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weekly photo challenge: monument


When I think of something monumental in sewing I think of lace.  Any person who takes the time and effort necessary to create such intricate and beautiful designs surely has created monumental work by sheer effort.  So although this piece is small, compared to a statue or a bridge, to me it represents a great deal of time, patience, skill, thought and planning to execute.

This piece is standing the test of time, just as other monuments do.  Now almost 50 years old, it’s in use daily, at the moment, although sometimes it’s been laid away for well deserved rests.

It was made by a woman who, in her youth, travelled across the eastern United States by covered wagon, living in Indian Territory 100 years ago.  Much later in her life she crocheted this piece for me, and I value it highly.

Mon”u*ment, n. [F., fr. L. monumentum, fr. monere to remind, admonish.]  1. Something which stands, or remains, to keep in remembrance what is past; a memorial.


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Sometimes I just wanna sit & rip something out.  You ever have that feeling?  Preferably nothing you’ve made, understandably!

You might remember an old sweatshirt I trimmed up with some lace & buttons, so I’d wear it more often.  Am happy to report I did. But now it’s waaay past its sell-by date, and time to recycle into other items.

There are holes at the stress points of both pockets, the cuffs have been gone for some time, and I’m trying for a more classic style.

Today felt like the day to rip off the additions, and save a great metal separating zipper.

Hope you’re each having your own success, Lovely Readers!

weekly photo challenge: grand

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GRAND, a. [L. grandis.]  Great; but mostly in a figurative sense… splendid… principal… chief…  conceived or expressed with great dignity… old; more advanced… to constitute a thing grand, it seems necessary that it should be distinguished by some degree of beauty. …

This lace fragment wouldn’t impress most people, and they definitely wouldn’t think it “great.”

However, when you consider that it somehow was acquired by my mother and passed down to me, perhaps you can understand my more-than-cursory glance.

It’s a fragment of a collar, just a few inches wide and a foot long.  At first I didn’t think it usable for anything.  However, now I’m paying more attention to it, and am grateful it didn’t get tossed.

Just consider the details:

  • It might have been made by hand!
  • Who came up with the design, those curving stems that include buds, flowers, and leaves?
  • And who designed the scalloped border, with it’s own filigree of triangles, scallops and all those lines connecting everything?
  • All of which was neatly translated into the ending of the overall design, with that connecting double line of stitching?

Actually, quite impressive and grand, even if on such a small scale.  Or does that smallness of scale actually add to it’s grandness?

What do you think!

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Finished those green mittens over the holiday.  Solved the elastic problem by sewing a fleece casing inside the gloves at the wrist  and threading elastic through.

Discovering a bottle of puffy paint, did a bit of doodling on the mitts’ palms.  Hope that will stop some of the slippage, an annoying characteristic of all fabric gloves & mittens.  Leather is better, but not as warm as fleece.  😉

McCall's 3677, 1993
McCall’s 3677, 1993

Have added McCall’s P461 (6377), 1993, to my collection, thanks to Erin B at Vint Hill.  Will do skirts for all seasons with it, as it’s for woven fabric, not stretch. I’ll try both, just to push the boundary, and add pockets.  If I’d had the pattern last summer, would have used the green floral print for it, instead of the dress, but am glad to have the dress.

Lots of gift sewing going on, so posts may be less frequent.  Got a copy of Emma Brennan’s Making Vintage Accessories and am busy trying to choose which one to make  first, and for whom.  It’s a gorgeous book with exciting projects.  Am getting up my nerve to make  that Harris Tweed handbag in 2014… still nervous about cutting into such wonderful fabric.

There’s also the Monthly Stitch project for December, Party!, to make.  Have several things in mind ~ will see what gets done.  Does everyone do that – plan lots of projects and actually make maybe half?

