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on ravelry

a 2008 collection of sale yarns - all gone now...
a 2008 collection of sale yarns – all gone now…

Yep, CurlsnSkirls is now on Ravelry.  You must become a member to see much, but the resources are very deep and it’s relatively easy to navigate through… except I can’t locate their info to get the right logo onto this site… but that’ll appear one of these days!

This summer’s version of last winter’s hat has been started, which sort of posed the query to self again, echoing my old yarn shop’s perennial suggestion that I get meself onto Ravelry.

The yarn used for this version’s made from recycled paper.  It’s like a skinny raffia that’s been ironed flat. The link takes you to Ravelry’s pattern page, which shows the yarn made into the hat. My hat might not come out quite the same, as I want a wider brim.

Working a crochet hook with this ain’t easy, but I’m determined ~ at this point ~ to get through it.  Don’t think I’ll get more though.  $19 USD is too much to pay for the effort of working it. Give me a nice, soft yarn anytime, specially if it’s got some rayon!

Jolly big shout out to Josée over at Cul de Sac, who’s doing a huge craft fair tomorrow.  She has gorgeous things in her etsy shop, too – hint, hint!

not enough hours…

McCall's 4116, center & bottom right versions
McCall’s 4116, center & bottom right versions

I missed the memo that said this week was going to have 8 hr days instead of 24.   AGH !  There’s been so much to do, primarily sewing machine-related.  Sheer heaven to finally be able to back stitch, do decorative stitches, vary stitch lengths – yeah!

Plus there’s been a 30% off sale on all those extra machine bits… am trying not to lust after more than the 4 extra pressure feet just purchased.   😉

AND… CurlsnSkirls is now on Ravelry.  Trolled back thru my photos & discovered more knit & crochet projects than I thought.  Am adding them as time permits.  If you’re also on Ravelry, do stop by.

AND I have a sewing commission… sort of!  A friend wore a hat I admired, and said she wished she had more in different colours.  We decided it most resembled McCall’s 4116,view E.  For the moment, and as it’s gone chilly again, hats trump the summer dress.   Now, about those 7 other feet I’d like to have…

did spend 10 minutes sticking plastic flowers into this old decoration, ready to hang
did spend 10 minutes sticking plastic flowers into this old decoration, ready to hang

crocheted winter hat

can you see the slight pinwheel design in the top?
can you see the slight pinwheel design in the top?

For once I found a crochet pattern easy enough to attempt.  Am pleased meself took time to rip out until the subtle design appeared correctly. Sorry I didn’t make note of the pattern or designer’s name.  Might be local as I didn’t find anything when I searched for the name back in November (when I was planning this slightly delayed post).

Made it bigger, as yarn was in the stash, and knew I wanted to be able to pull it down over my ears when it’s really cold.  Content of yarn is 50% cotton, 50% rayon, so it’s very soft and has a slight sheen.

area on sides with elastic insertion, a double crochet pattern section
area on sides with elastic insertion, a double crochet pattern section

Threaded some narrow elastic through the sections to check and see if my idea was totally crackers, then sewed some ribbon onto the elastic & started threading it through.  (above)

Not quite completed, but wanted to get something out to indicate I did do stuff even if I wasn’t posting… Also kept up reading everyone else’s blogs, just didn’t have time to reply. Apologies to all!

piles upon piles of paper & too much hot air

slipper repair job: guess which rose got re-glued
repair job: guess which rose got re-glued*

The sewing table, that was neat as a pin & ready for work, is now piled high with half a dozen projects to be done quickly. Drat.

Remember the Fall hat re-do?  Weather’s been so dodgy I haven’t known when or whether to re-do, and said hat’s now looking dodgier than the weather.  Which I think is really just the quadri-annual (made it up – means every 4 years) burst of political hot air rather than climate change.  😉

Did manage a repair job last night, tho’.  My favorite summer slippers last came out of the wash with a rose reduced to a long strip of fabric instead of nicely curled & glued to its’ base.

Inspired by the Singer Sewing Book I’d been thinking I needed to get an upholstery needle to do the mend.  But it was too hot yesterday, and I remembered some Fabri-Tac sitting in a drawer.  I’d not used it – have any of you?  The piece seemed to curl back into position perfectly, and am wearing the slippers today.  Yeah!  One repair job done!

Now to get past those pesky projects and into those yummy fabrics I’ve been dreaming about for weeeeks!

* left rose was reglued

frozen hats & braided ric rack

frozen hats
frozen hats

The summer hat was in the freezer for glue removal (freezing it works!), and the 100% wool felt was being checked for dust.  (Seems if you put a felted hat in the freezer for several days any dust rises to the surface and you can brush it off.)  Didn’t see any dust, but brushed the hat anyway. Continue reading frozen hats & braided ric rack