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optimistic sewing plans

Finally have time to get these new additions blogged!


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This week’s topic over at the WordPress photo got got me thinking.

Aren’t we sewers optimistic folk?

After all, we spot a fabric or a pattern and know or think or hope it’ll be exactly what we’re looking for once it’s made up. 😍

And sooner or later we get out the fabric and pattern, and start cutting and sewing. ✂️

Sometimes we’re successful. 😊

Sometimes maybe not. 😳

But rarely does that stop us permanently. 😱

There’s something about the process of doing creative things that draws us back.

What keeps you optimistic, Lovely Readers?

keeping a hand in . . .

Just so y’all know I haven’t forgotten about sewing . . .


Coletterie’s Seamwork issue has been released and there’s a yummy article about places to see and shop in and around Edinburgh, Scotland.  It’s also available on the author’s site.

If wishes were jets, I’d be well on my way over right now!

From second hand book shops to museums to charity shops to real fabric stores to restaurants, this sounds like a wonderful city to at least visit, if not reside in.

Seamwork also has some features on exercise clothing, which I should study, having good intentions in that direction.

It’s Friday, so plan a little jaunt for yourself this weekend. Sit down with your favourite cuppa, and browse. Be inspired!

Don’t know about you, but my fabric stash still needs reducing.


Lagenlook 1: what’s that?

Lagenlook refers to a layered style in clothing, and appears to be credited with appearing in the 1970’s.

I saw the term about a week ago. Then I went on-line and started educating my eye & intellect. Then I spent time thinking.

initial analysis
Since the 1990’s I’ve favoured a summer outfit topped with either a blouse or a long jacket. I still have two jackets from that period, each of which I’ve worn and been complimented on this summer.

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weekly photo challenge: warmth (aka interlining)

ickle camel & larger heart ornaments
ickle camel & larger heart ornaments

Warm, a. [AS. wearm; … OL. formus warm.]    WARMTH, n.  1. Gentle heat… 2. Zeal; ardor; fervor… 3. Earnestness…

Eons ago I made a wool coat to wear at college, and used an interlining between the wool and satin lining. It was one of my few ventures into tailoring, and included bound buttonholes. Now that coat is gone, but not forgotten!

These days, I’d use an interlining of Thinsulate™, made by 3M™.  It’s listed on-line at The Green Pepper, The Rain Shed (both Oregon), and Vogue Fabrics (Chicago). That’s not to say there aren’t equivalents elsewhere; just that I don’t know about them.

3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation is used in jackets‚ pants‚ gloves‚ hats and boots to help keep you warm when it’s cold outside. The unique microfibers or fine fibers that make up Thinsulate insulation work by trapping air molecules between you and the outside. The more air a material traps in a given space‚ the better it insulates you from the cold outside air. Because the fibers in Thinsulate insulation are finer than the fibers used in most other synthetic or natural insulation‚ they trap more air in less space‚ which naturally makes Thinsulate insulation a better insulator.”   (from their site)

Note: Everywhere it says Do Not Pretreat this insulation! It’s washable & dry cleanable, but not until its sewn between fabrics, as an interlining.

Green Pepper and Rain Shed also list different weights of Polartec® fleece, which I much prefer to any other fleece I’ve gotten from fabric stores. Green Pepper’s selection is limited, so you should call or email for current stock.

Have a warmth of winter sewing!


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mccall’s archive collection


jacket – M6995, circa 1933
click to go to diagrams
skirt – M6993, circa 1933
click to go to diagrams


McCall’s “Archive Collection” is out, starting with a skirt and jacket (2 separate patterns), labeled “circa 1933.”  Is it me, or could those photos lead someone to believe each pattern has both?

Currently they’re lumped in with the other new patterns, for “Early Fall.”  With current regional weather in heat extremus, I can’t wait for real Autumn weather!

weekly photo challenge: on the move, or, serging ahead

Move, v. t.[OE. moven, OF. moveir, F. mouvoir, L. movere; cf. Gr. to change, exchange, go in or out, quit… ] 1. To cause to change place or posture in any manner; to set in motion…

Got out the old serger/interlocker/overlocker depending on what they call it in your part of the world.  And really went to town… so to speak.

Photos above should show what I’ve serged, and what got updated this Spring…

The Burda blouse from last year got it’s pleats sewn down, and itsy French knots embroidered at the bottoms, to match the ones on the back.  Then I sewed the entire neck facing down, by hand.  Patience, oh, patience!  Hand sewing isn’t my favourite task.  But it looks so much better!  Also serged that facing before turning under, come to think of it.   🙂

And… the brilliant yellow jacket, also from last year…  Yes.  The one that ravels if you think about it.  It finally got serged all the way round its seams, and is in the wash.  I used blue tailor’s chalk liberally, to mark wrong sides.  Come to think of it, hope it washes out.

