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quick knit-pilling question

see all the ickle balls of fluff-that-aren't-so-fluffy?
see all the ickle balls of fluff-that-aren’t-so-fluffy? (click to go to original post)

I think that’s the correct term, “pilling.”

As in all those teensy balls of fluff that have covered this knit dress over its 2-years of summer wearing.

It’s too much to shave off, even with my little electric fluff shaver.

Definitely can’t face trashing this after only a couple years wear.

And besides, it’s green! ! ! ! ! ! !

intricacies of re-use

IN”TRICATE, a. [L. intricatus, from intrico, to fold; in and tricor.] Entangled, involved; perplexed; complicated; obscure. (1824)

Remember this, from 2 years ago? The stretch cotton has a lot of body & I love those pockets, but the culottes didn’t get worn last summer, the Summer of Dresses. The fabric hadn’t faded. They were too good to bin. What to do?

Taking a good look, I remembered how unflattering I’d felt they looked, but they hadn’t been uncomfortable to wear. I decided to do some chopping and try the fabric as a skirt instead.

Haven’t had time to wear the skirt. Yet. One reuse project done. 🙂


2 "new" skirts
2 “new” skirts

Meanwhile, 2 RTW (ready to wear) dresses also hadn’t been worn in several years; their slinky knit-type fabrics seem indestructible. What to do?

The bodices were the uncomfortable bits, in summer humidity. Those got slashed and binned.  Presto! A couple more skirts.

No, I wasn’t about to try ripping out those factory stitches to make side seam  pockets from the tops. Ripping the culotte/skirt hem took long enough.

Will this summer be a summer of dresses and skirts?

(Note to self’s Never-Ending List: make tops to go with skirts?)

WordPress photo challenge

from the weekend . . .

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Did a bit of sewing, but not too much.  Hit a bit of a puzzle:  How to use the crochet bits from these two ancient pillowcases?

Do note the scalloped edge and how thoroughly it’s sewn into place… would love not to have to un-pick that.


weekly photo challenge: background & more organising

top of shelving unit - note white shelves in background on left & right
top of shelving unit – note white shelves in background on left & right

Am sooo pleased!!! Scored a great bargain from a yard sale. It’s very sturdy & will provide LOTS of storage for fabric, books, notions, etc. Now need to start stacking me stackable bookcases (those white things in the background, lower left & right) to make use of vertical space, a la designer Christopher Lowell.

And speaking of organizing, how cool is it that this week’s photo challenge coincides with The Organising Project?!  What, you say?  She’s bought  another shelf for that tiny space when she’s already got 6?!

It’s all about that stuff in the background, Possums – those places of I-wish-obcurity, unnoticed & unseen (see definition #2, next para.) that should be a sofa for sitting rather than book & fabric storage.

From my favorite dictionary: BACK”GROUND, n. [back and ground.] Ground in the rear or behind, as opposed to the front. 2. A place of obscurity, or shade; a situation little seen, or noticed.

In other words, it’s all about that stuff in the background – fabric strewn over sofa, and boxes & books on the floor – cleverly mostly cut out of the frame. Besides, who doesn’t need storage for all their sewing inventory & gear???


life happens …

I do humbly beg Lovely Readers’ pardon for the past few months’ oddities.  Realized lately that since October it’s been monthly travel except when a sister passed.  February’s jaunt was a thousand permanent miles, yielding that drastic Internet solution.

These photos are from the former closet, the un-packing paper, and the new closet before & after a re-do.  To say we’re downsizing isn’t in error!

stash & sewing machine

Currently, fabric is sitting in huge plastic boxes until there’s something better.  Haven’t gotten to the dealer with my machine either.  It sews fine, I think… haven’t plugged it in as there’s no table to put it on.   Waaaailll ! ! !  😉

There’s a nice new table all ready to be set up as soon as there’s space.  Me thinks the queen bed will be replaced with something much more compact.

Sew a bit more patience, Dear Readers, and pardon the pun!


PS/ Forgot the best part of that closet re-do: everything was 30% off & volunteers came & installed it.  They’re due a tasty treaty!

machine maintenance – bleck!

there really are wolves in the wolf room
there really are wolves in Ms. Karen’s Wolf Room – as well as rolling pins!

Am reeeally wanting to do buttonholes, back-stitching, and decorative stitches, which my used machine won’t do.  Decided to bite the bullet and find out why.  Have been told it might be a computer board problem.  Hope not!  So it’s a trip to the repair shop for maintenance – cleaning, and a thorough going over.  As soon as I’ve a minute to get it there, amidst all the wild winter weather.

Am sorting through the stash instead, making summer & winter piles of fabric and storing them accordingly.

February blahs?  Maybe… but a little fabric browsing always helps!