’s very sturdy & will provide LOTS of storage for fabric, books, notions, etc. Now need to start stacking me stackable bookcases (those white things in the background, lower left & right) to make use of vertical space, a la designer Christopher Lowell.

And speaking of organizing, how cool is it that this week’s photo challenge coincides with The Organising Project?!  What, you say?  She’s bought  another shelf for that tiny space when she’s already got 6?!

It’s all about that stuff in the background, Possums – those places of I-wish-obcurity, unnoticed & unseen (see definition #2, next para.) that should be a sofa for sitting rather than book & fabric storage.

From my favorite dictionary: BACK”GROUND, n. [back and ground.] Ground in the rear or behind, as opposed to the front. 2. A place of obscurity, or shade; a situation little seen, or noticed.

In other words, it’s all about that stuff in the background – fabric strewn over sofa, and boxes & books on the floor – cleverly mostly cut out of the frame. Besides, who doesn’t need storage for all their sewing inventory & gear???


summer hat & fabric stash

can you see the brim's been started?!
can you see the brim’s been started?!

Spent lots of time this weekend going through fabric.  Now have all winter fabrics boxed up, awaiting Aug/Sept time frame.  And have all summer things boxed, with a lot of it washed-since-the-move and ready to cut out.  Phew!

After all that, plus getting me serger back and playing with it, just spent a lotta time crocheting in front of telly.  Hat’s almost done – yeah!