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2013 winter swap ~ yes, i do mean **now**


Penny over at Dresses and Me ( in New Zealand) is hosting a winter swap. Southern Hemisphere seasons are opposite of Northern Hemisphere, so she really can say Winter.

Hurray!  Have seen other swaps and am amazed and more than slightly envious at how people view their partners, and was green with envy to participate. Hee-hee!

If you’re interested, and have a sewing blog (so your partner can see what you like) click onto Penny’s blog post and sign up right away – there is a time limit!

Kat at Modern Vintage Cupcakes also just posted an interview with Penny about her online store and her personal sewing likes – quite interesting!

Will be posting about my package as soon as it arrived, so stay tuned!

a wee bit more sewing bee!

from the BBC-2 web site
from the BBC-2 web site

Note-This shoulda been a monday or tuesday post, but was too busy to put it up – apologies for not feeling like writing this week, & saving them all up for today – my bad On a brighter note, you’ve the whole weekend to catch up.   he-he!

There’s just something about the camaraderie all 8 contestants displayed that’s knocked a big hole in many people’s hearts around the globe.  If you’re one of those with withdrawal pangs, here’s a wee bit more detail. And lots more piccies!

❤❤  Faithful Readers know I’m a fan of Debi over at My Happy Sewing Place.  Her partner, David, has written a beautiful guest post of his observations of the show, having accompanied Debi to Lauren’s Grand Opening last weekend, when many of the contestants also came to help out. As a man who doesn’t sew, he had time to observe and reflect on what was happening. It’s inspiring reading!  ❤❤

the sewers, in alpha order

  • Ann is on Ravelry, and has ventured into quilting
  • Jane’s gorgeous handbags are available online
  • Lauren’s shop sells online & has just opened in Birmingham, U.K.
  • Mark & his wife spend their evenings making historic costumes for themselves
  • Michelle is a young mum & makes unique fashions for herself & her baby
  • Sandra continues to sew for herself & her 3 daughters… and has started her own label
  • Stuart writes a quilting column for a monthly magazine, and holds quilting workshops around the U.K., including at Lauren’s store
  • Tilly is publishing her own patterns, has a very popular blog, and also does workshops at Lauren’s store

judges & presenter

  • May Martin has taught at Denman College (Women’s Institute Academy) since 1995
  • Savile Row’s Patrick Grant is a director of a bespoke menswear firm and has absorbed their high level of workmanship
  • Claudia Winkleman is well-known for hosting BBC programmes, including Strictly Come Dancing & The Arts Show with Claudia Winkleman

BBC-2 aired the programmes, and this is their site. Note that I’ve tried several times to view clips on their site and have only gotten to see 1 or 2.  Not certain if it’s because I’m not in England, or if the site was overloaded with requests to view.

t-shirt troubles

Here’s a well-fitting tee shirt I never wore because it has a phrase I don’t like (and blocked out).  However, lately it’s been a wardrobe staple.  But I hate that phrase…  Time for a bit of embellishment, I guess.

Am certain you’ve never had such a dilemma!

Tried a bit of black, but the design’s not one to go sideways.

Settled on a rectangle I picked up last summer on sale.  Had to trim bits off front & back edges of lace, so they’re not a mirror image.

But something about it just doesn’t look right.  Perhaps if I sew it on at an angle it won’t be so… boring.

better"  or maybe not...
better?  or maybe not…

What do you think?!

a december project

after wearing several times without the red button, decided to add it... just cause red's so nice!
after wearing several times without the red button, decided to add it… just cause red’s so nice!

Apologies for the delay in reporting my experiment with a zippered hoodie sweatshirt.  I wanted to change the overall effect from casual to something more feminine.  Hm… tried out some lace and crochet work.  A piece that seemed just right had tiny stains that wouldn’t bleach out.   Buttons might hid the stains.

You know I  couldn’t resist that combination!

The sweatshirt fabric was too thick to sew comfortably by hand.  Had to use lots of very short straight stitches, with the needle stopping in the down position so everything could be shifted around the circle.  Actually, that didn’t get done too accurately, so button placement came to the rescue!  Then I got out the pliers to help get the needle through the fabric enough times to sew on the buttons.

Some buttons flop around a bit because they’re shank buttons, but I don’t mind.

All that’s needed now is an idea for replacing the frayed ribbed cuffs.  Suggestions?