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memademay: the final days

absolutely LOVE this vintage blouse of slubbed rayon but never posted about it.
adore this vintage koret blouse of slubbed rayon but never posted about it. (couldn’t get photo to do justice to the colours)


For my first participation in Me Made May I didn’t set the bar very high – new job & didn’t want to be stressing out on what I was wearing. So I made a pledge that included upcycled items, and discovered that’s a large portion of what I was wearing.

Thinking about the experience, part of the outcome was influenced by a third of the month having much lower temps than expected, and I’d already packed away those items.

(To be honest, I don’t like making hot weather clothes & have lagged behind in  sewing those projects.)

Another bump in the road is a decision to retire the DKNY Vogue pattern used for three of the dresses, because the front neckline pleats make the dress “front heavy.” Fabric weight doesn’t make any difference. I’m constantly pulling them back into place.

Now, what to replace it with is the big question.

Maybe I should give the McCall’s 6117 pattern I used for the cinema dress another go, as it doesn’t have the same problem (so it’s not my posture going wonky).

Know I need to make several more pairs of shorts for sleep & lounging, and could use some solid coloured tank tops to go with them (and with skirts when it really gets hot).

One thing I discovered is I really like having space to put colours together: all beige/white blouses, red & orange, yellow. It makes it much easier to decide combinations. I can hold up a patterned top or bottom half and decide what will (or more frequently won’t!) match it.

So much to sew and so little time to do it in!


Last Sunday’s Guardian had a list of 50 summer dresses for London, so I picked out a couple of silhouettes I liked ~ 2 kimono dresses, a modified shirtwaist, and one simply because it’s green. (Hopeless, I know.)

So off I need to go and see what patterns I might have (or can modify) to give these a try…

Guess that’s a plan.  😀

How did you all fare in May, and what did you discover?

sunday sevens #17 & week 3, memademay

Here are my 7 photos for the week, in slide show format. Click to go to the show, which includes captions of explanation.


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Natalie, Threads and Bobbins, came up with the idea of Sunday Sevens. Anyone can join in, and you don’t have to do a post every Sunday or have 7 photos. Perfect for weeks when there’s not much to write about, but life happens.

  • For more about Gütermann thread’s secret hidey spool construction, read Yorkshire Karen’s post.
  • Some interesting thoughts about Clothes on BBC Radio 4’s Late Night Women’s Hour podcasts. Do be aware that as it’s late at night, some of the language is a bit different from what’s used at 10 in the morning. 😉
  • Eye-opening example of what happened with fabric construction when they cut their newest pattern cross grain instead of with grainline, from pattern company Decades of Style.

Added to my discoveries during MeMadeMay are cutoffs/culottes with pockets in black & maybe denim because I’m wearing the upcycled ones from friend Karen every week.


sunday sevens #16

click to go to Zo’s page

Well, I wore my Morris jacket a few more times last week . . . .

I’m delighted we’re having slightly cooler weather for a couple of days, so I can.

You know I do wash it. 😉

Here are some Me Made May entries for last week ~ have forgotten a few & you need to mentally add that denim Morris. Captions are when your cursor hovers over a photo or you click one.

Keep counting, cause I’ve actually got 7 photos this week, so Natalie’s (Threads and Bobbins)   Sunday Sevens actually fits… except I missed Sunday. Anyone can join in, and details are quite flexible as we all know Life sometimes comes before sewing. (Horrors!)

And here’s a few more, for further glimpses of the rest of the week. Hard to believe the month’s half gone!


sunday sevens 15

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Natalie, over at Threads and Bobbins, came up with the idea of Sunday Sevens. Anyone can join in, and you don’t have to do a post every Sunday.

It’s also time for MeMadeMay16. Below are items I’ve worn last week. . . and add that Morris jacket about 3 different times.

I think that’s going to be a staple, and needs cloning. So does the Renfrew.

Now if I can just find the time . . .

Hope all U.S. mums have had a fabulous Mother’s Day, and

we all have a wonderful week ahead!

sunday sevens #12 ~ reflections

view from the porch
view from the porch

Monday was taxes due day over here, and now that’s finished life can go on as usual. Which always seems to be unusual these days.

Shhh! I’ve been downloading & listening to podcasts from BBC4’s Women’s Hour whilst doing mechanical work. Have discovered interesting tidbits, and thought I’d share a few.

Helen Walmsley-Johnson writes about being an older woman in society. Has anyone read her book, The Invisible Woman? Am wondering if it’s worth importing across the pond.

Since I learned how badly some books are edited for American readers, I’ve tried to get original, unedited versions.

Make-up for older women was also discussed here, with how-to’s on YouTube.

Hope I’m not the only reader/sewer around that finds both subjects of interest…


Sunday 7's

In a valiant attempt to catch up with as many photo challenges as possible, and considering this represents a whole week of piccies, here are those challenges ~