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Monday, monday

First, the BIG news: That cold front from Canada is pushing into the area.

HUGE THANK YOU ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 😍🥰😍

And so we go from 100 plus to low 80’s (or from over 40 to 20’s).

The Not So Good News is the heat seems to have migrated over to dear U.K. and European regions. That is seriously NOT a Good Thing. 😾 🤬 😾

Opened my curtains (thermal blackout fabric to keep heat/cold out) for the first time in almost two weeks. See here, here, and here for more information on blackout cloth and some photos.

An update on mending…

I dug out my book on mending and discovered 12 pages on mending knits. TWELVE pages! At the very end I discovered another suggestion, which seemed more practical (meaning a lot less hassle than reweaving).

Deciding that cotton embroidery would be too heavy for this light weight knit, I remembered ribbon embroidery and did a quick search for some books at the library. Nada. 😳

Then I remembered I had a book on ribbon embroidery from ages ago (1995). Surely I hadn’t tossed it out…

Nope, found it and started working through the endless bits of a large unsorted collection of ribbons and laces and such. Spent lots of time pulling out bits of lacy stuff and placing on green knit. Just for effect, you know… and didn’t like any of it.

I did manage to find two ribbons that might look okay, then wondered if I had enough for the repairs.

Time to get serious and count how many holes there are:

  • 3 on back right shoulder
  • 1 on back left shoulder
  • 2 on lower back toward center
  • 11 on lower front right


I think a lot of the joy just left . . . . .

monday mishmash

Hello, Lovelies! It is Monday. Again. And the First Day of July. Where is this year speeding off to, and why? Herewith, despite despair at all that wasn’t accomplished, are a few of the bits that were. . .

I’m thinking of changing my gravatar…

You know, this thingey that pops up whenever I write here or comment elsewhere.

My sticking point is this gravatar connects to two things—the C with CurlsnSkirls, and the thistles with my Scots sewing and crocheting grannies, bless ’em.

What do you all think ? ? ?

Pleeese be very honest and say if you think it’s a nutty idea. I promise I won’t be upset.

Oh. What would replace it? Am considering this, if you can imagine it reduced to 1/4 inch-size.

The left side is undyed

Things are ticking over at the usual hot summer pace, which isn’t spectacularly speedy.

I decided to fiddle about—again—with the dotted duster. I took a good look at it whilst outside at high noon one day and decided it was too white and I wanted a more subdued effect.

Soaking in hot tea

My solution (no pun intended) was to tea dye it in the kitchen sink. Not something I do often, but there were tea bags left from the last bout.

I wrote about it even before that session, so that giant box in the photo was good value.

(For tea drinking I prefer decaf English Breakfast, and other black teas which never get used for anything but drinking!)

Hey-ho. Not much photographic difference, but to me, in full sun, there is. 🤣

Stop the presses! I cleaned off my sewing table! And resolve to stop piling things on the end except when I’m sewing.

It’s about 14″ x 22″

One of those little but pesky (aka, put off forever) sewing projects is done: I cut down an extra pillow case for a little pillow made years ago. It’s gotten a lot of use, and always needed a pillow case. Minorly major or majorly minor, am not sure, but pleasurable every night when I see it.

Slowly but surely more rounds are being added to the crochet project. Baby steps, but that’s fine. No rush!

We have a strange week here in the U.S. At least it seems strange to me. The Powers That Be usually move whatever day a major holiday falls on to the following Monday so everyone has a three day weekend.

However, this week it’s Fourth of July/Independence Day on Thursday. I guess moving that to Monday would not be appropriate. So we have a national holiday on Thursday. It just feels odd.

Maybe we’re practicing for Thanksgiving? 🤔 🦃

Downtown Chicago’s Grant Park, 2008

purity, headgear, & a bit o’craft (he-he!)

had forgotten about this 100% pure un-dyed wool hat crocheted last winter

Pure. v. (L. purus. …to separate, free, clear…)

  1. Separate from all heterogeneous or extraneous matter…

  2. Free from moral defilement…

  3. Genuine, real, true, unadulterated…

American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster.

Is there such a thing as pure sewing? Knitting? Crocheting? Any craft?

Thought-provoking points to ponder, as many of us busily continue to sew, knit, crochet, and do other crafts.

Let’s look up craft . . .

Craft. n. (Sax. craft, art, cunning, power, force. . . The primary sense is, to strain or stretch. Hence, strength, skill, a crying out…)

  1. Art, ability, dexterity, skill.

  2. Cunning, art, or skill, in a bad sense…

  3. Art… dexterity in a particular manual occupation; hence, the occupation or employment itself . . .

Hm. There are positive and negative connotations here, and a broiling weekend afternoon ain’t the time for heated debate.

Particularly as this is merely rhetorical musing with a motive of submission to not one, but two three photo challenges. (he-he!)

Possibly not the purist of motives.  😉   So let’s leave it at that, shall we?

Meanwhile, I might not be the only one with a huge pile of things to mend, sew, finish off, so-o-o .  .  .  .

Get out the ice cream (or hot toddies if you’re lucky enough to be freezing), and have a delightful weekend, everyone!

❤   ❤   ❤

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sewing & door numbers . . . ?

that number is also inlaid in the sidewalk

Okay, so what do these have to do with sewing, I ask myself.

Uh . . .

Sewing needs and uses numbers in many ways, from describing how much fabric it will take to make that blouse/skirt/dress/coat ~ you get the idea ~ you’re dying to try.

But sewing is also a door through which you can choose to enter or not.

At best, opening the door gets you an item of clothing to wear.

talk about grand – see the dome?

But it also reaffirms your ability to do a number of complex tasks, from estimating materials, to mental design (the right fabric for the item & concept of your vision), to reaffirming your sense of self and your creativity.

At worst, you decide one (or several) of the factors was off, and either overcome or bin the item. But you’ve still gained experience.

How many times do we read it takes failure and successes to learn.

Now it’s your turn, Dear Readers!

  • Do any of these doors or numbers inspire you?
  • Remind you of a door you’ve opened?
  • Or not opened?

Hope you’ll share your thoughts. Thank you!

❤   ❤   ❤


All photos taken in downtown Chicago and Lincoln Park.

Submitted to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, &

52 Week Photo Challenge