And finally, thinking I had enough cherry cotton to do a trial of the Miss Bossy pattern, I laid out the fabric. Nope.  No way.  So I cut out, and then serged all the edges, of another blouse, with shorter sleeves. (Updated: Had to go searching for this ~ remember the December red w/white dots flannel? Cut out the bottom left view this time.)

We are moving on !


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huge pattern sale by We Sew Retro’s Katherine

“From now until Monday (November 18), the coupon code BUBBLES will get you 20% off everything in the WeSewRetro shop and a massive 60% off everything in ZipZapKap. On Monday, both pattern stores will be closing until I return to the States so don’t miss your chance to snap up some beauties. Everything purchased before the shops close will ship within 24 hours of payment.”  As noted on We Sew Retro.

Dear Katherine & her family must return unexpectedly to England to care for her mum, and she must temporarily close her shops.   Let’s all make certain they have the funds for their unexpected trip.

We Sew Retro – 20% off
Includes several overseas companies with normally high shipping costs for Americans.  NOT from Katherine’s Middle America location!

ZipZapKap – 60% off
These great patterns are practically being given away, so hurry on over!

rio package has arrived!

Teresa of Sewing for Me, has sent a lovely box of goodies from Rio, that finally arrived today. YEAH !  Gorgeous fabric, buttons & patterns – once fabric content is confirmed I’ll be cutting right in!

We were both participants in the Winter Swap 2013 ~ see the pretty badge over on the right?  It was run beautifully by Dresses and Me‘s lovely author, Penny.

BOTH magazines are full of patterns, all in Portuguese.  Bet my online translator will get a lotta use!

THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU, dear Teresa ! ! !

radiant raveling rayon

Here’s another project that’s been aged for several years, getting worked on periodically, and now it’s on a hanger, almost done.

This started out in California as luxurious rayon in a true sunflower shade of yellow. I’d decided to use a favourite jacket pattern which for some reason I later decided to toss out ~ the pattern, not the fabric ~ maybe because I had several versions already in me closet, and this was cut out.

Time passed.  This jacket didn’t get sewn. More time passed.  The pieces didn’t get traced either.  Occasionally I’d remember the luscious rayon, but mostly I forgot it.

Then I decided to get it out and trace it, after tracing out that Burda blouse. Then one day I actually dragged it out and started sewing it.

Mind you, I first had to deal with the raveling issue.  As in, MASSIVE raveling.  To the point where it might have altered the size downward.  Not a good omen, as I wanted to use this as a largish, floaty protector from a hot sun.

It ain’t gonna happen.  The fabric’s too heavy.  But the good news is it still fits, and I’ve got the pattern for future versions.

Meanwhile, this is still on a hanger, awaiting more inspiration & patience.

Am I the only one that does this?!

weekly photo challenge: companionable, and some ‘new’ patterns

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From my favorite dictionary ~ a different definition, but familiar nonetheless!

Com*pan”ion, n. [F. compagnon, OF. compaing, fr. as assumed LL. companio (cf. companium fellowship, a mess), fr. L. com- + panis bread. See Pantry.]
4. [Cf. OSp. compa\’a4a an outhouse, office.] (Naut.) (a) A skylight on an upper deck with frames and sashes of various shapes, to admit light to a cabin or lower deck. (b) A wooden hood or penthouse covering the companion way; a companion hatch. Companion hatch (Naut.), a wooden porch over the entrance or staircase of the cabin. — Companion ladder (Naut.), the ladder by which officers ascend to, or descend from, the quarter-deck.
Syn. — Associate; comrade; mate; compeer; partner; ally; confederate; coadjutor; accomplice.
two lovers meet, by John Smith Gumbula,  Australian aboriginal art
Australian aboriginal art by John Smith Gumbula

Great good friends Karen & Gary made a flying visit Saturday & Miss K brought an addition to my Australian art collection. These two do look happy together, don’t they!

It was pattern week last week, because I added several patterns to my stash. One I’d had & loved, one I’d been drooling over for a couple of years, and Karen brought a  new-to-me blouse pattern, very similar to one I’d made in the deep, dark, distant past and wished I still had.  This version doesn’t have bodice & sleeve cut as one piece, so much less fabric is needed. Yippee!

And the bonus book is the Simplicity 1979 book, which has excellent embroidery directions & styles. Might get some inspiration for the Metro Middy blouse.   😉

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