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catching up to silly saturday

Hello! It’s been a bit since my last post, but lots of things are developing around here, and that’s taken away most blogging time (and all IG time). Mostly interesting stuff, but can’t discuss yet.

What I can offer today is a suggestion to try a tasty citrus fruit next time you see some at your grocers.

Called Blood Oranges over here, because of their colour. I discovered, after reading the Wiki article about them, that the one I ate, and did not like at all, just wasn’t ripe.

Seems they’re sort of tangerine-like, and not like regular oranges at all!

They sort of remind me of persimmons, which can look lovely, bright and shiney orange. You’d think they were ripe & ready to eat, but YUCK if you try. You have to wait until they start getting black and gelatinous and quite rotten-looking. Then they are sooooooo good!

In my very limited experience, blood oranges won’t appear that yucky, but might seem slightly shrunken, like a citrus that’s drying out. The outer skin might start showing red streaks.

If what you buy doesn’t look ripe, leave them to ripen! Mine have been aging in the bottom of my fridge in a drawer. Which reminds me . . .

Time to get another out and enjoy . . . . . . . Do tell if you’ve tried them!

Post Script!

PS/Thought I’d just add that today’s blood orange tasted quite orangey. Guess it’s like a chocolate box – you never quite know what you’ll get!

a tardy weekly photo challenge – home

hot, daaark cocoa sludge!
hot, daaark cocoa sludge!

Getting back in the swing of Weekly Photo Challenges, nothing says ‘you’re home ~ relax!’ to moi more than a hot cup of chocolate sludge on these windy, cold winter evenings! After a traveling stint, it’s great to have a fresh batch in the fridge.  Next on my list is the irresistible-to-me coconut-oatmeal-double-chocolate-muffin/cake from Josée, at Cul de Sac.

celebrating the Olympics

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I was sitting comfortably at home eating dinner and watching the opening ceremonies from London when I suddenly realized what I was consuming — where everything came from — and that inspired me, a few days later, to take a short photographic tour of the cupboard.  In honor of the Olympics, this slideshow is  presented.  Please note that everything seen isn’t consumed at one sitting! Continue reading celebrating the Olympics