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a tardy weekly photo challenge – home

hot, daaark cocoa sludge!
hot, daaark cocoa sludge!

Getting back in the swing of Weekly Photo Challenges, nothing says ‘you’re home ~ relax!’ to moi more than a hot cup of chocolate sludge on these windy, cold winter evenings! After a traveling stint, it’s great to have a fresh batch in the fridge.  Next on my list is the irresistible-to-me coconut-oatmeal-double-chocolate-muffin/cake from Josée, at Cul de Sac.

celebrating the Olympics

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I was sitting comfortably at home eating dinner and watching the opening ceremonies from London when I suddenly realized what I was consuming — where everything came from — and that inspired me, a few days later, to take a short photographic tour of the cupboard.  In honor of the Olympics, this slideshow is  presented.  Please note that everything seen isn’t consumed at one sitting! Continue reading celebrating the Olympics