Which reminds me, last night I looked at Franklin H’s knitting blog and saw heavenly Erté.  Found the dress I’d looove to make for Monthly Stitch, but can’t find faux ermine for the skirt.  Drat.  (Tongue-in-cheek, as I’d freeze, and canNOT visualise all that fur at hip level.)

Do read past the dresses to find the knitting bags he includes – as in bags to carry your knitting.  Seems it was all the rage after WWI.  Who’d have thought?

Must thank knitting friend Lynn for telling me about the blog, suggest knitters check out her original designs, and consider joining the Lacy Knitters Guild (international membership) if you use those teensy needles!

Happy sewing, Dear Readers!

saturday spitalfields update: colour!

Samantha of Ultimate Vintage Upcycle reports, “Have been moved to stall number 38 for Spitalfields Market on Saturday. 

We should be easy to spot as it will look like an explosion in a paint factory COLOUR COLOUR and a tad more COLOUR!”

Everyone near London head over, give Samantha a hug, & start looking at the buttons, ribbons, vintage upcycled items, ribbons, laces, and haberdashery from across Europe over the last 100 years.

WOWser, has she got gorgeous things!   Do send us a piccie of your finds.

decorating the whither the weather hat ~ handkerchiefs & lace

Before Jane Austen’s time, women were saving bits & bobs of jewellery, lace, ribbon, buttons, and fabric to use for decorative purposes ~ including hats.  That’s what I’m going to show over the next couple of days, starting with these …

Remember this collection?  It would look equally good on this hat, but it’s not coming off the blue!   And lest we forget our vintage hankies…

saturday, stall #37, old spitalfields, london!

click to see Samantha's post about these pillows!
click to see Samantha’s post about these pillows!

Wish I could be transported for the debut of Samantha’s Ultimate Vintage Upcycle stall at Old Spitalfields Market this Saturday… sigh!

She’s collected some very rare fabrics & notions, and upcycled them in delightful ways.

You simply will not belief the love and care that’s gone into these, including documenting the history of each, passing it on for the latest owners to know, talk about, and treasure.

2 sets red buttons
remember these? by the GROSS she’s got ’em, and many more!

Don’t believe me?  Read a bit of Samantha’s blog or Facebook and you’ll see!  Or read a couple of me older posts about here & here.

my suggestion: arrive early & bring lots cash ~ and say “del sent me!”

Beginning Monday next, she will begin selling on Facebook with PayPal.

Old Spitalfields Market map ~ scroll down the page
“The nearest Tube stations are Liverpool Street, Shoreditch High Street and Aldgate East, all around 5 minutes away. Old Street Tube station is a 15-minute walk, as is Moorgate.  See www.tfl.gov.uk for all bus routes etc.”

i’m going to Rio next week ! ! !


Well, not me actually, but my winter swap package will be, to Sewing for Me.  Whoo-hoo! ! !

Luckily, we both have the same colouring, so my fabrics will look good with her complexion.  I’ve checked Wikipedia and see the average temperature year round is low 70s (F), so the fabrics will be light & medium weight – more will fit into that box!

Wanna see what’s going?  Oh-no!  You’ll have to wait until it arrives in Rio, and read about it on her blog. 😉

Hee-hee! ! !

By then I should have her package, and we’ll both be posting!

Thanks again to wonderful  Dresses & Me for putting the swap together, just before going to U.K.

2013 winter swap ~ yes, i do mean **now**


Penny over at Dresses and Me ( in New Zealand) is hosting a winter swap. Southern Hemisphere seasons are opposite of Northern Hemisphere, so she really can say Winter.

Hurray!  Have seen other swaps and am amazed and more than slightly envious at how people view their partners, and was green with envy to participate. Hee-hee!

If you’re interested, and have a sewing blog (so your partner can see what you like) click onto Penny’s blog post and sign up right away – there is a time limit!

Kat at Modern Vintage Cupcakes also just posted an interview with Penny about her online store and her personal sewing likes – quite interesting!

Will be posting about my package as soon as it arrived, so stay tuned!