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the summer print sheath puzzle

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Last night the quandary over why I couldn’t cut into the orangey rayon was solved – yeah!  And the weather’s turned hot & humid again, so the pattern has been cut out of a Hawaiian print added to The Stash last December.  Might finish it before the night is out.  I’ve a plan for the peachy rayon, too, but wanted that sheath first.

The mystery was solved when I realized the pattern’s style is informal.  Recommended fabrics include seersucker & chambray, and they’re definitely more sporty and informal types of fabric.  I wouldn’t describe the rayon as sporty, and that was the difficulty.

Those front pleats are a bit of a mystery I need to look up on-line.  The pattern says to baste them, but never says to take out the stitches.  Looking at the photos, I can’t tell if they’ve left the pleats sewn down, or not.  Maybe I’ll flip a coin, but most probably I’ll check the fit.  If it goes on & comes off easily with the pleats sewn down, I’ll leave them!

Didn’t have quite enough fabric to do the 2-piece self-lined bodice, so will use bias binding. Sew up the sides, and it’s done!


Amongst the photos above I’ve included a picture that’s not quite right. See if you can figure out what’s wrong!

Think I’ve been watching too many Masterpiece Mysteries lately?  🙂


flash! karen’s etsy shop has patterns

this is Karen of Sew U Sew Me - she's NOT the clothes pin at the top of the page!
this is Karen of Sew U Sew Me – she’s NOT the clothes pin at the top of the page!

And they’re selling real quick, because her prices are great, she ships internationally and doesn’t charge an arm & a leg. If you’re in the market for craft, kids, or fashion patterns, from 1960s to current, click on over to Sew U Sew Me.

Happy shopping!


weekly photo challenge: escape

amongst the piles, current project is bright yellows/orange on tippy top of fabric piles & actually under the pressure foot
amongst the piles, current project is bright yellows/orange on tippy top of fabric piles & actually under the pressure foot

Borrowing from Urban Rustic, I think of this as my sewing slum, and it’s a delightful escape. Having spent so much time getting machines cleaned, & finding infrastructure (fabric, patterns, thread, bindings, ribbons, laces, buttons, interfacings, etc.) it’s such a pleasure to just sit down and sew.

Decided this morning to make up a seersucker fabric purchased last weekend. Am doing an extremely simple gathered straight shift with tie shoulder straps. It’ll do for either nightgown or house dress when it’s super hot… which is what I was vainly looking for this morning.

If you can’t find it/don’t have it, sew it! Which makes this not only an escape to a pleasanter, though decidedly crowded place, it’s also a process whereby to escape from heat, and add a needed item to me wardrobe.

Not bad for a Friday!

getting back to navy rayon


Remember it? Slow going, but I’m blaming it on the weather. (smug grin)

Snow on Monday and last week’s cold weather cooled my sewing ardor, pun intended. But I have managed to stay-stitch/zigzag all the edges, and am thinking about French seams when it warms up a bit.

Bulbs in the village are peeping out in exposed areas, as you can see below.

little navy rayon

rayon remnant reminiscent of the 30s
rayon remnant reminiscent of the 30s

Picked this up as a remnant for very little dosh, and immediately cut it out. Then let it age for several months… a number of months. But we’ve all done that!  (Haven’t we?)

The rayon is what I’d call a medium weight, and I decided to try out the slip part of  Vogue 1103. Don’t remember why I thought of that at the time, but now am thinking nice little summer nightgown, or house dress.  Definitely too low to wear comfortably anywhere but in private. Tut-tut! The fabric irons beautifully, washes & feels ditto. Reminiscent of a 30’s pattern, don’cha think?

thought a close-up of that pattern might be nice
thought a close-up of that pattern might be nice

It was on the top of the excavated box from the other day, along with thread, and assorted other goodies.  Pressed all the wrinkled pattern pieces and fabric into loveliness, and realized everything’s cut on the bias. So it stretches, and doesn’t ravel.

Only 2 pattern pieces – front & back – and a few self-fabric bias strips for arms and neckline. Has 2 bust darts, which were designed out of clothes round about the 1980’s. In my book, that makes it retro. Guess I thought it might need a bit of elastic to fit properly, as I’ve made meself a note to use clear elastic if necessary.

here's the drawing, from Vogue's web site ~ thank you, Vogue!
here’s the drawing, from Vogue’s web site ~ thank you, Vogue!

Wouldn’t it look nice with red binding, though… but don’t have any, and am too busy to go out and get some!

This was cut out before I had my nifty pinking sheers, but that bias cut stopped the raveling, even with all the handling. Guess if I were really doing the right thing, I’d French seam the sides. But bias, at least this bias, stretches too easily. Am hoping this will be a quick and easy project.

Hope those aren’t famous last words.  😉

wonky print?

potentially wonky fabric
potentially wonky fabric

Last weekend yours truly was deeesperate for something cool & soft to slip into whilst around the house.

I remembered a UFO,  cut out & laid away after thinking the print was off kilter, but the fabric was so cooool….   (UFO = UnFinished Object)

After sewing the 2 back underarm seams together instead of the 2 center backs I paused, and ripped and thought: maybe it was just me on that afternoon….  maybe the print wasn’t wonky after all…

This afternoon I laid the remaining fabric out.

What do you think?

I think I was the wonky one….!

wonky fabric close-up
wonky fabric close-up